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Short Story

What started as two people working out of a home office has grown into a full-fledged, global visual storytelling company. We have done this by winning the clients’ trust and adding value, which has kept them coming back for more. With our team of some of the best storytellers, we’ve grown into more than just a design studio. Together, as a team, we’ve developed more than 300,000 seconds of animated content in the last ten years.

Sunny Arora

Sunny knows how to drive a team towards a common goal of success by being one of the team members. He wishes to build a trustworthy and borderless world, which is ignited by the power of storytelling.


Rita Arora
Production Head

Rita is as dynamic as water! Calm as a lake and kinetic as a waterfall, she is the ultimate leader whom her creative folks can look up to. With a knack to hit the bull’s eye each time, Rita is a perfectionist when it comes to work.


Shivika Sahni
Head of Finance

Shivika loves to crunch numbers as seamlessly as you and I crunch cereal for breakfast! With a good appetite for risks, she always has odds in favor of her while striking a deal. If you are hunting for some lip-smacking food recipes and unusual travel destinations, Shivika could be your Food Network or Tripoto.


Anish Biswas
VP (Creative)

Anish is the maestro of our orchestra. He is in charge of making sure the team produces symphonies that resonate with the clients as well as their audience.


Akriti Sinha
Associate Director (Creative)

Words, arts, concepts, witty one-liners, creative ideas, she is our all-in-one expert. She is sure to slay you with the countless creative weapons that she has in her arsenal.


Puja Vasandi
Director (Customer Success)

A brilliant Chef, a super-mother and an unprecedented pillar of timely and committed client deliveries, she is another example of how superheroes do not come just in capes. A visionary, Puja believes in nurturing professional and personal relationships with utmost compassion and precision.


Ashish Thakur
Manager (Project Delivery)

Someone said work hard and party harder! We believe these words of wisdom were gifted to mankind by our very own in-house DJ: Ashish Thakur. His tracks and beats are as trippy as his Friday plans! A resolute and diligent Project Manager, Ashish has always got his clients’ back.


Pratish Kumar
Assistant Manager (Production)

The Family Guy! Yes, that is how we’d like to address Pratish. With utmost focus on details, no animation maneuvers are unachievable for Pratish. He keeps the office environment light-hearted and is a saviour for his team through the toughest times.


Gurjeet Singh
Associate Director (Production)

Gurjeet and his artistic skills have aged like Wine: The older, the classier. He lives, breathes and dreams art styles and animation. After having played matches on the turf of animation, Gurjeet to us is as dependable and revered, as Messi or Ronaldo are to Soccer.


Sudesh Kumar
Assistant Manager (Production)

Sudesh for us is a role model on how to strike a balance between quality and quantity. With years of experience in the field of animation, he always motivates his team to explore the roads less traveled.


Associate Director (Production)

Not all Superheroes come in capes. Some come with a guitar in one hand, a Ukulele in the other! Biak’s meticulous and awestrucking work with graphics and animation will have you head over heels, just like his melodious humming and strumming!


Abhishek Mudgal
Lead (Production)

Creativity has never been a slave of grandeur. Never cracking under pressure, Abhishek best testifies how constraints can lead the way to most creative innovations. With strong conceptual expertise in his kitty, he brings your visuals to life.


Lok Bahadur Pun
Assistant Manager (Production)

A master of Table Tennis and Carrom Board, Lok never misses a shot in life. His graphics and animation skills are as sharp and swift and his game skills. The next time you meet him, get ready to be blown away by his artistic maneuvers at work and at games!


Reema Sehgal
Lead (Creative)

Coffee keeps her going and Bollywood-style daydreaming keeps her occupied. Reema will amaze you with her ability to put on multiple creative hats. A thoughtful writer and an ardent artist, you must get a glimpse of her writing in her sketch-books and doodling on her favourite novels.


Marcus Santiago
Lead (Creative)

Marcus grew up writing and drawing his own comics for fun! Barely did he know that he will grow up to be an art aficionado one day. He marvels at scripts and storyboards while chugging dangerous amounts of coffee and Pepsi! He talks about motorcycles too much.


Anubha Bansal
Lead (Creative)

Anubha could strike a conversation with anyone. With her heart in the medieval age of art, she is a big food connoisseur. And, if you wonder who is the artist behind our social media graphics, it is her perseverance and skills that get us flying.


Avinash Raj
Sr. Executive (Creative)

You’d never know when would Avinash catch you off guard in a breathtaking sketch of yours in his notebook. A cat dad with some sassy dance moves, he is sure to win your hearts with his puns. He uses his observations and imagination to create the utopian world of animation.


Divya Relan
Sr. Executive (Production)

Calm demeanor is what she wears like a crown. Lines and colors, when put in proper attire, can communicate all feelings of the world, according to Divya. Her life-like sketches and doodles would always have you amazed.


Navodit Mandal
Sr. Executive (Creative)

With a number of nominations and awards at International Animated Film Festivals in his name, Navodit still believes that gratitude and compassion are the actual ways of life. You would be in a fix if you were to choose which of his artistic works are lovelier: offline or online.


Amit Kumar Saraswat
Sr. Executive (Production)

Amit knows his ways around morphing and transitioning. An animator by day, Amit will have you rooting for his dance moves after he has had a can of beer. Also known as the official food ordering guy, Amit will never let you go hungry.


Ened D'Souza
Executive (Production)

Deep-rooted in the principles of Psychology and Philosophy, Ened is one of the most humble and non-judgemental humans you’d come across. His art and animation are as star-studded as the galaxies are.


Gaurav Dhaniya
Executive (Production)

Gaurav is quiet and calm but has a volcano of creativity bubbling within his mind. He likes biking and animating.


Mohit Rawat
Executive (Production)

Art is ‘Nirvana’ for Mohit! Some really funny jokes up his sleeve, Mohit is sure to crack you up with his jokes. His art gives him a way to connect with himself and is as filled with life as his personality.


Pawan Kumar
Executive (Production)

A huge fan of consistency, Pawan is a big advocate of the saying: “Practice makes perfect!” Highly creative and candid at the same time, Pawan’s art is a reflection of life as it is: Spontaneous and challenging, yet beautiful.


Nikita Pal
Executive (Production)

Nikita likes to paint and always keeps an eye out for things that she could record onto her canvas. She likes listening to music and looking at art.


Dheeraj Kodan
Executive (Production)

Bestowed with good acting skills and humor, Dheeraj keeps the mood lively in the office. He is one to strike a great balance between work and play.


Kabir Krishn
Manager (Sales & Marketing)

Kabir to your video marketing is what a life coach is to your life! Your counselor friend with a Midas touch, Kabir is always ears to your business aspirations! Growth and efficiency are his supercars, which are fuelled by his focus. His pragmatic and collaborative approach towards solution-seeking will rekindle your hope in taking your brand’s Marketing to an all-new level!


Tauseef Nizam
Sr. Manager (Sales)

Tauseef knows how to hit targets and have fun at the same time. With multiple talents, he's not your average sales rep.


Mousumi Sarangi
Sr Executive (Sales)

Mousumi is an astute matchmaker who can take your brand’s vision and pair it up with the most exquisite video strategy. She believes that trust is the key to cultivate long-term business relationships. Born with an infinite reading list, this coffee junkie uses her eclectic taste in movies to often make obscure pop culture references.


Syed Ali Mudassar
Sr. Executive (Marketing)

Syed is a marketer who wears many hats. He’s adept at writing and possesses a wide range of skills that help him become a better marketer by the day. When in need of good recommendations about food and music, one can always hit him up.


Niranjan Kumar
Sr. Executive (Marketing)

Niranjan knows his numbers and food recipes too well. For him, success and food are savored better with a large group of people. He’d love to be called a Lead Generation Machine.


Arti Upadhyay
Executive (HR)

Arti for us is the ultimate happiness vending machine! Imagine having an HR who is so approachable and helpful—that's her. She acts as a prism for the company: takes in all the good white light from employees and spreads it into the VIBGYOR of joy.


Bhavana Gangwar
Sr. Executive- Payroll & Accounts

Bhavana is our very own treasurer of the company. With extreme focus and diligence, she makes financial transactions a cakewalk for the employees and the clients. With Bhavana by our side, we know that no pirate will be able to steal our money!


Harsh Dhariwal
Executive (IT)

Harsh knows how to crack jokes and bring life to any dull situation. His impersonations of various movie stars are something you definitely wouldn't want to miss.


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