How a Global Computer Security Giant Used Animated Videos to Rebrand and Showcase Solutions


About McAfee

Our client, McAfee, is an American global computer security software company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Founded by John McAfee, the company is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company.


The Problem

McAfee is largely perceived as an antivirus company. However, the company does a lot more than that—it offers a complete cybersecurity portfolio. Moreover, the company wanted to show how its products, services, and open ecosystem help employees and organizations beyond antiviruses. The company wanted to change the perception that people had by showcasing the innovation it is bringing to the table. They wanted to rebrand themselves.

The Challenge

For the first video, they had a very technical and long script. We made a video for that keeping their guidelines in mind. However, they soon realized that it would be better if they used a more ‘in’ approach for making videos. Scratching that video, they came to us for another one. We made a video for them which used a minimalist art style coupled with a voice over complementing it just right. We made the video in such a way that it makes the company look very young—and different from what people perceive it to be. It further changes their perception by talking about the company’s products in-depth, letting them know that it has much more than antiviruses to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • B2B companies are shifting towards minimalism in their designs because of how clean and impactful the results are.
  • An animated explainer video, when coupled with powerful storytelling, can help your brand stand out from the rest.
  • For companies using live-action videos, a switch to animated explainer videos could give them an opportunity to show their audience that they’re diverse and progressive.

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