10 Benefits of Explainer Videos: Why Is It A Must-Have Tool for 2024

Aug 18, 2023 1:00:00 AM

The benefits of explainer videos might not be immediately apparent to everyone, but these engaging visual tools are revolutionizing the way we communicate complex ideas.

Whether it's a new product launch, 3D videos, or an intricate educational concept, explainer videos break down information into easily digestible pieces at a reasonable cost, making them an essential part of modern communication.

In this blog, we'll explore the various advantages and applications of this innovative medium, shedding light on why it's become such a popular choice for businesses, educators, and creators alike for their video marketing efforts.


  1. Explainer Videos Grab Attention and Hold On To It
  2. Explainer Videos Can Be Used Throughout Your Sales Funnel
  3. Explainer Videos Boost SEO and Website Traffic
  4. Explainer Videos Sell Without Being Salesy
  5. Explainer Videos Simplify Complex Ideas
  6. Explainer Videos Engage Emotionally With The Audience
  7. Explainer Videos are Highly Shareable
  8. Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates
  9. Explainer Videos Offer Universal Understanding
  10. Explainer Videos Enhance Brand Personality

1. Explainer Videos Help You Grab Attention and Hold On to It

Explainer videos use captivating visuals and sound to engage viewers.

By entertaining and informing simultaneously, they hold the audience's attention, making them more likely to absorb and respond to the message.

This can lead to increased brand recognition and customer retention.

By incorporating explainer videos in marketing campaigns, you can create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

This can be used to introduce new products, explain services, or highlight unique features.

As an example, have a look at this explainer video Vidico made for Zeelo.


The video immediately grabs your attention by stating a problem that most consumers face and quoting relevant information supporting it.

This helps create brand credibility and trust among consumers and urges them to listen to what brands have to offer.

2. Explainer Videos Can Be Used Throughout Your Sales Funnel

These videos are versatile and can be tailored to different stages of the customer journey.

Whether attracting new leads or retaining existing customers, explainer videos can be used to address specific needs and pain points, driving better results across the sales funnel.

You can strategically place explainer videos at various stages of the sales funnel.

For example, a brief introductory video for new leads, a detailed explanation for prospects considering a purchase, and a tutorial or testimonial video for existing customers.

One such example is this animated testimonial video we made for M&M Financial Consulting.


As we have established, explainer videos come in many forms but the most effective ones build trust with your audience.

This video is an example of how a testimonial explainer video can work wonders to boost brand image and resonate with audiences in a holistic way.

And we were able to get results for M&M Financial Consulting with this video by following a robust animation process for explainer videos.

3. Explainer Videos Boost SEO and Website Traffic

With video content becoming a dominant form of online engagement, having explainer videos of your business on your site can improve SEO rankings.

Google recognizes content that keeps users engaged longer, boosting the site in search results and attracting more traffic.

By embedding explainer videos on their website, you can enhance user engagement and time spent on the site, positively impacting SEO.

This can be further optimized by using relevant keywords and meta descriptions in the video content.

Take this video by What a Story made for UpSend as an example.


The video is made in a way that can be easily embedded into UpSend’s website and act as an introduction video into what UpSend is and what they’re offering.

It also shows how explainer videos remove the need for unnecessary effort by focusing on the most important aspects of an offering and highlighting them instead of beating around the bush.

Simply put, the video is straightforward and addresses consumer’s problems directly and that’s what makes it effective.

4. Explainer Videos Sell Without Being Salesy

Unlike traditional sales pitches, explainer videos focus on educating, entertaining, and explaining.

This non-pushy approach builds trust and loyalty, subtly guiding viewers toward a purchase decision without overtly selling to them

Let’s have a look at this B2B explainer video by Yum Yum Studios.


A quick glance shows that it’s an explainer video meant to sell their services to prospective customers.

But notice how they go about it.

They use animation to tell a story and cleverly include the benefits of their offering in a way that feels personal and resonates with audiences.

They create an emotional bond with the audience right from the first second and that’s what hooks viewers and keeps them engaged throughout the video.

Simply put, this video is a good example of an explainer video that sells without being salesy.

5. Explainer Videos Simplify Complex Ideas

Complex concepts can be broken down into simple, digestible visuals through animation.

Explainer videos make information easy to understand by using relatable imagery and video storytelling, making them ideal for communicating intricate ideas.

For businesses dealing with complex products or services, readers can create explainer videos that break down intricate concepts into easily understandable parts.

This can be particularly useful in industries like technology, finance, or healthcare.

We revisit our good folks at What a Story with this tech explainer video they made for JustCall in collaboration with Hubspot.


JustCall’s offering is pretty unique in itself but when coupled with Hubspot’s offering, there comes a point where things can get a bit complex to understand.

And that’s the problem this explainer video solves by simplifying JustCall’s offering.

It removes unnecessary complexities and focuses on the most important aspects of JustCall and Hubspot’s offerings.

Such an approach greatly simplifies things and the use of explainer videos simply takes it a step forward by increasing the appeal of the offering (and so much more).


6. Explainer Videos Engage Emotionally with the Audience

Through expressive illustrations and sound, explainer videos can convey emotions effectively.

This emotional connection fosters a deeper relationship between the brand and the audience, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

By using storytelling and emotional triggers in explainer videos, you can create a deeper connection with the audience. 

Here’s an explainer video by XPLAI that shows what we’re talking about.


Made for Hopeland, it uses a unique way to emotionally connect with audiences.

It uses storytelling and character animations to make the premise of the video more relatable and that resonates with the audience almost instantly.

If your explainer videos are a reflection of human emotions that people can relate to, it makes your offering resonate with the audience and leaves a lasting impression on them as well.

Lastly, it also shows you how choosing the right explainer video production company is crucial to ensure your explainer videos fulfill it's desired purpose and give you results over everything.

7. Explainer Videos Are Highly Shareable

People love sharing interesting content.

Well-crafted explainer videos can be shared across social media platforms, spreading the message to a broader audience.

This not only increases brand awareness but can also turn viewers into brand advocates.

This can be a powerful tool for viral marketing and expanding reach.

Have a look at this animated explainer video by Quuu.


The explainer video is short yet impactful as it focuses on a relevant problem and offers a solution to it, without beating around the bush.

In the age of social media, Quuu’s offering is highly relevant and they understood this very well while making this explainer video.

As a result, the video genuinely urges people to share it with people who are interested in an offering like Quuu’s.

8. Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rates

By providing visually pleasing and informative content, explainer videos can lead to higher conversion rates.

They guide the viewer through a process or idea, building confidence and encouraging them to take the desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

Speaking of increasing conversion rates, we are reminded of Resonate which came to us with this same exact problem.

As a result, we made this animated SaaS explainer video for them.


While the primary focus of this video was to help them increase their conversion rates, it went above and beyond that.

It helped boost Resonate’s brand image and awareness among consumers and exponentially improved the appeal of their offering.

As a result, Resonate saw an unfathomable jump in their conversion rates.

A good script for explainer videos also ensures your explainer videos get the desired ROI (or maybe even exceed it). 

9. Explainer Videos Offer Universal Understanding

Animation transcends language and cultural barriers.

Explainer videos can be understood by diverse audiences, making them an effective tool for global communication.

Subtitles or voiceovers in different languages can further enhance accessibility.

One way to deliver messages that aids universal understanding is with the use of relevant data presented in a simple way that anyone can understand.

In short, explainer videos are really effective in brand storytelling and that's how they captivate the viewers from the very start.

That’s the premise of this explainer video by BreadnBeyond for Abax Health.


As seen earlier, explainer videos do a great job of simplifying complexities (and this video is no exception to that).

But this video simplifies data and presents important insights in a way that’s easy to understand, all at the same time.

This not only amplifies the appeal of Abax Health’s offering but also increases brand credibility among consumers.

10. Explainer Videos Enhance Brand Personality

Explainer videos allow brands to showcase their unique personality and values.

Through creative storytelling and design, they can convey a brand's essence, creating a strong and memorable image.

This helps in building a consistent brand identity and differentiating from competitors.

Speaking of brand identity, here’s an animated explainer video by Hound Studios for an outdoor clothing brand.


Notice how it starts with a story and uses the progression of the story to establish the brand’s personality.

Storytelling makes the brand’s personality more likable and relatable to viewers and this video pulls it off really well.

All in all, if you want your audience to resonate with your brand personality, explainer videos that leverage video storytelling are definitely the way to go.


The benefits of explainer videos are vast and varied, offering a compelling way to convey complex information in an engaging and accessible manner.

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance your marketing efforts or just starting to explore the potential of visual storytelling, explainer videos can be a game-changing tool.

If you find yourself convinced and ready to embrace this innovative medium or need more help understanding how it can fit your unique needs, don't hesitate to fill out the form below.

Start your journey with explainer videos today, and discover how they can transform your communication efforts into something truly impactful.

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