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Winsupply Drives Traffic To Website With Animated Explainer Videos!

The client had launched a new website and wanted to let the audience know that they can now buy Winsupply’s products online...

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Walgreens Flu Shot _ Character Animation _ D170529

Walgreens Talks About Health With Animated Explainer Videos!

The client wanted to inform the audience about certain concepts pertaining to the healthcare industry in an engaging manner....

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Vidyo.io _ Infographics _ Software _ Virtual Communication _ D180206

Vidyo Talks About Video Integration In Apps With Animated Explainer Videos!

Vidyo wanted to eradicate the notion that adding realtime video can increase the cost and complexity of applications a lot...

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RTS Video#1_D171217

RTS Talks About Bus Riding Etiquettes With Animated Explainer Videos!

The client wanted to educate its audience about the etiquette of traveling on buses...

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Wellmune-Ganeden Combined

Kerry Drives Whitepaper Downloads With Animated Explainer Videos!

The company wanted to experiment with the promotion of their whitepapers on social media, using videos to get more people to download them...

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MVISION End Point Platform _ McAfee _ Infographics _ D190203

McAfee Makes Cybersecurity Interesting With Animated Explainer Videos!

The company wanted to rebrand itself. They wanted to change the image people had of them... 

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NRPA Park Improvement _ Character Animation _ D190512

NRPA Explains How It Works With Animated Explainer Videos!

Our client wanted to talk about how the organization could help make the public parks a better place for the people...

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OncorCommunications _ Mix Media _ D190213

Oncor Transitions With Animated Explainer Videos!

The client gave weather forecasts on the television and needed a transition video for which they came to us...

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FEI Systems _ Premium Infographic _ Explainer _ Healthcare _ D181002

FEI Explains One-of-a-kind Product With Explainer Videos!

The client was looking for a video to explain a new one-of-a-kind product...

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