35 Best Testimonial Video Examples That Won Trust!

Feb 29, 2024 4:30:00 AM

Imagine this scenario: you're a small business owner trying to convert leads into customers.

You've attracted a crowd, kept them on your website, and encouraged them to sign up for your mailing list or follow you on social media.

But they're still not ready to buy.

How can you get them to become clients without being overbearing?

This is where testimonial videos come in.

These are the most authentic promotional videos in business.

Testimonials feature existing happy and satisfied customers describing their experience and reviewing the products and services.

  1. 35 Best Video Testimonial Examples
    1. Zoom: Hubspot's Testimonial
    2. Amazon Seller Testimonial
    3. Dropbox for Business
    4. Sandwich Video: Testimonial for Slack
    5. Google Adwords: Happy Hound
    6. Bidzkee by Blu Bear
    7. Mixmax
    8. M&M Financial Consulting
    9. UI Path
    10. LoveYerDog
    11. Salesforce
    12. Google Ads
    13. Codeacademy
    14. Hootsuite
    15. WhiteSource
    16. MYOB
    17. Listrak
    18. Capitol Subaru
    19. Elite Dental
    20. LifeLock
    21. Dove
    22. Felder Group
    23. Westfield
    24. ChurnZero
    25. Sunrun Solar Power
    26. Monday.com: Stories Worth Telling
    27. Samsung: Superdry Norway
    28. SPS Commerce
    29. Glassdoor
    30. Epipheo
    31. OurBus
    32. Fictiv
    33. Freshbook
    34. UPES
    35. The Law Offices of Adam J. Roa

35 Best Video Testimonial Examples

1. Zoom: HubSpot’s Testimonial


For obvious reasons, there has never been such demand for easy-to-use, reliable communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

And certainly, it’s been a challenge for everyone.

All businesses are, ultimately, about people.

How fitting it is then that Zoom used a customer testimonial video from their client, HubSpot, highlighting the importance of good and clear communication between team members.

They say that a good product doesn’t need to be advertised, that it sells itself.

While this is debatable (most marketers and advertising people would have a lot to say about that), the beautiful thing about testimonials is that they don’t feel as though they’re aggressively trying to sell you something.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that the best kind of marketing / advertising anyway?

2. Amazon Seller Testimonial

This is a fascinating example of a customer testimonial!

Because, rather than creating separate testimonial commercials for each of its customers, Amazon opted to aggregate these reviews into one compelling company testimonial video.

This might not work for all types of business, but it works quite well in this testimonial advertising example.

In some ways, Amazon is a gigantic business, with millions of consumers and thousands of vendors using their platform – and that's what a compilation film conveys: a large number of individuals, all testifying about how the firm has benefited their lives.

3. Dropbox for Business

Dropbox took an innovative approach to customer testimonial videos: rather than addressing the benefits of their service from the perspective of a single client, they gathered a variety of testimonials from multiple delighted clients.

As a consequence, this example of a testimonial conveys a simple message: Dropbox is such a terrific service that it can assist people from a wide range of sectors.

4. Sandwich Video: Testimonial for Slack

Do you want to see a humorous testimonial example?

This team developed a movie for Slack that tells the narrative of how they used to connect through a variety of channels (email, chats, Whatsapp) until discovering a new method to organize their teams through Slack (which is a great communication tool for teams).

They executed it in such a lighthearted manner that you could forget it’s a staged testimonial example.

This type of testimonial advertising is meticulously scheduled and planned, but it's also so expertly done that the scenes don't appear stiff or artificial.

And that is always a risk if you’re not careful!

5. Google Adwords: Happy Hound 

This testimonial advertising example depicts the delightful story of a woman who owns a doggie day-care: she tells us that when she first started her business, she didn't have enough clients, so she turned to Google Adwords for help.

That tool was bringing in 90% of her consumers in no time!

It's an older film from 2009, but it’s still a wonderful customer video testimonial sample since it tells a tale that any platform user (and even non-users or prospects) can relate to.

6. Bidzkee by Blu Bear

Here’s an animated example of a customer testimonial video.

Animation is a fantastic way to explain complex or even boring ideas in a way that is visually appealing, grabs and holds interest, and remains memorable for a long time afterwards.

With Bidzkee, there’s a lot to explain and cover.

But when combined with the power of a first-person testimonial, the effect is significant.

A lot of information is explained without being boring, or losing that all-important human touch.

7. Mixmax

Mixmax is a platform solution for marketers that helps automate a lot of their work and help them keep track of leads and customers easily, with a lot of powerful options.

Of course, as clever as the solution is, there is still the barrier of explaining it in a way that is interesting enough to hold the target audience’s attention, while also going into enough detail that the true power of the offering can be communicated effectively.

This is again where the testimonial video storytelling format can really shine.

And by using a montage of testimonials to tell the story, the end result is an employee testimonial video that does not feel like an ad or too sales-y.

It’s the customer themselves explaining to new potential customers how well the platform worked in their own team, thereby sparking the audience’s imagination for what it could also do for all of them.

8. M&M Financial Consulting


M&M Consulting, the finance whisperers, brings tax relief to individuals and businesses alike.

In their animated testimonial, real customers sing their praises amidst lively graphics, showcasing the true value of M&M's magic.

Not just eye candy; it's also practical—animation is the budget-friendly way to bring diverse scenes and characters to life without breaking the bank.

9. UI Path


This B2B video testimonial nails it! Right from the start, you can sense it's a genuine person, not some hired actor.

Authenticity builds trust, and this video oozes it.

No beating around the bush here; it's crystal clear. When the client says, "UI Path is the software that helps us..." it's like they're speaking directly to you.

No room for doubt or confusion.

Pro tip: Don't shy away from asking, "Would you recommend us?"

It's bold, but hearing it straight from the source seals the deal.

10. LoveYerDog


Testimonials aren't just about personal gains; they're about making a difference.

Take LoveYerDog's street dog savior, featured in this heartfelt testimonial.

The genuine praise builds trust, showing real results for furry friends in need.

Stimpy's owner's gratitude speaks volumes, highlighting the product's benefits like improved digestion and energy.

With a cute canine co-star stealing the show, it's a tail-wagging tale of transformation.

This heartfelt journey proves how a brand can leave a pawprint on hearts and minds.

11. Salesforce


Salesforce is making waves with this bold move.

The music and visuals create a suspenseful journey, enhancing the emotional connection as the narrator shares her story. It hooks you from the get-go with personal tales of inspiration.

Even though the company isn't mentioned until the end, the video keeps you glued until then. It's a prime example of a high-budget testimonial video that lets the story shine, focusing on the people it has impacted without directly pushing the company agenda.

12. Google Ads


To make your customer testimonial video stand out, aim for an emotional connection.

Why? Because emotions drive action!

When your video resonates on a personal level, it's easier to sway viewers and get them to take that next step.

Take a cue from Google's playbook for inspiration!

13. Codecademy


Tommy Nicholas's testimonial steals the spotlight.

As a Codecademy learner, he spins his own success story, showcasing how the platform transformed his career firsthand.

He delves into the nitty-gritty, explaining how it works and its perks.

Customers crave all the deets before they commit, and hearing it straight from a satisfied customer?

That's a jackpot!

14. Hootsuite


Hootsuite flips the script on testimonials, ditching the usual product praise for a focus on collaboration.

Teaming up with Wiley, they didn't just work for them, they worked with them to fill a crucial gap.

It's a power move because Wiley's struggle mirrors what many of Hootsuite's potential customers face.

By seeing the solution in action, viewers can picture themselves reaping the rewards.

When you craft your own video testimonial, hit those pain points head-on.

15. WhiteSource


Data security company OpenRaven spills the beans on their collaboration with WhiteSource.

Kicking off with a quick industry intro, they set the stage for viewers in the same boat.

Smart move, right? Plus, sneaking in WhiteSource's logo?

That's branding done right! Infuse brand awareness strategically with consistent logo placement.

It's like leaving breadcrumbs for your customers to follow!

16. MYOB


MYOB flaunts their satisfied customers, tailoring showcases to your locale.

Take Lee Timutimu, Arataki's trailblazer from New Zealand, for example.

Dive into his story through a video or text testimonial, where he spills how MYOB boosted his business mojo.

With a touch of passion and a sprinkle of MYOB magic, Timutimu gained full command of his cash flow.

It's not your typical sales pitch; it's a success story in disguise!

17. Listrak


Tired of the same old testimonials?

Try this twist: feature one person from various companies alongside Listrak's key players.

It's a genius move that packs a punch, highlighting Listrak's strengths with real-world examples.

This isn't just effective advertising; it's a masterclass in showcasing success!

18. Capitol Subaru


Who says testimonials need to be lengthy to pack a punch?

Check out this snappy animated gem featuring a thrilled customer buying their first car from Capitol Subaru.

With a catchy soundtrack, charming animation, and a spirited cartoon dog thrown in, it's not just a testimonial; it's a mini joy ride!

Plus, with our Video Marketing Stats 2024 revealing people are twice as likely to share videos than any other type of content, this one's bound to rev up some friend shares!

19. Elite Dental


Familiar with those before-and-after shots in commercials?

Well, Elite Dental's testimonial video nails it by focusing on the "after" – showcasing stunning smiles post-procedure.

It's not just about the transformation; it's about the satisfaction.

Who needs words when those pearly whites say it all?

20. LifeLock


Meet Jamie, a seasoned LifeLock member for over two years.

She spills the beans on how LifeLock's vigilance has been her security blanket, keeping her identity and finances safe.

With her candid account, Jamie bridges the gap between skepticism and trust, sharing her own battles with identity theft.

Her story hits home, making LifeLock's protection a no-brainer for those who've danced with danger.

Through Jamie's lens, LifeLock isn't just a service; it's a lifeline, offering tangible benefits like credit score alerts and peace of mind.

It's not just a testimonial; it's a tale of triumph over turmoil that's sure to make you lock in on LifeLock.

21. Dove


Molly Burke, a sight-impaired artist, spills the beans on Dove's shower foam body wash.

With her heightened sense of touch, she's all about that feel-good factor and gives Dove's product a thumbs-up.

Harness the power of inspiring stories for killer testimonials. Sprinkle in relevant video clips for extra oomph.

This video nails the emotion game by putting Molly's experience front and center.

22. Felder Group


Felder Group crafts more than just woodworking machines; they carve out a passion.

In this testimonial, they ditch the corporate spiel for a genuine voice: a retiree who whittles furniture for loved ones.

No fancy scripts here; just raw, honest feedback that hits the nail on the head. Lesson learned:

Pick your testimonials wisely and let them speak from the heart. It's like woodworking—better when it's natural and unscripted!

23. Westfield


Westfield spices things up with animated tales straight from the mouths of satisfied customers.

It's like a box of chocolates for those hunting down dependable insurance—enticing, delightful, and full of sweet surprises!

24. ChurnZero


In a sea of internet noise, ChurnZero knows how to make a splash.

Their video kicks off with a team member engaging viewers head-on, setting the stage for attention-grabbing storytelling.

While the rest follow a familiar testimonial format, they close with a bang—clients proudly waving the ChurnZero flag.

It's not just a video; it's a journey that starts and ends with a bang!

25. Sunrun Solar Power


This video hits all the right notes: connecting with the customer, giving background, and showcasing results.

But what really shines?

The family is a dead ringer for Sunrun's target audience—big house, big bills, big match! .

Remember: It's about authentic stories and results, not tech jargon.

26. Monday.com: Stories Worth Telling


Your customers will likely dish out data and figures from using your product or service.

But here's the kicker:

Can viewers actually make heads or tails of it as they watch your video?

Make sure your facts and figures are served up in a way that's relatable and easy to digest.

Take notes from Monday.com's playbook—they've nailed it!

27. Samsung: Superdry Norway


Behold, a David among industry Goliaths: Samsung's modest testimonial showcasing their mammoth screens in a Norwegian store.

Staff spills the beans, followed by a company rep dropping key features.

It's a shoestring-budget gem that hits all the classic testimonial beats—top-notch visuals, user tales, store backstory, and a tech whiz to demystify the gizmos.

Who says you need big bucks for a big impact?

28. SPS Commerce


Want to beef up your brand's street cred and reel in more customers?

Dive deep into the customer's journey with your company.

From problem to solution, cover it all—how they found you, what you did, and how it worked wonders for them.

It's like storytelling 101: paint a vivid picture so viewers can see themselves in the spotlight.

Take a cue from SPS Commerce—they've got this down to an art!

29. Glassdoor


Glassdoor's genius isn't just in the name—it's in the vibe it creates. "Glassdoor" screams transparency, accessibility, and opportunity, sparking instant images in our minds.

Their data-backed testimonials, paired with a classy nod to the competition, hit home with a punch. It's not just a message—it's a mic drop!

30. Epipheo


Customer testimonials? They're like a warm hug for your potential buyers' worries.

People shell out big bucks for assurance, right? Epipheo nails it by tackling clients' pre-service jitters head-on.

Turns out, those fears vanish like a magician's trick once they experience the magic of Epipheo's stellar service.

So, what's keeping your clients up at night?

31. OurBus


Hop aboard the OurBus express!

Their testimonial video kicks off with a killer hook: "one call changed everything."

Talk about reeling in viewers faster than a speeding bus!

Then, buckle up for a heartfelt tale told through charming storybook cartoon animation.

It's not just engaging; it's like a cozy trip down memory lane.

32. Fictiv


When it comes to testimonials, less is more!

Take notes from Fictiv's playbook—they cram a ton of info into a short vid.

Clocking in under two minutes, they skip the fluff and dive straight into Mindtribe's problems and Fictiv's solutions.

Quick, concise, and to the point.

33. Freshbook


Freshbook ditched the offbeat route and went straight for practicality.

They handpicked one customer to spill the beans, hitting the bullseye.

Watch as the customer dishes on how the software saved her from accounting woes, letting her focus on the real deal.

Lesson learned: Keep it simple, keep it honest—nothing beats a straightforward testimonial!

34. UPES


Check out how UPES hits the education jackpot with a killer institute promo testimonial!

They bring in a former student who shares her journey from campus to career success, scoring a spot at an e-commerce giant.

It's like a pitch-perfect reel for potential students.

Plus, the video's no frills—just live shots of the student and snapshots of her journey.

Proof that you don't need deep pockets to make a smashing vid!

35. The Law Offices of Adam J. Roa


This concise animated customer testimonial video we made for The Law Offices of Adam J. Roa beautifully encapsulates emotional connection, caregiving in times of need, trust, and security.

Through spotlighting key phrases, it captivates viewers, ensuring every word resonates deeply.


To create an effective testimonial video, you need to invest the time in planning the interview, setting up the location, and editing the footage.

A high-quality, professional testimonial video will project the right image for your business and encourage prospects to choose you as their vendor. 

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