How did an NFL partner company educate their audience and engage their attention with Infographic Animated Videos?


About Digital Lion Marketing

Digital Lion Marketing manages all of the NFL Network’s broadcast and digital partners that carry their programming across all domestic markets. 


The Challenge

Digital Lion Marketing wanted to explain the NFL's product through an animated video.

This program they wanted to promote had been recently redesigned and launched.

This was because the former version was very restrictive in time frames and only allowed huge broadcasters to participate in their MVP Rewards program.

This new one allowed everyone, even the smaller rural cable providers, to earn rewards for promoting us as well as year-round opportunities.

The Target Audience was 25-40 year-olds Marketing Executives in North America.

The Solution

We made an Infographics  Animation Video for Digital Lion Marketing.

The video starts off by saying, “everyone loves rewards”.

The human brain responds more to the random distribution of rewards, and gets more pleasure which proves the statement and hooks the viewer’s attention immediately.

It then goes on to explain the product and how it rewards NFL’s most valuable assets- the viewers of the video.

The video simplifies the offering and presents the process of the product in a digestible way through the use of bright colors and graphics.

To meet the client’s video objectives, B2W:

  • Hooked the viewers’ attention at the very start of the video to keep them engaged

  • Excited the audience with new possibilities and rewards that are enabled by using the product 

  • Used bright colors and graphics to present the client and the place as friendly, warm, and caring.

Key Takeaways

  • Mixed Media Animation stands out and grabs attention quicker.

  • Bright colors, with their welcoming, friendly look and feel, engage the viewer more effectively.

  • Exciting the audience with new possibilities inspires them to take action.


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