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Explainer Video Production Company

This animated video was produced to help SUSE build more partners globally. The story focussed on how SUSE enables partners to give their customers an exceptional experience, be more responsive than their competitors, and demonstrate the ability to handle their customers’ workloads when they need it. 



Brand Animated Video Production

This brand video was made for Omnivore, a specialist agro-tech venture fund. The objective of the corporate video was to help promote & launch a report about the future of agro-tech. The target audience is broad: entrepreneurs, global DFIs, global investors, policymakers, think tanks, etc.



B2C Social Video Animation Agency

The Social media awareness video series aims to fight ignorance by informing its audience on various socio-political issues. The problem, however, is that not many people find facts entertaining enough. This is why they turned to mixed media animation videos to spread awareness on social media.



SaaS Animated Video Production

This explainer video was made for Petuum to simplify its SaaS product offering and showcase it as a revolutionary approach to smart manufacturing. They wanted to be perceived as a cutting-edge AI technology company that happens to solve smart manufacturing. 



B2B Animated Video Agency

This animation video series was developed for McAfee. With infographic animation, we could play with shapes and objects to present the information in a minimalist way. This helped us show McAfee as a cyber security company that stays on top of the trends.


Let us help you tell great stories!

Are you leveraging the power of storytelling in marketing videos?

Video is the most powerful medium today. Yet most marketing videos are boring. How can that be? What are marketers missing?

Wish you could give them goosebumps? Engage them emotionally and communicate convincingly. Leave them charged up to act? You need to be a storyteller. Facts do not win hearts. Stories do.

The stakes are high, and animated videos are expensive to create. And even more expensive to promote. But even all that cost is a fraction of the opportunity cost of an ineffective video.

We convert your company animation videos into mini-movies

At B2W, the story is our channel. We understand that no two videos are alike, so we design custom animated video production solutions to meet your marketing goals. Our storytelling mini-movies help you inspire your audience to take action.

We Understand your World

We are Enterprise Technology, SaaS, and Marketing Science professionals with international business experience. Worked in various deep technologies, enterprise sales and solutions, startups, and venture capital. We have built Stories for Global Technology, Products, and Business Services providers. 

Be it for a large conference, launching a new offering, or a social media campaign, we got you covered. Book a call to know more.

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We are flexible to work with

When you work with our video animation company, you get personalized, hands-on service with a dedicated project manager heading a creative team that will work closely with you to create the perfect, tailor-made video for your exact needs and requirements.

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We believe in a scientific approach

Here at B2W, a decade of experience has helped us perfect our unique, structured process of storytelling that blends art & science. We use proven techniques from advertising, psychology, and Hollywood scriptwriting, and to help us solve complex messaging challenges.

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We guarantee the best price

We pride ourselves on offering incredible value for money with our affordable pricing model and flexible payment terms. We can meet your needs and budget whether you’re a Fortune 500 juggernaut, or an entrepreneur setting out to build your empire from home.

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