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In today’s world, the right video can be the difference between a brand people know and a brand people love. We are an Animated Video Production Company that believes in simplifying complexities, building emotional connections, and strengthening relations.


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Animated Video Production Partnership


Our client, SUSE, is a software company that wanted to build more partners globally. So, we made a brand video focusing on how SUSE enables partners to modernize infrastructure and expand their business with scalable enterprise-grade open-source cloud solutions.


Healthcare Explainer Video Production 

ThermoFisher Scientific 

Our client, Thermofisher, is a biotech company that wanted to build trust with audiences in person at conferences and online. So we made an animated product video for them narrating their story using 2D & 3D animation through the eyes of an analyst, emphasizing addressing pain points to establish an emotional connection.


Commercial Animated Video Productions


Our client, FactSpread, is a non-profit that wants to fight ignorance by bringing various socio-political issues to light. So, we made a social media video series to educate and entertain their audience.


B2B Explainer Video Company Partner


Our client, Align, is a managed service provider that wanted to educate the audience about their managed services platform, Align IT Suite. So, we made an animated explainer video to ensure businesses recognized and truly appreciated their product's value as a highly cost-effective and efficient solution for a hybrid workforce.


SaaS Video Animation Agency Partner


Our client, Sponsorium, is a SaaS company that wanted to position itself as an all-encompassing tool, supporting every initiative a sponsor could have. So, we made a series of SaaS explainer videos that served as a captivating introduction to their comprehensive expert cloud platform–designed by sponsors for sponsors.


Let us help you tell great stories with explainer videos!

Are you leveraging the power of storytelling in explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos are the most powerful marketing medium today.  Yet most of them fail to garner the expected results. Why do you think that is? What are marketers missing?

Do you wish you could give your clients goosebumps? Engage them emotionally and communicate convincingly. Leaving them charged up to take action? 

What you need is powerful storytelling. Facts do not win hearts. Stories do.

The stakes are high, and a partnership with Explainer Video Agency that can help you seize a higher ROI outweighs everything else.

We don't just make videos, we create mini-movies

At B2W, stories are our channel. No two animated videos are alike, so we design custom videos to meet your marketing goals. Our storytelling and animation prowess helps you form a deeper connection with your audience, moving their hearts and minds

We Understand Your World

Our international business experience and expertise deep technologies, healthcare, enterprise sales and solutions, startups, and venture capital makes us the perfect fit for your future 

Be it for a large conference, launching a new offering, or a social media campaign, our Agency has got you covered. 

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We are flexible to work with

When you work with our explainer video animation company, you get personalized, hands-on service with a dedicated project manager heading a creative team that will work closely with you to create the perfect, tailor-made video for your exact needs and requirements.

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We believe in a scientific approach

Here at B2W, a decade of experience has helped us perfect our unique, structured process of storytelling that blends art & science. We use proven techniques from advertising, psychology, and Hollywood scriptwriting, and to help us solve complex messaging challenges.

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We guarantee the best price

We pride ourselves on offering incredible value for money with our affordable pricing model and flexible payment terms. We can meet your needs and budget whether you’re a Fortune 500 juggernaut, or an entrepreneur setting out to build your empire from home.

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