10 'Must Watch' Animated Brand Story Videos Before You Make One!

Jan 8, 2019 7:04:12 AM

Running a bit short on time? We have got you covered with our list of the Best Animated Brand Stories Video Examples which you can watch here


A brand story is the soul of a brand and it defines the ultimate reason behind the existence of that brand.

It tells the audience what makes a brand noteworthy.

Best storytelling videos build a strong relationship with the right target audience and get them to care for and trust the brand.

Not just that, brand stories put forth the core beliefs of a company.

These beliefs expose the human side of that particular brand to the right sort of people.

The depth and scope of these beliefs lay the foundation on which everlasting customer relationships are forged.

These engaging stories then become one of the dictating factors, which stimulates people to choose one brand over the clutter of numerous other competing brands.

Simply put, adding brand stories into your video marketing efforts will not only build a solid brand image among consumers, it will also build brand relevance in the long run.

Well, here’s the masterstroke!  

The ability of a brand to foster congenial relationships with the right target group always outweighs anything as petite as the discounts offered, location constraints, MRP etc.

In majority of the customer satisfaction surveys for any B2B or B2C brands, the most satisfied customers are not the ones who drooled over rock-bottom prices or the ones who stood in long queues to avail discount offers.

Most satisfied customers were the ones who were deeply cared for and the ones who had beliefs and ideologies harmonizing with their ‘favourite brands’!

Now you know why a brand storytelling video is needed in the first place: To create eternal human bonds, which cover not just one-time touch points but the buyer’s entire life-cycle!

Once the audiences are convinced that there are some brands out there that can consider people’s problems to be their own, then a deep sense of relatability and trust is established.

Let us look at some examples of enthralling animated brand videos to reference how animation can weave together the pearls of ideal storytelling.

  1. 10 Animated Brand Story Video Examples
    1. Airbnb
    2. VANS
    3. The Happiness Planner
    4. LYTF
    5. Chanel
    6. Hush Puppies
    7. The Original Penguin
    8. Jack Daniels
    9. KPMG
    10. Starbucks
  2. Animated Brand Story Video FAQs

10 Animated Brand Storytelling Video Examples

1. Airbnb

As a brand, providing good products and services is not enough. People don't buy that.

People buy the brand stories you tell (and sell) them.

With this brand awareness video, Airbnb told its audience a story about combatting discrimination.

It's a story about what the company intends to do.

But it's also a story of transparency.

You see, this brand storytelling video doesn't just talk about where the company is headed with the campaign.

It also talks about how the company would have to use the user data that it already has to get there.

Normally, companies don't really talk about how the user data is going to be used.

But by talking about how they would be using it, Airbnb builds trust.

There are many more animated brand videos from Airbnb that we absolutely love, especially their inspirational videos.


This animated video, narrated by Vans skateboarding legend: Jeff Grosso, talks about how Vans kick-started and how people began loving their shoes and how all kinds of people could wear them.

The animation fused with real life-images looks fantastic and intriguing.

The visuals in this brand story video beautifully knit together Vans’ milestones across 50 years of its existence.

Peppy background music, an enthusiastic voice-over and swiftly moving surreal animation make this video a visual treat!

3. The Happiness Planner

Happiness Planner is a true story of a girl: Mo Seetubtim, who thought differently and how this 'nonconformist' didn’t succumb to the odds she faced in her life.

The video, made by Broadcast2World, reveals a strong message of how by not following the herd mentality, a ‘social misfit’ turned out to be an unparalleled achiever in life.

A fairytalish and frame-by-frame approach to animation, brings the inmate characters to life, in this brand launch video story!

Check out 5 Animated Brand Film Examples Like This To Inspire Your Business


This video directed by Buck, revolves around two proactive thinkers and how they chose not to sit back and comment on the ideas of environmental protection and bringing people together, but instead took an initiative to do something great about it.

These two visionaries felt that when we are shut off in our cars, we are shut off from each other.

Here’s this video, which beautifully narrates how this peer-to-peer ride-sharing community Lyft, transformed from a dream into reality.

Also, a very futuristic and forward-looking ending to the video leaves viewers with the note that there’s more to come!

5. Chanel

“Before liberating other women, she had liberated herself!”

This video from Chanel is the story of an orphan girl from Aubazine, who later became the ‘Queen of Paris’.  

This classic animated film unveils the woman behind the legend, who in a stroke of genius transformed the female silhouette.

Coco Chanel closed one era and launched a new century of fashion.

It is awe-inspiring how this video in black and white visuals, has picked up diverse colors from the protagonist’s life.

This brand storytelling video showcases the revolutionizing journey of Chanel, which not only transformed couture but also how and in what light women saw themselves!

6. Hush Puppies

This mixed media video is one of the best storytelling videos; created by Scott Albini, it narrates the journey of how a seemingly impossible idea became a global sensation and a household name.

This is the story of how Wolverine Worldwide gave birth to one of its most iconic brands: Hush Puppies!

And, if you are wondering how was this phrase: ‘ Hush Puppies’ coined, this video has a chucklesome account of that too!

7. The Original Penguin

Salespeople are characterized by the ability to think on their feet.

Here’s this story of how an intelligent observation became a breakthrough for a popular American T-shirt brand "The Original Penguin".

This video directed by Erez Horovitz & Andrew Embury, smartly uses relatable life-instances to tell the story of how a usual logo of a Penguin became a craze among people, the moment it became an American icon!

8. Jack Daniels

A brand’s labeling doesn’t just make the packaging of a product complete, it also holds an intrinsic value that conveys a brand story!

This video of Jack Daniels with cinematic visuals, created by Arnold Worldwide, tells how not only the place of origin, but also the ‘process’ holds equal weight in making a brand reach insurmountable heights!


This mixed media video talks about how KPMG has been instrumental in shaping a lot of historic events across the globe!

Brilliant overlays of news clippings on animated visuals make all the historic milestones look seamlessly connected.

This brand storytelling video is an excellent example of how a brand can capitalize on past-events to talk about what lies ahead for the brand!

10. Starbucks

Ever wondered what goes into the making of your coffee?

Well, this brilliant brand history video with a perfect amalgamation of 3D animation, stop motion and infographics, narrates the procedural story of how Starbucks creates rich, smooth, roasty, balanced and a personal coffee perfection for everyone!

Need more examples? Check out 10 best brand video examples and how you can use them!

Animated Brand Video FAQs

1. Can I have animated brand story videos like these big brands for my business?

A big yes!

In fact, with videos at the dead-center of the digital marketing world now, many small and medium-sized businesses are investing extensively in such big-brand-like animated videos.

So, you certainly can, and should, have animated videos for your brand and products.

Of course, those videos ought to be of good quality with strong elements of storytelling.

For this, you would need experienced animated video makers by your side.

For more help, check out 9 types of branded video content and how you can master them!

2. How much will it cost to create animated brand videos?

The cost of creating an animated brand video depends on several factors, like what kind/style of animation you want and the length of the video.

So, there’s no definite way of telling how much it would cost you without first understanding your needs.

Connect with an animated video company, discuss your needs, and get a quote.

3. How long will it take to create the best storytelling videos?

It can take as little as 10 days and as much as 100.

A basic and short 2D animation video won’t take long as opposed to a lengthy 3D animation video.

So, this duration depends on several factors.

In any case, when you’re working with a good animated video production company, they would give you a timeline based on what type of video you want.

If you want it “quick” (maybe you want to run a topical campaign), convey it to the company and figure things out together how it can be completed quickly.

4. How can animated brand videos help my business?

Most of the videos included in this post focus on the brand aspect of the company.

These animated videos are primarily promoting a brand and secondary its offerings or value proposition.

So, if you want similar videos, they can do wonders for your brand.

They can help establish your brand identity, tell the brand's story, and improve the brand's recall value.

Animated videos can also help you generate top-of-the-funnel attention, as well as drive conversion.

It all depends on your core objectives or goals.

Well genuinely, we have to admit that the list of such fascinating, thought-provoking and captivating videos is endless.

Such well-crafted videos put forth the million-dollar question in front of marketers, “Can every brand have a brand story for itself?”

And the answer is, “Obviously, yes!”

Let Broadcast2World do this for you, while you focus on increasing the grandeur of your brand.

Let’s make an amazing brand storytelling video together, for your brand!

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