6 Best Brand Awareness Video Examples That Unlocked Maximum Visibility

Jan 25, 2023 4:51:53 AM

In a hurry? We have got you covered with our list of the Best Brand Awareness Video Examples, which you can watch here.


So you’re on a mission to grow your brand or company, inspire, and have millions of people trust you to make their lives better.

“But how do I get there?” you may ask. 

All you really need are two things: brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

And there’s a secret weapon you might be missing out on: Brand awareness videos. 

With well-crafted and creative videos, you can reach out to your audience and potential customers, assert your brand’s personality, and stay memorable for far longer than your competitors.

Need a little more convincing? Don’t take our word for it.

Check out six of the best brand awareness videos straight away or read on!

What are brand awareness videos?

First of all, a brand awareness video is not a commercial. Its priority is not to drive up sales.

Instead, a brand awareness video is a showcase of the brand’s mission, values, principles, and personality.

A brand awareness video asserts your presence in the market by showing what you stand for and why you even exist.

It's almost like an inspirational video but made for brands.

Why brand awareness videos?

A picture says a thousand words.

A video usually has at least 30 frames per second! You do the math (no seriously, I am terrible at math). 

The market right now is oversaturated and generally leaves consumers overwhelmed and cynical.

Brand awareness videos help you cut through the noise.

Not only does it help you stand out, but it also engages your viewers; and most importantly, makes sure they remember you long after they watch the video.

Branded videos are excellent vehicles for an emotional impact to humanize your brand, and build trust.

This trust is essential if you want your company to grow and reach out to more potential customers.

Customers want a brand that understands them!

To use more technical terminology, it helps drive conversions and boost sales without a direct advertisement campaign.

Stats from a BuzzFlick analysis show marketing videos draw in 300% more attention and traffic.

As an added bonus, these videos can serve as a foundation for successful ad campaigns! 

How Do You Make Great Brand Awareness Videos?

Now that you know the true potential of brand awareness videos, here’s what you need to keep in mind when making your own:

1. What are Your Brand Objectives? 

You need to figure out what your brand video will aim for, before you plan a storyboard for it.

Basically, a brand video is somewhere between an advertisement and a cinematic short film.  

Chalk out what your goals for the video are going to be, and put tangible and specific expectations behind it.

If you want to reaffirm the pre-existing customer loyalty and return to the limelight again, consider documenting the history of your brand, your humble beginnings, and how you have consistently provided quality service through different channels, including a client portal, that they know and trust you for.

Meanwhile, if you’re a newer brand, decide on what statement you want to make in the vast corporate sea. 

2. Who is Your Brand Market? 

Conduct surveys and trial runs of your brand content to a target market.

A target market is meant to represent a fraction of your total audience, encompassing the major demographics and personality types.

Your next step is to appease this group, as they represent the majority of your customers.

Extensive questioning and critique will lead you to making better content overall.

3. What Brand Launch Video Style Should You Pick? 

Depending on your budget, you’ll need to choose between the medium you want your video to be filmed on, i.e. live-action, animation or a combination of the two.

Animations are especially good at conveying subtle visual messages with the least amount of effort, keeping things concise and informative.

Either option is equally viable.

And always remember that less is more.

If you plan your video thinking that some people might watch it with no sound, you’ll start to incorporate more visual storytelling. 

4. What’s Your Brand Story?

With the technical aspects aside, you’re finally in control of your content!

Free yourself to be as creative as you can get,but keep your goals and target audience as guidelines.

The most well-shot and cinematically brilliant video will get no views if no one sticks around to watch it, let alone talk about it. 

Plan out your script and storyboard, and create a world with believable characters and situations that will draw people in.

The more viewers relate, the more they can trust you to offer them valuable service. 

When it comes to a script, remember that leaving an emotional impact on the viewer is key to making your company memorable.

However, find a proper balance between emotions.

Don’t be too farcical or melodramatic!

5. And Action!

Shooting a video is certainly not a job for just one man.

Do not be afraid to outsource! 

A competent team of animators or a production crew will bring your ideas to life.

Proper cinematic direction and an inspired art-style will ensure your brand video will be memorable.

With billions of hours of content available online, it certainly does not hurt to stand out from the rest.

Edit your brand content to trim off everything that you do not require.

Clever transition tricks and music are few of the ways you can individualize your content.

6. Promote Your Brand Video!

You are finally ready to show your brand off to the world, and everything it encapsulates.

But simply sharing it on your Facebook profile will not do the trick.
YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms can get overwhelming if you let them.

For this reason, focus on promoting your content on the platform you find most of your audience active in.

Buying ad-space will never be a bad idea.

6 Best Brand Awareness Video Examples

1. Urban Farmers

An eye-catching video that not only educates the audience about what real fresh foods should look like, but also entertains them? Yes, please!

This animated explainer video by Urban Farmers truly goes above and beyond in terms of brand launch video.

It clarifies to the viewer what fresh food actually looks like, excites them for the future, and explains exactly how they work so that they win your trust, all in the span of 120-seconds.

Their goal is undoubtedly to provide food that doesn’t have more air-miles than you.

On the technical side of things, the use of motion graphics, colorful visuals and intelligent transitions keeps the fact-centric video engaging.

The music and script work together to create a kind of old-fashioned nostalgia and charm. 

2. Tokidoki

This animated cartoon video we created for Tokidoki is an excellent example of a brand video with no dialogue or story at all. 

The brand film video utilizes the unique art style of Tokidoki with a clear understanding of the exact aesthetics the brand strives for.

Every character’s design is detailed enough to be its own mascot and has a little something for everyone.

The kaleidoscopic colors and the music really sells the feeling of the Tokyo-storefront aesthetic.

A 60 second video is all we needed to convey the personality Tokidoki possesses, and it is undeniably cool! 

3. Slack - “Traffic”

You have seen videos with dialogue and videos with none, how about a video whose entire dialogue is gibberish? 

Slack has often been the one of the leading frontrunners when it comes to corporate video, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Using 3D cartoon animation to emulate claymation, this 60 second video uses a story of a traffic jam and turns it into how Slack can help bring the future closer.

The brand story video is full of humorous antics at every second, but it shows how Slack works with any team by helping them communicate better.

By finally using English in the call-to-action (CTA), the video becomes instantly memorable. 

4. BlueCross - “Today We” 

This cartoon animation by BlueCross makes itself memorable not only by leaving an emotional impact, but also by using their “Today We” catchphrase for their campaign to make it stay in the minds of their audience for far longer.

This 60-second video builds trust by showing what BlueCross stands for, and instead of exciting the viewer for the future, it chooses to show what the organization is doing today. 

The fluid animation, clever script and the transitions that literally shows characters improving the life around them as they pass from scene to scene, are all responsible for making video engaging and memorable.

5. Starbucks - “Why does Starbucks blend coffee?” 

Starbucks needs no real introduction.

So instead, Starbucks uses this 50-second video to trace their roots and passion.

The video is aimed to humanize their brand to the audience.

It starts off with explaining what single taste coffee is and its origins, then proceeds to show Starbucks’ passion and curiosity in terms of blending different sensory experiences together.

The brand thus remains with the viewer as it makes them understand the amount of care they put into each experience. 

6. Chanel - “Coco - Inside Chanel” 

Perhaps the video that brings together every element I have mentioned in this blog together, this video by Chanel traces its origins right from the beginning, with Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel.

The story behind the “little black dress” is full of heartbreak, but it never seems to slow down the fashion revolutionary Coco Chanel.

The video uses “Once upon a time” like a catchphrase, manages to distill the iconic style of Chanel in its art and animation, uses transitions to give Baroque and esoteric artwork a new dimension, and so much more. 

Despite being 3-minutes long, the video never ceases to amaze the viewer with its art and the formidable personality of the founder.

From liberating the women of that time to revolutionizing fashion, Chanel not only traces its beginnings, but asserts itself by reminding the viewer what they stand for. 

Not enough examples? Check 10 more best brand video examples!


A brand awareness video is a breath of fresh air for both the brand and the consumer.

As people get more cynical and distrustful of the myriad of faceless corporations, good brand content makes your audience emotionally connect with you, wins trust, and reaches even more people.

Therefore, brand awareness video is your perfect opportunity to announce your brand’s personality and life, in a highly competitive market. 

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