8 Best 3D Explainer Videos And Why They Stand Out

Feb 10, 2022 6:30:26 AM

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Want to increase your online visibility?

Want to know what it takes to make your business stand out?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: The missing ingredient are 3D explainer videos.

Videos are shared 12 times more often on social media than text and images, 65% of online researchers visit a brand's website and 39% contact the brand if they watch a video

If your marketing strategy doesn’t use online videos, you might be missing out on one of the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising.

From 3D software marketing videos to 3D product animation videos, animated videos are here to stay.

Now more than ever, when the pandemic has pushed video consumption to higher levels, it is highly effective and essential.

Video marketing for business is the best way to tell your story, show the human side of your business, and communicate highly complex ideas in a fun and effortless way.

Which is one of many benefits of explainer videos.

They are an engaging, creative, and cost-effective medium that simplifies complex ideas.  

  1. What are 3D Animated Videos?
  2. Best 3D Explainer Videos
    1. Megagrass
    2. Toggl
    3. Varilux
    4. Slack
    5. American Express
    6. Smarty
    7. Tesla Powerwall
    8. HP Eliteslice

What are 3D Animated Videos?

3D animation videos are visuals that showcase characters, objects, or scenes moving in a three-dimensional space.

Unlike traditional 2D animation where images are flat, in 3D animation, the figures have depth, width, and height, making them appear more lifelike.

These animations are created using specialized computer software that allows artists to build, texture, light, and animate these 3D models to tell a story or convey a message in a dynamic way.

Best 3D Explainer videos

#1 Megagrass

Artificial grass carpeting isn’t something most of us think about too often.

But when the time comes that you need to install some, you’re in for a hassle, because they’re only sold in giant rolls of it regardless of how much (or little) you actually need.

So Megagrass set out to disrupt that market by giving customers highly customizable ordering options to make life easier for everyone involved.

And just as innovative, their 3D video is an excellent way of how you can tackle an unusual or obscure topic and problem, be relatable to the audience, and explain how your brand will solve all their problems– and animated videos can do all this while also being entertaining and friendly.

#2 Toggl


Here’s a delightful example of how 3D animation really makes things pop and brings ideas to life.

Even somewhat abstract ideas, like time management, can be turned into lively physical characters to help relate to the challenge the viewer is facing, and also explain the solution that can be unlocked by Toggl.

#3 Varilux


Sometimes the best results can be achieved by blending live-action film with 3D animation (mixed media animation) and effects to enhance your story and message.

For example, this video by Varilux, talks about their history and drive to improve vision through technology and innovation. 

#4 Slack // Email vs Slack

In art, sometimes less is more.

We love this clean and minimal 3D animation video for Slack, where gorgeous but simple elements enhance a smart script to really communicate the philosophy behind the product and service. 

#5 American Express- Policy

The best 3D animation video examples use 3D graphics in such a way that you don’t really notice it, you just get drawn into the video right away.

Like this one for American Express explaining their no-return protection policy to give their customers a worry-free shopping experience. 

#6 Smarty

Figuring out your data plan can be such a hassle.

And even if you solve those problems with a superior product or service that is sure to delight your customers, explaining how it works will be an equally big hassle.

But thanks to this clever 3D animated video, Smarty was able to break through the fog with a video that’s delightfully entertaining as well as enlightening.

Talk about being a Smarty! Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

#7 Tesla Powerwall

Everyone’s familiar with electric supercar maker Tesla.

But not everyone’s familiar with how a typical power grid functions to provide homes and offices with a reliable supply of electricity.

There are major problems with switching from coal to solar power that the average person isn’t really aware of, or can easily understand.

That’s why this video for Tesla Powerwall used playful and friendly 3D animation and a simple but smart script to explain these complex subjects quickly and easily.

#8 HP Elite Slice

They say that if you have a truly amazing product, it will sell itself.

But this is obviously untrue if you ask those who actually create amazing products all the time.

This is where the best 3D animated videos really shine: showing off products to the world in a way that cannot be practically done otherwise.

Like with the HP Elite Slice device, as in this example.

There’s no real trickery or special effects here, it’s just showcasing a beautifully designed product in all its glory while explaining its innovative features.

We are all visual creatures, after all, and sometimes “show, don’t tell” is the best way to go.


So there you have it.

Animation is a powerful tool, and 3D explainer video is especially so.

There are many good reasons why all the top corporations and brands around the world use animation in their strategy, marketing, advertising, social media and even internal training. 

What about you?

Are you missing out on one of the most engaging, powerful and creative tools to come out over the last few decades?

Is your marketing strategy making good use of animation and 3D?

If you’re still not sure about whether video is right for you, or feel like it’s time to step up your game, give us a call or drop us an email and we’d love to chat with you about what storytelling and animation can do for you and your brand!

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