12 Best Animated Promotional Videos: Inspiring Examples for Marketers

Sep 22, 2023 12:30:00 AM

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In the competitive world of business, the power of the "first impression" can make or break your brand.

It's the silent influencer that determines whether you soar or sink.

What's the secret to captivating your audience from the very first moment?

The answer lies in animated promotional videos!

They're your brand's visual ambassadors, designed to tackle the challenge of brand visibility with finesse.

Imagine turning that crucial first interaction into a mesmerizing experience that leaves your audience spellbound.

An experience so vivid, they can't look away.

That's the unparalleled magic of animated promotional videos.

For businesses that aspire to leave a lasting impact, harnessing the power of animations in their video marketing strategy is going to pay dividends in the long run.

Ready to transform your brand's first impression into a lasting memory?

Let’s dive into the world of animated promotional videos and discover the secrets behind their charm with stand out examples that define excellence.

If you're convinced that animated promotional videos are the way to go for your business but can't seem to get started, fill out the form below and let us help you with that.


  1. Cadbury & Oreo
  2. "A Love Story" by Chipotle
  3. Microsoft
  4. GG E-Sports
  5. "Geoff" by Heinz
  6. "Invention of Together" by Tinder
  7. "Google One" by Google 
  8. Christmas Launch Advert by Aldi
  9. "Breaking Down Walls" by Airbnb
  10. Hug It Out
  11. "Inner Child" by McDonald's
  12. "Teams Do Amazing Things" by Slack

1. Cadbury & Oreo


Imagine a tale where the friendship of two iconic brands, Cadbury and Oreo, come alive.

This isn't just another animated promo video, it's a masterpiece crafted by the experts at BUCK.

What makes this portrayal unique?

BUCK has ingeniously intertwined the essence of both brands, creating a narrative so compelling that thinking of one without the other seems impossible.

As the story unfolds, each frame is designed to evoke cherished memories, building an emotional connection with the viewer as every frame progresses.

The brilliance doesn't stop at the story.

This video demonstrates the perfect harmony of animation and visual design, immersing you in waves of nostalgia.

With vibrant colors that capture the signature Cadbury and Oreo essence, every visual is crafted not just to be seen, but to be etched in memory.

If you’re looking for a video where branding meets heart, your search ends here.

2. “A Love Story” by Chitpole


It’s high time we let go of the hard sell and dive into the art of subtle persuasion.

And this promotional video by Chipotle does that quite elegantly.

Through visual storytelling, they captivate without overtly marketing their product.

The 3D animations aren't just eye candy; they pull you into a world where stories come alive and make the experience more interactive. 

Remember those golden days of childhood? 

This video taps into that nostalgia, adding a human touch to their message.

It's not about drowning out competitors with louder noise; it's about forging genuine connections.

When viewers engage naturally, without feeling pushed, that's when magic happens

3. Microsoft


Ever felt like your B2B marketing is missing something?

It’s something hiding in plain sight!

B2B marketing’s most important (and also the most overlooked) component is clear and concise communication.

This isn’t news, you already knew this. 

But how do you go about incorporating this into your B2B marketing strategy?

This animated promotional video by Microsoft can give you some inspiration.

Let’s face it, a simple icon redesign might rarely appeal to audiences.

But when you communicate it with a perfect blend of immersive animations and realistic visuals that transform the video into a visual spectacle, it becomes a big deal!

A video so compelling, it speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

The fact is, many B2B brands like Microsoft use animated videos to bridge the communication gap between their ideas and their audience, giving them an edge over their competitors.

If you want the same for your brand, animated B2B videos are the way to go.

4. GG E-Sports


Here’s an animated promotional teaser like no other, crafted exclusively for GG E-Sports by the creative maestros at BluBlu Studios.

Ever wondered what drives an e-sports player's passion?

This video showcases their burning desire to triumph, diving deeper into the challenges many e-sports players face, especially the looming shadow of underrepresentation compared to mainstream sports.

It also paints a picture of the ripple effects of this issue and its profound impact on the e-sports arena.

That’s what sets this video apart.

It resonates with the very soul of GG E-Sports' audience.

By addressing their concerns directly and positioning GG E-Sports as a beacon of hope, it kindles a deep connection.

The animations and the strategic use of contrasting colors not only captivate but also underscore the gravity of the issues discussed, making the narrative even more compelling.

5. “Geoff” by Heinz


Brands often take the straightforward route, spotlighting their products front and center.

But in this animated promotional video by Heinz, they dared to be different.

Instead of the usual product placements, Heinz embraced the magic of animations and the art of visual storytelling.

This approach allowed Heinz to present their offering in a way that felt genuine, organic, and far from pushy.

The animations didn't just add flair.

They ignited curiosity and captivated potential consumers.

At its core, the video is not just about promoting a product and convincing viewers to buy it.

It’s about evoking emotions in the viewers with particular moments in the video.

It’s making them feel like they're part of an experience that’s relatable and draws inspiration from their own lives.

Remember, it's not the feature that captures hearts; it's the benefit.

And Heinz stays true to this philosophy throughout the video.

We hope you're enjoying our list so far.

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6. “Invention of Together” by Tinder


We're not just beings seeking food and shelter.

Our souls yearn for connection and intimacy.

Yet, unraveling the dynamics of human companionship is no simple feat.

Tinder, a platform built on the foundation of fostering connections, faced this challenge head-on.

With the help of BUCK, they came up with a mesmerizing voyage through human evolution, emphasizing our age-old quest for companionship.

It's not just a promotional piece—it's a testament to our shared human experience.

With lifelike 3D animations, viewers are drawn into a world where they see themselves in the characters, feeling a deeper connection to Tinder's message.

The visual design, echoing real-life scenarios, invites viewers to reflect on their own journeys, making Tinder's message not just heard, but felt.

7. “Google One” by Google


The subscription economy is projected to grow to a whopping $1.5 trillion by 2025!

But as subscription-based services become the norm, differentiating your offering from your competitors becomes tougher.

So, how can you stand out while keeping your value proposition intact?

Take a cue from Google.

When they wanted to market their subscription-based service, Google One, they decided to go the visual route.

Through this animated promotional video, Google presented a visual design that’s futuristic and sleek and immediately grabs attention.

The animations bring out the richness of the visual design even further, not only making their offering stand out but putting it in a league of its own.

And not to mention, Google’s iconic color palette makes it instantly recognizable for both existing fans and new onlookers

8. Christmas Launch Advert by Aldi


Tired of seeing brand advertisements that sound like a broken record?

It's time for a refreshing change.

Here’s Aldi's promotional video that expands the ceiling on what’s possible with animated commercial videos.

Rather than just highlighting their charity efforts, Aldi weaves a compelling narrative, pulling viewers into a vibrant world where animations and visual design take center stage.

Amidst the captivating visuals, Aldi's core brand message shines through, undiluted and unmistakable.

It's this perfect blend of storytelling and brand clarity that invites viewers to engage, relate, and delve deeper into Aldi's world.

If you’re planning on making a commercial video anytime soon but can’t seem to find the inspiration, we hope this video helps.

9. “Breaking Down Walls” by Airbnb


Crafting a message that resonates with your audience might feel like a Herculean task.

But this promotional video by Airbnb makes it seem effortless with the help of animations.

This isn’t just a video that redefines storytelling.

It's a journey through history, recounting a captivating true story from the Second World War.

The power of visual storytelling shines brilliantly, pulling you into a narrative so compelling, the world fades away.

With every frame, you're not just watching a video, you're living the story.

The animations don't just show; they make you feel, immersing you in a tale that lingers long after the video ends.

Airbnb has crafted an experience so mesmerizing that looking away is simply not an option.

10. Hug It Out


Here’s an interesting take on a promotional video that serenades you with its message (we wish we were kidding).

Ale Pixel Studio, in collaboration with Demo Duck, presents a delightful twist to the generic promotional videos with this one.

Instead of a straightforward spiel on the health benefits of hugging, they've crafted a melodious song.

Why? Because they recognize the soothing power of music, making viewers more receptive and attuned to the message.

But the magic doesn't stop there.

Through vibrant animations, they paint a picture of the myriad benefits of hugging, letting the visuals do the talking.

The character animations in this video are reflections of us, evoking a sense of familiarity and deep emotional connection.

With a palette of soft colors and a gentle pace, the video envelops you in a calming embrace, ensuring you're not just watching, but truly feeling the essence of the message.

Now do you see why animated promotional videos work wonders on your brand perception?

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11. “Inner Child” by McDonald’s


Ever felt a brand's essence lost amidst the visuals of a video?

That delicate balance between brand perception and core messaging can be tricky to achieve.

When nailed, however, it's pure magic.

Here’s McDonald’s animated promotional video to demonstrate this.

For a titan like McDonald’s, you might think they've hit the zenith of brand visibility.

Think again.

Through the art of animation, they've shattered that ceiling, showcasing there's always room to elevate and redefine brand perception.

Animations don't just enhance; they revolutionize.

They breathe life into a brand's narrative, pushing boundaries and scaling new heights.

As we've always believed, animations don't just help a brand reach its zenith; they launch it into the stratosphere.

12. “Teams Do Amazing Things” by Slack


Ever been struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic?

Imagine needing to share that game-changing idea with your team instantly!

Slack's got your back, but how do they convey that without sounding like just another sales pitch?

Enter their brilliantly animated promotional video.

Bursting with hilarious character animations, it mirrors our everyday quirks, making you nod in agreement and chuckle.

The punchy and contrasting colors aren't there by accident—they're a visual symphony that keeps you excited and eyes glued to the screen.

This is yet another example of a video that embraces the art of subtle persuasion really well.


Animated promotional videos are more than just eye-catching visuals; they're a strategic tool that can elevate your brand's perception in the digital landscape. 

Their ability to simplify complex ideas, engage viewers, and leave a lasting impression makes them an invaluable asset for businesses of all sizes. 

As technology continues to advance and the digital space becomes even more saturated, it's crucial for brands to find innovative ways to stand out. 

Animated promotional videos, with their blend of creativity and effectiveness, offer a compelling solution that doesn’t tell but shows. 

If you haven't already, it's high time to consider integrating them into your marketing strategy. 

Your audience—and your brand—will thank you for it.

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