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What is a whiteboard explainer video and what are the different types of whiteboard animation services?

Whiteboard explainer videos are called by different names videoscribe whiteboard, whiteboard sketch video and whiteboard doodle video. These names were coined by various automated whiteboard animation software services like Powtoon, Vyond, Renderforest and Sparkol to stand out. We specialize in custom whiteboard explainer video production and we believe when you have a unique story to tell the world it needs an handcrafted touch. We study your marketing objectives and brand guidelines to give you unique video solutions. For reference please study how Epicor used our whiteboard animation services for demand generation.


How can our whiteboard animation services company help you?

Broadcast2World is a motion graphics company with a specialisation in whiteboard animation services. We specialise in whiteboard explainer videos to tell great stories for your business. As a whiteboard explainer video company, we don't use any whiteboard animation software services, every video is customised as per your branding and marketing objectives. Whiteboard explainer videos are extensively used by SaaS companies for demand generation. These videos are also widely used for training your employees, educating your customers and for internal communication.  We're adept at making whiteboard explainer videos for a wide range of industries including:

  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive
  • Non-profit
  • Technology

What is our standard process for whiteboard animation services?

Our whiteboard animation agency follows standard four step production process for all our animated videos except whiteboard explainer videos. Since this video style is a form of mixed media so we have to separately plan the live shoot for hand movements and animation. So based on your whiteboard animation services package we decide the intensity of the shoot on the green screen for chroma keying, more the resources better for the production quality. Every movement and animation transition is planned on the storyboard stage, after the approval we go ahead and complete the shoot. As next steps we use adobe after effects for chroma keying and animated overlays. Our animated video production company has put in years of research to develop this customised formula for whiteboard  explainer videos. Our videos generate more than 70% engagement rate which highly rated as per industry standards.


What is an average cost for whiteboard explainer videos and what whiteboard animation services factors control it?

The average cost for a whiteboard animation video varies from $3500 to $6500 for 60 seconds. There are different factors which affect the cost of whiteboard explainer videos, here are five of them: 

  1. Whiteboard Animation Services Technique
  2. Video Duration
  3. Feedback Time (from client)
  4. Delivery Time (Normal or Expedite)
  5. Video Content Topic Complexity

How to choose the best whiteboard animation company for your business?

  • While choosing your whiteboard animation services partner, the first thing you should focus on is the quality of videos the company has produced in the past. You could check their attention to detail in terms of music, transitions, the visuals etc. Check if they are following basic principles of whiteboard explainer videos and color theory as the first step. 
  • Keep an eye out for how that whiteboard animation company communicates. Notice how promptly the company responds and how clear the communication is from their end. Are they transparent about everything? Did you get all answers related to their whiteboard animation services? Notice everything.
  • Make sure that the whiteboard explainer videos cost is within your budget and can be developed within the time-frame you need it made.
  • Check how experienced the whiteboard animation company is in your industry and the whiteboard explainer videos. Their portfolio should be a good place to start. However, it is always good to ask for more options when you connect with them on call or email.
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable outsourcing your whiteboard animation services to an offshore company. If you’re used to working with local businesses for your videos, it is best to find someone locally instead of outsourcing it.
  • No association has ever been successful when the values of the partners don’t resonate. Make sure that the whiteboard animation company you wish to go for holds the same values as you do.

Why choose our whiteboard animation services company for your business growth?

Measuring Success

Transparent Pricing

Our prices for whiteboard animation services start around $3500 for 60 seconds. Based on our experience we have designed different packages for whiteboard explainer videos to fit in your budget.

Cost & Duration

Short Turnaround Time

We value your time, so we have structured our process online for whiteboard animation services, and we assign you a dedicated team of artists. This helps us deliver your whiteboard explainer videos quickly.


Hand-drawn to Perfection

We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that every video is hand-drawn compared to any other whiteboard animation services online. This helps you stand out & win.

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