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Our Recent Infographic Video Examples


Animated Infographic Videos = Tell Great Stories!

Our passionate team of motion graphic designers gives you the power of minimalism to tell great stories for your business. We believe it's only when you tell great stories you become one. With an infographic animation video, we enable you to stand out with unique visual brand identity and get the attention your business deserves!


2D Infographic Video Production

These videos use flat shapes and icons with simple 2d animated transitions. These are best suited for brand awareness and internal communication to keep the cost down for the production. These are flat visually but do a great job of explaining things and they cost around $4000 for 60 seconds.Tap into the power of an animated infographic video and educate your target audience effectively.


2.5D Infographic Video Production

These type of animated videos are best suited for explainer videos,  and corporate videos. These videos are like your brand and they need special skills sets to be produced. These motion graphics videos give you a feel of 3d visually and help you to stand out from the rest. They cost higher compared to 2d infographic videos starting at around $6000 for 60 seconds. 


3D Infographic Video Production

These type of animated videos are extensively used for product demo videos, explainer videos and commercial videos. Here we generally composite together 3D modelled objects or cartoon characters with motion infographics for special effects. The cost for doing a basic 60 seconds 3D motion graphics video is around USD 8000.


Mixed Media Animated Infographic Videos

The idea is to make connection with the real world, mixed media animation videos help you to innovate by giving you the opportunity to play around with different medias. The formula of telling great stories through this animation style is the selection of the right media. Here we composite stock images with infographics animation and pricing starts around USD 5000 for 60 seconds.


Winning Infographic Motion Graphics Formula & Cost

The cost of infographic videos majorly depends upon complexity of the animation style and content. Other factors which might affect the pricing are the delivery timelines, duration and the feedback time. Please watch the process video on the right side to learn how we go about telling great stories for your process. Also let's look at the some of the use cases and associated package cost. 


Infographic Explainer Videos for B2B Marketing 

When McAfee came to us they were planning for rebranding globally. They wanted a series of animated videos for brand awareness establishing themselves as a cutting edge cyber security company. We invested a lot of resources first to define various visual styles and then A/B test to finally select one. Here we produced premium infographics motion graphics of 3 minutes at the budget of USD 10,000 approx.


2D Animated Infographic Videos for Social Media

Hub International is a b2b insurance company that wanted to convert their best monthly blogs into series of social media videosIt was a series of 12 animated videos with budget of USD 36,000. Keeping the budget and objective in mind we recommended our basic infographic videos where the script was provided by the client. Read HUB's success story to know more!


Infographic Motion Graphics for Technology Startup

This video was handcrafted for BlueGreen’s Lake Guard™, a technology services company. We used frame by frame animated overlays technique to give this motion graphics video a more human touch. The budget for this 107 seconds animated explainer video was USD 7800 approx. Read BlueGreen Tech's success story to know more!


Animated Infographic Videos for Brand Awareness (Mixed Media)

FactSpread mission is to improve the functioning of democracy by exposing informationally disadvantaged people to generally non-controversial (among experts) information about public policy-related topics. Here we handcrafted series of 5 mixed media animated videos at the budget of USD 15,000. Read FactSpread's success story to know more!


Infographic Motion Graphics Series for Banking Campaign

BAC Florida Bank was launching a new website which was fresh, bright and people friendly. We suggested them infographic style will work wonders in conveying the depth and changes with BAC and my eBAnC.  Here we played with kinesthetics of the text and relied on transition without having many movements within each frame. We produced series of 10 infographics and videos for USD 34,950.


Why Broadcast2World for Animation Infographic Video?

Going beyond the traditional role of an animated video production company, Broadcast2World delivers clients more than just static services. We deliver them a unique experience that not just translates into business-benefits for them but also leaves them 100 percent satisfied. Our track record vouches for this approach, commitment, and consistency. We have a large team of specialists who have extensive experience in creating infographic animation videos for clients from across different domains, including healthcare, finance, education, retail, and more.

At Broadcast2World, we leverage the best practices and techniques that enable us to create a unique and highly effective animated infographic video. We have a state-of-art infrastructure and tools that further add to the quality of our output. In addition to our experience and expertise, there are several aspects that stand Broadcast2World out in the crowd when it comes to making animated infographic explainer videos that work.

  • Transparent pricing- No gimmicks, no hidden charges. We have a transparent and straightforward pricing model. So, know how much creating an animated infographic video would cost you and plan your marketing budget accordingly.
  • Quick turnaround time- We know you love quick execution… And so do we. From the time we understand your requirements and what kind of infographic animation video you’re looking for, we have a defined workflow that ensures swift planning and execution to ensure you get your video quickly.
  • Several revisions- There could be times when the video falls short of your expectations; maybe you’re looking for some tweaks. For that, we offer several revisions at different stages of the process to ensure everything works per what you want and require.
  • Client-driven- We take pride in being an animated video company that’s completely client-driven. While we do bring ideas to the table, our process focuses on your requirements (and experience). We make sure you’re optimally satisfied with the final outcome.

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“I will certainly give a shout out to B2W. I appreciate the work your team is doing with us and how we are able to group our social media followers and credibility because of your work.”
Rhonda J Williams - Hub International

Ronda J. Williams
Senior Marketing Manager, Hub International

“It’s great working with you guys. Your videos are one of my favorite projects at Epicor. It is always a blast working on them.“

Jessica Hodell - Epicor

Jessica Hodell
Senior Marketing Specialist, Epicor

“The guys at Broadcast2world were great. And I am going to definitely work with you again and recommend you to anybody looking for animated video solutions.”
Laura Kenyon - RTS

Laura Kenyon
Communication & Marketing Leader, RTS

"I would highly recommend Broadcast2world. The team was most concerned with customer satisfaction, and making sure that we were happy with every step of the process."

Michael Millican
Founder, The MulTie Corporation

"We are very pleased with the production quality of our video. Team B2W was professional and flexible...a great combination!"
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Andy Swartz
Owner, Shipment Trackers