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What Are Mixed Media Animation Videos? How Can You Use Them?

Mixed media is an art style that makes use of two or more mediums or art styles to make the creative.

Traditionally, mixed media animation videos use live-action images or footages with an animated overlay.

These videos are engaging and look quite different from most of the videos you see online. For this reason, they grab the attention of the audience quickly and retain it.

They are mostly used for brand awareness and demand generation but you can use them for almost all internal and external communication.

What is the Standard Mixed Media Video Production Process?

Check out our process to get a better understanding of how to go about creating  videos. However, here's a gist of the process we use as a mixed media video production company:

  • Write a Script: This is the first step of video production. Since these videos are highly focused, you need to write a script which reflects the same. Struggling with the script? Check out our blog on how you can write a script that sells.
  • Create a Storyboard: Based on the script, draw the key scenes into a storyboard. This helps you stay organized while letting you know about the timings and how everything would go with it.
  • Develop the Graphics: Once you're done with the storyboard, you know the graphics you need to develop. So this is a good time to develop it before you can animate it.
  • Record Voice-over: Recording the voice-over should be done in parallel with developing the graphics to save some time.
  • Animate the Graphics: Now that you have the graphics and voice-over ready, it is time to animate!

What Are the Different Types of Mixed Media Animation Videos for Business?

Being a mixed media video production company, we have to develop videos in multiple ways as per requirement. Here are the different types of these videos we produce:

  • Basic Mixed Media Animation Videos
  • Premium Mixed Media Animation Videos
  • Flick Mixed Media Animation Videos

Let's discuss each of them.

Basic Mixed Media Animation Videos

When different media are fused together while retaining minimalism, you get these videos.

While a centric theme is best suited for this type, due to minimalism and a lot of negative space, other compositions can be tried as well.

These videos generally don't take a lot of time to make, and hence cost relatively less—$4200 for 30 seconds.

Premium Mixed Media Animation Videos

When different media are fused together while ensuring that no medium overpowers the other media, you get these videos.

There's a lot of scope for experimentation in this type and is hence the one most people go for when they are first venturing into mixed media.

These videos take a bit more time to make and are hence a bit more expensive than the basic ones—$6000 for 30 seconds.

Flick Mixed Media Animation Videos

When different media are fused together with one of them acting as the primary background throughout the video, you get these videos.

The tones which can be best represented in this style are grunge, serious, grave, and poppy/flashy.

These videos take a lot of time to make and hence priced on the higher side—$8100 for 30 seconds.

How to Check If a Mixed Media Animation Video Is Good?

There are four factors which you need to keep in mind while assessing these videos:

  • Concept: The first factor you need to assess is how well the video was conceptualized. To do that, you need to ask yourself if you understood the video easily. You would also need to consider whether you stuck around till the end of the video or not. Even if you did stick around, you need to think about how involved you were in the video. While retention depends on a lot of factors, the concept plays a big role in increasing retention rates.
  • Visuals: Visuals play an important role in gaining the attention of the audience. The colors you use set the tone for the video and influence the emotions the audience feels while watching your video. The visuals have quite an influence on the retention rates of the audience.
  • Transitions & Animation: These videos do not have characters that can move around and perform actions to get the message across. So the reliance on transitions and supporting animation increases significantly. If the job isn't up to the mark, you'll notice it quite easily.
  • Music & Voiceover: If the music and voiceover are complementing the concept and are helping the messaging become more efficient, it's a good video. Even if one of these factors is missing in the video, or isn't good enough, you would instantly notice that.

Keep an eye out for all of these factors, and you'll know a good video when you see one.

How to Choose Your Mixed Media Video Production Company?

  • While choosing your vendor, the first thing you should focus on is the quality of videos the vendor has produced in the past. You could check their attention to detail in terms of music, transitions, the visuals etc. Check if they are following basic principles of these animation videos and color theory as the first step.
  • Keep an eye out for how that vendor communicates. Notice how promptly the company responds and how clear the communication is from their end. Are they transparent about everything? Did you get all answers related to their services? Notice everything.
  • Make sure that the cost of the video is within your budget and can be developed within the time-frame you need it made.
  • Check how experienced the company is in your industry and the mixed media animated videos they've produced. Their portfolio should be a good place to start. However, it is always good to ask for more options when you connect with them on call or email.
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable outsourcing your videos to an offshore company. If you’re used to working with local businesses for your videos, it is best to find someone locally instead of outsourcing it.
  • No association has ever been successful when the values of the partners don’t resonate. Make sure that the vendor you wish to go for holds the same values as you do.

How Factspread Used Mixed Media Animation Videos to Curb Ignorance and Fight Misinformation

The Problem:

The client wanted to fight ignorance by informing its audience about various socio-political issues. They also wanted to make sure that all of the information that they would be sharing should be backed by rock-solid facts so that the videos represent facts and not their own opinions. The thing with facts, however, is that not many people find facts entertaining enough. For this very reason, they turned to videos for spreading facts.

The Solution:

Since the clients wanted their videos to be as entertaining as possible, we went for the mixed media approach. Over the last few years, we've noticed that the art style has become quite popular with some of the biggest brands turning to mix media for maximum engagement. The only the problem was that since we had to represent hard facts and figures in an entertaining fashion, we couldn't go for the usual infographic style of representing data in graphs. Mix media helped us overcome this obstacle by allowing us to use live-action images to visually reinstate the facts.

Why Choose Our Mixed Media Animation Video Production Company?

Measuring Success

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We believe in building connections and providing unmatched quality. So we only charge you for the costs we incur, not a penny more.

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We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that your video is hand-drawn. This helps us keep the quality high.

Ready to tell great stories?

Let's handcraft an animated video, together!

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