CCH Talks About Its Noble Effort With Explainer Videos!


About CCH

Our client, Christian Church Homes (CCH), is a non-profit organization that has been building and managing affordable housing communities where seniors can live and thrive in the comfort of their own home.


The Problem

The client wanted to let people know about how the non-profit worked. They wanted to do it with the help of animated explainer videos because these videos have the potential to get fairly interesting.

The Challenge

There was a lot of information which we were supposed to pack into the video. The challenge for us was to not make the video too long and to keep it interesting throughout. We managed to do that with engaging graphics and a great voice over.

The Solution

The client wanted the art style for the video to be whiteboard so we made a whiteboard for them. Since there was a lot of information to be shown in the video, going for the art style made perfect sense.

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