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Animated Social Media Marketing Videos

You need better engagement, and animated videos can help you get it! Compelling social media marketing videos are hugely beneficial for any brand... They help you get the attention you need from your audience and keep viewers hooked. What’s more, our captivating storylines will prompt viewers to share your videos as well.


Animated Educational Videos for Social Media

Educational videos help your brand build thought leadership. Essentially, it will increase brand awareness and the visibility of your company, while also educating viewers about what you have to offer. Further, educational videos will also help increase people’s trust in your offerings and will ultimately result in more leads.

Animated Social Media Video Ads

Animated video ads resonate better with social media viewers and evoke powerful emotions, which improves brand recall. Given that people today are bombarded with intrusive videos, your animated ads will stand out from what’s already out there, and keep your audience engaged.

Animated Brand Awareness Videos

Video has become one of the most popular forms of content on the Internet. So, by using social media videos, you have a better chance of forming a connection with your audience. People like doing business with a brand they trust. Creating videos that resonate with your viewers can help increase awareness about your brand significantly and improve your company’s reach.

3D Animated Videos for Social Media Promotion

Have a product, service, or idea you want to promote on social media? Try 3D animation, one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Well-made 3D social media videos can play a key role in the promotion of your brand, given that the engaging format can captivate any audience.

Winning Social Media Video Production Formula

One of the key benefits of animated social media videos is that it helps you tell your story efficiently - at an affordable cost! Compared to live-action videos, which may or may not maintain the attention of your audience, our tried and tested formula to create animated videos will help your brand reach new heights of success.

Animated Social Media Video Series

HUB International, a leading insurance brokerage in North America, reached out to us to create videos about the nitty-gritty of insurance laws and hazards. Our challenge - we had a short turnaround time and had to create 5 animated social media videos that were educative but not monotonous. Read HUB's success story to know more!

Why Choose B2W for Animated Social Media Video Production?

Through our expertly-crafted social media marketing animated videos, we help your brand connect with the right people. When you collaborate with us, you will stand out with your authentic, genuine content that your viewers will love. Here are some reasons why you should pick our animated social media video production agency:

  • Team of experts: For every project we work on, we put together an expert team that comprises a concept artist, scriptwriter, graphic artist, animator, and project manager. We’re focused on delivering only the best to you, so we do everything in-house - start to finish.
  • Leverage the latest technologies: At Broadcast2World, we know that to stand out from the crowd we will have to be different. That’s why we leverage the latest and most innovative technologies to create effective animated social media videos.
  • 10+ years of experience: We’ve been around for over a decade and have worked with clients across 20 plus countries. You can count on us to use this experience to create the most compelling social media marketing animated videos for your brand.
  • Range of animation styles offered: Your business is unique, so your video will have to be unique to you as well. Pick from our range of animation styles and let us craft a video that will perfectly match your needs and preferences.
  • We listen to you: Your brand’s story is what will help us create a stellar animated social media video for you. And that’s exactly why you can be sure that we will listen to what you have to say and deliver a video that you will love.
  • Cost-effective: We care about your interests as much as our own, which is why we offer brands a competitive pricing model.

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Industry leaders who believed in the idea of telling great stories to become one!

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“I will certainly give a shout out to B2W. I appreciate the work your team is doing with us and how we are able to group our social media followers and credibility because of your work.”
Rhonda J Williams - Hub International

Ronda J. Williams
Senior Marketing Manager, Hub International

“It’s great working with you guys. Your videos are one of my favorite projects at Epicor. It is always a blast working on them.“

Jessica Hodell - Epicor

Jessica Hodell
Senior Marketing Specialist, Epicor

“The guys at Broadcast2world were great. And I am going to definitely work with you again and recommend you to anybody looking for animated video solutions.”
Laura Kenyon - RTS

Laura Kenyon
Communication & Marketing Leader, RTS

"I would highly recommend Broadcast2world. The team was most concerned with customer satisfaction, and making sure that we were happy with every step of the process."

Michael Millican
Founder, The MulTie Corporation

"We are very pleased with the production quality of our video. Team B2W was professional and flexible...a great combination!"
Andy Swartz - Shipment Tracker

Andy Swartz
Owner, Shipment Trackers