5 Animated Brand Film Examples To Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

Dec 15, 2022 1:45:58 AM

Brand films are an effective way for companies to communicate their personality and identity in a fun and engaging way. 

They're also an excellent tool for building brand awareness and emotionally connecting with your audience. 

You can communicate your brand’s values, culture, thought process, purpose and more using such video marketing.

So if you're looking for inspiration, check out these five awesome brand film examples. 

  1. Microsoft Icons Brand Film
  2. Ecovative Brand Film
  3. AutoShare Brand Film
  4. Gluwa Invest Brand Movie
  5. Re-introducing Zendesk

They're all different, but each one has something unique to offer. 

We picked these because they were well made, had a clear message, and were entertaining.

#1 Microsoft Icons Brand Film

Microsoft has paid incredible attention to detail in the design of the Office Suite and Surface hardware products. 

That same unique, thoughtful design thinking has also extended into the design of the Office icons. 

Every corner radius and angle has meaning and purpose, aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Tendril collaborated closely with Microsoft to create a reveal film that captures the essence of these values—the craftsmanship of these icons and the design thinking that went into them—Drawing parallels between the design engineering of the Surface devices and the icon designs.

#2 Ecovative Brand Film

Ecovative has pioneered the science of growing mycelium, or mushrooms, to create materials that can replace plastics, leather, animal agriculture and more. 

They wanted to create a brand film that introduces the company and explains its technology to potential clients, partners, and the general public.

VantageFilms introduced Ecovative’s mycelium as a Super Material platform that can replace many environmentally harmful products. 

This branded video content also showed off Ecovative’s scalability using the fitting metaphor of a forest that quickly grows millions of pounds of this incredible material, and how it’s ready to go right now and into the near future.

#3 AutoStore Brand Film

AutoStore is a Norwegian tech company, leading innovation in the field of robotic warehouse automation. 

Tendril produced a film that focuses on the First Generation Black Line Robot to show off the state-of-the-art technology and highlight its new and innovative features.

Notice how the brand video is slick and technical, yet manages to avoid being overwhelming or confusing to less technically-savvy viewers. 

#4 Gluwa Invest Brand Movie - The Journey

Cosmic Ray produced the brand film 'The Journey' of the blockchain-based fintech service 'GLUWA'. 

A revolutionary platform, it offers a whole new level of financial power to anyone, anywhere, no holds barred.

So they wanted to deliver a message through brand storytelling, characters, and 3D images about how they’re creating a global economy that can really deliver. 

Notice the drama and emotions stirred up effortlessly by the story and animation. 

Such inspirational videos are infectious– and effective.

#5 Re-introducing Zendesk

This clever brand launch film can be summed up in its theme, “relationships are complicated.”

Because that is what Zendesk strives to do– improving relationships between businesses and customers.

They help businesses to be more reliable, more flexible, listen to their customers, and sift through massive amounts of data quickly and effortlessly.

The brand marketing video is yet another fantastic example of how you can say a lot with very little. 

The simplest minimal elements are manipulated to life to playfully tell a simple but memorable story and make a point. 

Sara Farnsworth’s slick, clever animation makes it all look so easy!


Building trust is important to win loyal customers and brand videos are a great way to emotionally connect with your prospects. 

The above brand films showcase how you can go about strategically marketing yourself with custom animation. 

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