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Broadcast2World Inc. developed a compelling storyboard, delivering a high-quality marketing asset that enhanced the client's reach and brand awareness. They delivered on time and promptly responded to needs and requests. Their ability to transform the client's ideas into an engaging video stood out.

Joshua Veteto - Owner - Typecycle


Broadcast2World Inc. understands the company's goals and works towards achieving them within the budget. The team has outstanding project management and communication skills. Moreover, their creativity and extensive expertise resulted in exceptional final products that meet the client's expectations.

Samantha Spatari - Account Manager - SVG Group


Broadcast2World Inc. completed the tasks on time, leaving the client satisfied with the engagement. The team managed the project excellently using Basecamp, and their videos effectively attracted interested clients. They were organized, attentive, and always available whenever needed.

Reece Nanfito - CMO - Vault Verify

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Broadcast2World Inc.'s output was presented at a large tradeshow in the US and earned positive responses from viewers. They delivered a unique video that clearly communicated how the business operated. Working and communicating with Broadcast2World Inc. was hassle-free.

CaroleAnne Hardy - Head of Marketing - Verity


The team successfully produced remarkable animated video work. In particular, the client was impressed with their exceptional storytelling skills. Broadcast2World's responsiveness, timeliness, and transparency were hallmarks of their work, which allowed them to establish a strong collaboration.

Phillip Radcliffe - Senior Art Director - Anstey Hodge Advertising Group


Broadcast2World Inc.’s video successfully presented the company and its products, receiving positive feedback from both internal and external viewers. Their communicative and responsive approach fostered a seamless partnership. Ultimately, their thoroughness and dedication were impressive. 

Marketing Coordinator, Fiber Optic Manufacturing Company

Broadcast2World Inc.'s outputs were well-received by the internal team. They demonstrated excellent communication and creativity that led to a fruitful engagement. Above all, their simple, clean designs were highly commendable.

Director of Content, Technology Alliance


Broadcast2World Inc. has delivered valuable, high-quality digital assets that have boosted the client's overall social channel following, site visits, and revenue growth. They manage their tasks well, deliver on time, and communicate effectively. Their top-notch communication and patience stand out.

CEO, MDM Pumps


Broadcast2World Inc. delivered the project on time, and their use of tools like Basecamp and online collaboration facilitated a smooth partnership. They communicated frequently and promptly via email and virtual meetings, ensuring an effective workflow. They exhibit a detail-oriented approach and a quick understanding of complex concepts.

Manager Fleet Electrification, Evergy


Thanks to Broadcast2World Inc., the client has used the videos on their website and social media platform to promote their new project. The service provider delivered the project in a manner aligned with the client's content and target audience. Their timeliness and communication are commendable.

Manager, Financial Services Company

Broadcast2World Inc. delivered the video on time and according to the client's requirements. They ensured a seamless, productive workflow by communicating effectively and working closely with the client throughout. Their cost-effective pricing and high-quality work stood out.

Owner, Botanical Products Retailer

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