5 Best Mixed Media Animation Videos to Unleash Your Imagination

Mar 9, 2023 3:10:12 AM

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  1. What is Mixed Media Animation?
  2. Why Use Mixed Media Animation?
  3. Best Mixed Media Animation Videos
    1. Emirates
    2. KEAN Fruits by Yeti
    3. IBM Design Language
    4. MTV Gender Bent
    5. Prego

What is mixed media animation?

As the name suggests, mixed media is a form of animation that blends multiple styles and elements together: 2D, 3D, whiteboard, stop motion, newspaper and photograph clippings and anything else you would fancy.

Mixed media is wildly popular and chances are that you’ve already seen many examples of it in video marketing campaigns without realizing it. 

And we have several of our favorites listed lower down in this post.

But first, let’s look into why they’re so effective.

Why use mixed media animation?

Mixed media animation videos usually have a distinctive, quirky style. 

They tend to be information-dense without being overwhelming or chaotic.

This is why they’re the preferred style for videos that have a lot of explanation, and need corresponding visual cues in the form of photographs, clippings and similar images.

Often, this style is used to explain topics like history, science, and politics. 

This is true for pretty much any of the standard styles of animation, but mixed media tends to be especially effective at these kinds of topics.

Best mixed media animation videos

They say you should show, not tell. 

So here are some examples of our favorite mixed-media animated videos, and why we love them!

1. Emirates: Department of Family Travel - Toddler Turbulence by BUCK

This is what we meant by fusing together multiple styles of animation. 

Here, BUCK fused traditional animation with 3D stop motion in this video for Emirates

BUCK seamlessly blended traditional animation with 3D stop-motion models, bringing us a playful take on an annoying issue in airline travel: rambunctious noisy kids who don’t like flying. 

We’ve all been there!

By going for a light-hearted and jovial tone, this delightful video is careful not to offend anyone by being sympathetic to all parties, while revealing their solution: more entertainment options to keep kids happy. 

And that makes everyone happy!

2. KEAN Fruits by Yeti 

We mentioned that mixed media videos are great at dispensing a lot of information easily. 

But that’s not a hard and fast rule: sometimes a great animated video can say a lot without saying anything at all.

Take this video by Yeti for KEAN Fruits

It’s just a kaleidoscope of fun visuals set to high-energy music with no script or voiceover. 

But notice how it tells you everything you need to know: the brand’s energy, liveliness, and unique personality are on full display. 

It’s just a lot of fun all around, and fun is contagious!

3. IBM Design Language - 2x Grid by BUCK

Just because mixed media combines all sorts of styles and types of animation together, doesn’t mean it has to be a cluttered mess.

BUCK’s video for IBM Design Language is quite fittingly neat and clean, with a distinct and deliberate look and feel, because of what they’re talking about: design. 

You might not even notice that it’s mixed media because its elements blend seamlessly, like an orchestra. 

But take a second look and you’ll realize you’ve got 2D, 3D, text, live video and infographics all smoothly working together to tell a story.

And it does it so well, you might not even notice how complex the video really is, because you’re wrapped up in the story.

That’s the power of storytelling for business!

4. MTV Gender Bent: Men Don’t Cry by And/Or 

Gender norms, toxic masculinity, and patriarchy are hot topics today, as especially young people are calling out these traditional societal “norms” and questioning them.

But it’s a dense, complex topic, spreading across centuries and disciplines from politics, history, sociology and psychology.

How can the truth be broken down into a simple one-minute explanation, cover all the key points, and also get and hold the casual viewer’s attention? 

We live in an attention-deficit world, with screens and advertising competing for mere seconds of exposure. 

This is not an impossible task, and this brilliant mixed media animated video is proof. 

Using the power of animation, paired with a clever script and just a dash of humor, MTV broke down centuries of human history and geopolitics into just 47 seconds. 

The graphics and visuals are typical of mixed media animation, combining text, photo clippings, and jazzing it up with color and style to keep the viewer engaged.

Best of all, the animated video is not only informative and enlightening, but fun to watch, too.

5. Prego - Nap Time by oddfellows 

Customer testimonials are a great way to show off your brand and product. 

Your audience sooner trusts their peers than a billboard or slick ad campaign. 

That’s why testimonials are so popular.

But there’s a way to supercharge those glowing reviews: with the power of animation!

Oddfellows crafted this delightful and fun mixed media animated video to really add that zing to their customers’ enthusiastic endorsements. And it sure speaks for itself. 

It’s another example of a religious tenet here at Broadcast2World: facts and figures speak to the mind; art touches the heart; but only storytelling can combine the two and create a powerful sense of trust with your audience with animated videos for business


So now you have some idea of what storytelling for business can really do. 

But have you thought about whether you’re missing out on this amazing superpower for your offering? 

There’s a reason why pretty much every company of every size and industry has embraced video storytelling to grow their brand and get their message out to the world. 

Curious and want to learn more? 

Check out our other blogs or drop us a line today, we’d love to chat!

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