10 Best Examples of Customer Testimonial Videos That Won Trust!

Mar 23, 2022 4:12:19 AM

In a hurry? Don't worry–we have got you covered with our list of the Best Animated Customer Testimonial Videos, which you can watch here

It’s payday, and that one jacket that will go great with your gray trousers is finally on sale.

But just as you’re about to splurge, you notice a review by a verified customer:

“Color too faded. Didn’t go along with grey trousers. 3 stars.”

Your perfect look might be on hold for now, but you just saved yourself from wasting that money.

It’s not just the products, but the brands, too.

Potential customers are more willing to trust your brand if they see personal accounts of satisfied customers, even if they’re anonymous!

A good user review can mean the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

And a good video takes things a step further.

Aside from being so engaging, you can let your imagination run wild to show more of your company in a single client testimonial video. 

Why do I need video testimonial marketing?

How do I even make one?

Everything you need to know is right here.

And if you want to check out the best animated customer testimonial videos for inspiration, we got you covered!

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  1. Why is it Important to Build Trust?
  2. What is a Customer Testimonial Video?
  3. How Do Customer Testimonial Videos Help Build Trust?
  4. Why Use Animated Customer Testimonial Videos?
  5. Best Customer Testimonial Videos
  6. How to get a customer testimonial?
  7. 6 Tips for Effective Customer Testimonial Video Marketing

Why is it Important to Build Trust?

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to understand why trust is a key factor when it comes to growing your business.

Customers buy because they have a problem to solve.

If your brand promises to help them live a better life, they’re more likely to buy from you.

You’re guaranteed to drive up sales and overall satisfaction by bringing up pain points that are relatable to your general customers, and introducing a solution for them.

But customers are skeptical.

After all, it’s their hard-earned money you’re asking them to spend. Promises only get you so far.

Also, chances are you’re competing with thousands of brands in the same space.

This is where brand trust comes in.

If people understand your vision of the future and how you can help, they can trust you.

Once they do, they expect your product to fulfill its promises.

In doing so, you encourage brand loyalty.

To summarize, you have successfully created a cycle of consistent happiness with something as simple as human connection.

What are Customer Testimonial Videos?

A client testimonial video is a marketing tool for your brand that highlights success stories of customers who have benefited from your service.

It is usually a short form video not more than five minutes where a satisfied client talks about themselves; the problems they were facing before they came across your company, and how you helped provide them a solution for their problems.

How Do Client Testimonial Videos Help Build Trust?

According to a Brightlocal survey, 84% of people read online reviews for businesses.

A good user review is usually a deciding factor when it comes to converting customers.

It’s often the final push to buy your product or service.

If users are willing to trust anonymous people on the internet, imagine what they might feel listening to someone personally narrating their experience.

The point of a video testimonial is to build trust by sharing the personal stories of people, who the viewer can see themselves as.

But as mentioned earlier, customers are skeptical.

Humans are hardwired to connect to stories that form some sort of emotional connection with them.

This is because mirror neurons cause people to either feel or evoke a need to feel whatever emotion that is being portrayed to them.

In marketing, we call it social proof.

With a video, you get to form a human connection with the viewer.

And that connection is key in making the viewer trust you, remember your name amongst your competitors, and finally choose your service over others.

Finally, a customer video testimonial is a clear and accurate representation of the results and the benefits of the services provided by your company.

Why Use Animated Customer Testimonial Videos?

Creating an animated video sounds like a massive hassle.

But it’s never been easier. So, how do you do that?

First, you need to decide on the medium to convey your message.

When it comes to videos, you can choose between live-action or animation.

And personally, I am going to recommend that you use animation. Here’s why:

1. Animation is eye-catching.

A good artstyle is often all you need to make a video testimonial engaging.

Being an audio-visual experience, the viewer is instantly hooked into watching for more than five seconds, which is where attention usually drops.

This has the added advantage of being memorable even after the video is over.

You can make a rather simple success story into a visually stunning joyride from start to finish for the viewer.

2. Animation makes it easier to explain abstract concepts

Your company might be targeted for a niche audience, or maybe the solutions you provided for the client might be for a complicated problem.

For these cases, animation comes in handy when you want to simplify, or even help the viewer visualize, complex concepts and workings.

By making your client’s story more believable, you convince the viewer that you truly understand their problem.

Your video is not constrained by the limitations of reality.

The freedom to use metaphors and text as dynamic animation as you see fit is unparalleled in the realm of animation.

3. Animation is a great vehicle for emotional impact:

As mentioned before, humans inherently connect to stories.

A five minute video (or even less!) is enough to make the viewer laugh, tear up or celebrate the success of people that they see themselves in.

4. Animation is cheaper than you might think

Animation has become so widespread and ubiquitous, and the technology ever-accelerating, that the cost of creating an animated video is not as high as it once used to be.

Check with a good animation company for a quote and you might be surprised!

Best Animated Customer Testimonial Videos

#10 Westfield 


Insurance is a lot like the airbag in your steering wheel.

You don’t think about it too much, and you hope you never have to use it.

But if it’s ever needed, you better hope it really works as promised, or you’re in a world of pain. 

This is why testimonial videos work so well, because it’s a case of “show, don’t tell.”

Rather than promising that they’ll be there for you, Westfield simply had real customers share their stories of how the company came through for them in their time of need. 

#9 OurBus


Just like with storytelling, the secret to a good testimonial animation is that all-important human connection above all else. 

OurBus, a simple transport solution and app, understood this with their customer video testimonial where a customer shared a touching and heartfelt personal story, something we can all relate to and understand. 

#8 Capitol Subaru


Buying a car can be an intimidating, confusing experience for some of us who are not highly knowledgeable about all things automotive.

And it’s such a major expense that it’s impossible not to be at least a little nervous about your choices. 

So rather than promise a hassle-free, low-pressure, friendly experience at their dealerships, Subaru commissioned this animated video to bring a customer’s personal experience to life.

This way, it speaks for itself and feels refreshingly honest and frank.

The power of a good video testimonial is that it does not feel like an aggressive advert in any typical sense.

#7 M&M


Sometimes, it’s not any one thing that stands out about a great company. Rather, the whole seems greater than the sum of its parts.

This is why M&M picked a testimonial video.

First, it lets their clients speak for them, rather than offering a ton of promises and hypotheticals.

But also, it paints a fuller picture of what it feels like to work with M&M, and why that sets them apart from the competition.

This hits at an emotional level, building trust.

This is far more effective than a video with a dry list of all their services and offerings, as impressive as that may be.

This video is again a reminder that animated video storytelling is more art than science, and more heart than numbers and figures.

#6 Profectus



Everyone loves a story where the plucky underdog overcomes the odds and bounces back from the brink of doom.

And it’s no different in the business world, either.

That’s the route Profectus took, except in the form of a testimonial animation from a happy client.

Struggling with a complex voucher system that seemed to cost more money than it made, their client turned to Profectus for help. 

While the employee testimonial video does go into some details about how they did it, the overall theme of the story is that Profectus saved the day for this client in a glowing testimonial. 

#5 Google for Startups - “Two Desperados”


Two Desperados is a startup video game development studio.

They used the Google for Startups program to help them handle the exponential growth of their company.

Marija Ilic, the co-founder, and CPO of the studio, describes the company’s humble beginnings, their success, and their plans for the future.

The client testimonial video ad is aimed at aspiring founders who want to build and grow their own startups.

With Marija describing how Google for Startups helped when they needed organization and leadership, the viewer is inspired to go learn more about this program.

As a bonus, the vibrant colors and the geometrical patterns keep the artstyle lively and engaging, with excellent direction and flow of action.

#4 Lululemon - “20 Years: Chris Benchetler”


Lululemon is an apparel brand specializing in athletic and technical clothing.

In their video, they decided to show the story of Chris Benchetler, who describes a horrific skiing accident, but how it was a “blessing in disguise” which proved to be the catalyst for his creative journey.

By showing the boundless creativity and the thrill-seeking nature of Chris, lululemon convinces the audience that it not only supports, but condones this spirit.

Lululemon portrays itself as a space for artists who never want to be restricted.

The testimonial animation manages to narrate a journey from a low-point to a high emotional point in the span of 60 seconds, with one of Chris’s iconic abstract patterns that is present in every single frame of this customer testimonial video example.

#3 Qualcomm- Low Latency


Qualcomm creates software and services essential to wireless technology. Most importantly, they own patents critical to 5G and 4G technology, to name a few.

The VP of Engineering for Qualcomm, Vanitha Kumar, simplifies the concept of low latency to someone who might have trouble understanding it.

With vivid examples and iconographic imagery, the video explains what is meant by low latency and why it even matters.

Testimonial Animation managed to simplify concepts by breaking it down to its essential features and its applications.

Vanitha describes what working with Qualcomm feels like, with real-life examples of how exciting it is to hear people tell her about new things they develop that her company helped develop.

#2 The Tim Ferriss Show - The Bizarre Sport of Egg Boxing 


The Tim Ferriss Show is often considered as the #1 business podcast in Apple Podcasts, and this two-minute and thirty-second animation shows why.

In this client testimonial video example, Tim Ferriss interviews Peter Attia, who describes a sport he created called “egg boxing”.

If you think the name is absurd enough, wait till you hear his story.

Tim has a hard time staying in character while the story goes from talking about eggs named Ramanujan to taking the same egg into a CT scan.

There is barely a need for a script when the story is hilarious enough to warrant multiple viewings.

The animation visualizes each story beat perfectly, only adding to the absurdity of it all.

Despite being a business podcast, showcasing a slice of life as a feature for his show humanizes his brand, and everyone who is a guest there to the viewer.

#1 Law Offices of Adam J. Roa


Adam J. Roa is a managing attorney whose law firm deals with laws pertinent to the elderly.

This means his law firm often deals with sensitive matters like court processes for recently deceased family members.

The video recounts a heartbreaking story of the client losing her father, in the process of which they got tangled up in court complications.

However, she also describes her saving grace to be the Law Offices of Adam J. Roa.

The video was crafted by us here at Broadcast2world, and has a striking color palette of red and beige, while the narrator describes how the law firm felt less like a formal place, and more like family.

This video not only makes the viewer sympathize with her journey but also builds trust in the law firm by describing their treatment of clients.

How to ask customers for a testimonial?

Asking your customers for testimonials is a delicate, tricky thing that has to be done just right. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Don’t be pushy. Remember that your customers don’t owe you rave reviews. And even if they’re happy with your service, they may be simply too busy to take time out to do you this favor.

  2. Wait for them to come to you. You shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch, so approach the customers who have already voiced great reviews for you. 

  3. Give it a personal touch, without being pushy. This is not a mass-email-blast situation. Send a personalized email to these clients and politely ask them if they would give their blessing for their testimonial to be used. 

    And email is best, rather than a phone call, which can feel high-pressure and invasive. 

    But, If you choose to go with phone calls, the best solution is the Voice over IP system to gather customer testimonials.

  4. Don’t offer incentives for their testimonial. This should be obvious, but just for the record, this is a no-no.

    You wouldn’t want someone to accuse you of bribing customers for rave reviews, and anyway, it wouldn’t be honest because it would influence their review.

    And your customers will appreciate the honesty.

6 Tips for Effective Customer Testimonial Videos

After all the technical details, you might think to yourself that making video testimonials for your business must be complicated.

However, if you think about it, testimonials are essentially a chat with your client.

You’ll find it a lot easier to produce a client video testimonial for your company when you think of it this way.

Before you start, here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

1. Use real clients and real stories

Testimonial videos are meant to garner trust. Using your actual customers instead of paid actors to tell their story makes the video feel more authentic.

People who aren’t actors usually help in convincing people like them, or just add a human touch to the video.

You get to capture the local lingo and unique personalities of your clients.

2. Use veteran customers

Asking new customers who have just found success in your brand might not instill the most amount of trust in your audience, including the client itself!

You are better off asking customers who have been with your company for multiple months, and have been consistently satisfied with your services.

3. Write a Script, But Never Follow It

What I mean by this is that it is always beneficial to have a general guideline for your video, but never to the point of scripting every single dialogue.

Leave room for improvisation from the client, lending more authenticity to the video.

After your client has been interviewed, it is your job to pick out the best parts, and arrange them in a way that creates a comprehensive and easy-to-follow story.

4. Highlight the Results and Benefits

Your client testimonial videos need to show your company at its best, changing lives one client at a time.

A client with a clear story introduces a problem and explains how your company provided them with a solution.

Not only does this leave a positive impact on your viewer about you, but it also acts as an explainer to them on how your company and services actually function in day-to-day life.

Once the audience is convinced by the story, they will be more likely to trust you to solve their problems.

5. Send Questions Beforehand

Not all clients can prove to be confident enough to talk in an interview format.

Social anxiety can cause them to not speak freely, or not volunteer at all.

So give them time to prepare.

By sending a list of questions or an email a few days prior to the actual recording.

This way, the client has enough time to mentally prepare and think about everything they want to say.

Frame questions in a way to showcase the company’s strengths.

By choosing to ask questions like “What sets us apart from the rest?”, “Why us?, “How did we solve your problems?”, and so on, you can gently nudge the conversation into having the client describe the positive experiences that they have had with your company.

6. Pick a Distinct Artstyle

Finally, choose an aesthetically pleasing art style and animation for your video.

Your video might end up being longer than a minute, and it has to be engaging as well as informative.

A good choice in art will ensure more people stick around to watch your video, and be memorable enough to the viewer so that they talk about you to more potential customers.


Whether you choose to make animated video testimonials yourself or trust a company like Broadcast2world, in the end, your goal is to garner more trust for your brand.

The more people trust you, the easier it becomes for you and your company to change lives for the better.

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