7 video testimonials and how to use them right to win trust!

May 5, 2022 8:43:26 AM

Imagine this scenario: you're a small business owner trying to convert leads into customers.

You've attracted a crowd, kept them on your website, and encouraged them to sign up for your mailing list or follow you on social media.

But they're still not ready to buy.

How can you get them to become clients without being overbearing?

This is where video testimonials come in.

These are the most authentic promotional videos in business.

Testimonials feature existing happy and satisfied customers describing their experience and reviewing the products and services.


How do video testimonials help?

Testimonial videos make a powerful impact on viewers and buyers and are effective for many reasons:

1. Cost Efficient: Videos do not come with a hefty price tag. And happy customers are usually quite willing to share their experiences.

2. Builds Trust: Customers don't always feel like businesses are looking out for their best interests. They also don't appreciate being overwhelmed with endless commercials, deceptive deals, and frequent discounts. 

Client testimonies are useful in this situation because they build trust with potential customers.

They are an important part of your marketing strategy.

One that will help you achieve commercial success and build trust between the provider and the customer.

3. More engaging and efficient: Videos have a special effect on the clients or the customers, because of the key element involved, and that is the human element.

Because of human interaction, it becomes more personal. We can understand and trust the real experiences of existing customers.

4. Effective for any business model: If your business is too techy or difficult to comprehend, you can always opt for videos to make your offering more appealing and boost your client base.

Regardless of whether your business model is B2B or B2C, you can use customer testimonial videos as they easily fit in promoting all kinds of business structures.

Best Video Testimonials to Watch in 2023

#7 Zoom: HubSpot’s Testimonial


For obvious reasons, there has never been such demand for easy-to-use, reliable communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

And certainly, it’s been a challenge for everyone.

All businesses are, ultimately, about people.

How fitting it is then that Zoom used a customer testimonial video from their client, HubSpot, highlighting the importance of good and clear communication between team members.

They say that a good product doesn’t need to be advertised, that it sells itself.

While this is debatable (most marketers and advertising people would have a lot to say about that), the beautiful thing about testimonials is that they don’t feel as though they’re aggressively trying to sell you something.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that the best kind of marketing / advertising anyway?

#6 Amazon Seller Testimonial

This is a fascinating example of a customer testimonial!

Because, rather than creating separate testimonial commercials for each of its customers, Amazon opted to aggregate these reviews into one compelling company testimonial video.

This might not work for all types of business, but it works quite well in this testimonial advertising example.

In some ways, Amazon is a gigantic business, with millions of consumers and thousands of vendors using their platform – and that's what a compilation film conveys: a large number of individuals, all testifying about how the firm has benefited their lives.

#5 Dropbox for Business

Dropbox took an innovative approach to customer testimonial videos: rather than addressing the benefits of their service from the perspective of a single client, they gathered a variety of testimonials from multiple delighted clients.

As a consequence, this example of a testimonial conveys a simple message: Dropbox is such a terrific service that it can assist people from a wide range of sectors.

#4 Sandwich Video – Testimonial for Slack

Do you want to see a humorous testimonial example?

This team developed a movie for Slack that tells the narrative of how they used to connect through a variety of channels (email, chats, Whatsapp) until discovering a new method to organize their teams through Slack (which is a great communication tool for teams).

They executed it in such a lighthearted manner that you could forget it’s a staged testimonial example.

This type of testimonial advertising is meticulously scheduled and planned, but it's also so expertly done that the scenes don't appear stiff or artificial.

And that is always a risk if you’re not careful!

#3 Happy Hound – Google Adwords’ 

This testimonial advertising example depicts the delightful story of a woman who owns a doggie day-care: she tells us that when she first started her business, she didn't have enough clients, so she turned to Google Adwords for help.

That tool was bringing in 90% of her consumers in no time!

It's an older film from 2009, but it’s still a wonderful customer video testimonial sample since it tells a tale that any platform user (and even non-users or prospects) can relate to.

#2 Bidzkee by Blu Bear

Here’s an animated example of a customer testimonial video.

Animation is a fantastic way to explain complex or even boring ideas in a way that is visually appealing, grabs and holds interest, and remains memorable for a long time afterwards.

With Bidzkee, there’s a lot to explain and cover.

But when combined with the power of a first-person testimonial, the effect is significant.

A lot of information is explained without being boring, or losing that all-important human touch.

#1 Mixmax

Mixmax is a platform solution for marketers that helps automate a lot of their work and help them keep track of leads and customers easily, with a lot of powerful options.

Of course, as clever as the solution is, there is still the barrier of explaining it in a way that is interesting enough to hold the target audience’s attention, while also going into enough detail that the true power of the offering can be communicated effectively.

This is again where the testimonial video storytelling format can really shine.

And by using a montage of testimonials to tell the story, the end result is an employee testimonial video that does not feel like an ad or too sales-y.

It’s the customer themselves explaining to new potential customers how well the platform worked in their own team, thereby sparking the audience’s imagination for what it could also do for all of them.


What should be not included in a testimonial video?

If you choose to go the route of a testimonial video, bear in a few key pointers:

  • It should not feel like an ad. The whole point of a testimonial is that it is an honest review from a customer, sharing their experience with fellow consumers. 

    It shouldn’t feel like a company trying hard to sell you something.

  • As such, the feel and flow of the video should be natural and relaxed. 

    If it feels too rehearsed or polished, like the person has been handed a script and told what to say like a robot, this won’t feel authentic.

  • Show, don’t tell. In other words, avoid going into too much detail explaining a list of features. The emphasis should be on how your product or service has improved the life of the customer giving their testimonial, how it’s made their work easier / simpler / faster.


    To create an effective testimonial video, you need to invest the time in planning the interview, setting up the location, and editing the footage.

    A high-quality, professional testimonial video will project the right image for your business and encourage prospects to choose you as their vendor. 



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