mixed media explainer video

How did Verity explain their offering with mixed media explainer videos?

About Verity

Verity is the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems


The Challenge

Drones are the future of the supply chain industry.

However, companies have already caught up to this rising trend, saturating the market and making it hard to cut through the noise.

The Solution

This is exactly where mixed media animation explainer videos can help.

With the interplay of the two mediums, this video engages with animated segments, and shows the actual scale Verity works on with live-action footage.

All this results in the boost to conversion rates that they wanted!

To achieve the client's objectives, B2W:-

  • Using Mixed Media Animation style for reflecting realistic situations.

  • Mixed Media videos are more relatable and engaging for the target audience.

  • Built trust among parents showcasing our client as a top pick in the market.

Key Takeaways

1. Video animation is an effective way to connect with viewers emotionally

2. By using animation rather than a monotonous approach to portray the features of the platform, it helped the client stand out from the competition.

3. Excited the audience with the opportunities offered by the platform.

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