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What are Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are short marketing videos used to explain the company, its products or services. Most explainer videos you see have some variation of this structure: problem, solution, call to action. It is within the confines of this structure that explainer videos ensure that your audience has a clear understanding of what you’re offering. The video objective here is to show empathy and build trust to convert them into quality leads. The animation styles recommended for explainer videos are more advanced like premium infographic animation, mixed media animation and character animation.


When and how to use Explainer Videos effectively?

Animated explainer video are great for the middle stages of the customer’s life cycle, and are mostly used for demand generation. When the potential customers are aware of what their problems and needs are, they start looking at possible solutions—and that is where your video shines. You could use explainer videos on landing pages, homepage, product/service pages, and a multitude of other places. They are effectively used for quality lead generation.

What are some good examples of 3D Explainer Videos?

3D explainer videos are an excellent choice for showing how a physical product functions. Here are some good examples of 3D explainer videos!

What are some characteristics of a great Explainer Video?

  • Explanatory (less than 2 minutes)
  • Conversational tone
  • Informative
  • Easy to Consume
  • Engaging Transitions
  • Strong Call to Action

What are the different types of Explainer Videos?

What are some good examples of Medical Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos have long found their position in the field of medicine and healthcare. Here are some good examples of medical explainer videos!

What is the best Explainer Video Software?

PowToon is one of the best explainer video softwares in the market right now. With this tool, you can make a professional-looking explainer video in less than half an hour. It provides multiple templates for you to choose from. You can learn how to use explainer video templates with the help of the tutorials available on the website. Since the service is simple drag and drop, you'll be up and running in no time!

However, many companies have specific demands which aren't met by the software. Some companies have mascots and would want that mascot to be animated a certain way in the video. For these companies, a better option would be to get a custom explainer video made.


What is the cost of making a Custom Explainer Video?

The cost of making a custom explainer video is $6000 for 60 seconds. For 30 additional seconds, you would need to pay $1800. But with so many free tools available in the market, why would you want to pay for getting an explainer video made?

Free? How do you create explainer videos for free? You have a few options. Remember PowToon from the previous section? It is a freemium service. You can create videos up to 3 minutes long in HD. The problem with it is that those videos are merely HD and you can't download them in MP4 format. Moreover, the customisation options are limited.

Getting a custom explainer video from an explainer video animation company, on the other hand, would allow you to get your video made exactly as you want it to be down to the last frame.

What are some good examples of Brand Explainer Videos?

Brand explainer videos are an effective and robust marketing tool. Here are some good examples of brand explainer videos!


What are the different techniques of Explainer Video Production?

  • Whiteboard Animation: In this technique, we either record an artist explaining something by illustrating on a whiteboard, or we record the movements and composite using softwares. These videos are used in demand generation.
  • Infographic Animation: In this technique, we represent factual data in an engaging manner with the help of shapes, numbers and occasionally characters. These videos can be used in all stages of your customer's life cycle.
  • Character Animation: In this technique, we convey our message with the help of characters. It is a more human approach towards animation. These videos are used in demand generation.
  • Mix Media Animation: In this technique, we add live-action images to the animated video. It makes the video more relatable and helps the video stand out from the clutter. These videos are normally used in demand generation but can be used across all the stages of your customer's life cycle.
  • 3D Animation: In this technique, we design and animate 3D objects. It is especially useful when companies wish to represent a 360-degree view (and even inside-out view) of their product. These videos are used in demand generation.

You might also want to know how to make background music for your explainer video? Well, depending on the instruments that you can play, you can record music and layer it over your video using a compositing software. If you don't know how to play an instrument, however, you can always get some music online (both paid and free!).


How to choose your Explainer Video Company?

While choosing your explainer video company, the first thing you should focus on is the quality of videos the company produces. You could check their attention to detail, music, transitions, the colors they use etc. Once you're satisfied that they have created something similar to what you want and that they can make your video, contact them.

Next up, keep an eye out for how the company communicates. Notice how promptly the company responds and how clear the communication is from their end. Are they transparent about everything? Did you get all answers? Notice everything.

Finally, make sure that the video is within your budget and can be developed within the time-frame you need it made.

What are the top Explainer Video Examples?

Here at Broadcast2World, we love explainer videos. Here are some of the top explainer videos that we've made!


What are the best practices for an Explainer Video?

  • Write a script that keeps your audience hooked while explaining everything well. Even the best graphics can't save you if you have a weak script. Need help with that? Learn how to create a killer explainer video script with our blog!
  • Keep it short and simple. If the audience has to use a lot of brain to understand your video, you probably need to make some changes to it.
  • Use a professional voice-over artist to record the audio for your video. Nothing makes an explainer video fail worse than poor audio does.
  • Entertain while educating your audience. Purely educational content is difficult to consume and the audience might find it repulsive.
  • Make sure that the quality of the video doesn't drop at any frame in the video.
  • The music you use in the video sets up the tone of the video. Make sure that you give the right signals with your music.

When to use a 30-second Explainer Video?

Short 30-second explainer videos are mostly used to build a premise for something that is to follow. They act as teasers and are mostly used on social media and for advertisement purposes. Since these videos are short, the engagement rate on these videos is very high. Animated explainer videos are more likely to be shared as well since people tend to share short, engaging videos.

What are some good examples of Product Explainer Videos?

If you're looking forward to promoting your products online, look no further—product explainer video is the way to go. Here are some good examples of product explainer videos!


What is a good conversion rate for an Explainer Video?

On an average, the conversion rate for explainer videos ranges between 20-30 percent. For example, saw a conversion rate of 20 percent when it put an explainer video on their homepage. Many other companies have reported higher conversion rates as well.


What is the best Explainer Video Script Template?

The best explainer video script template is the problem-solution template which goes like this:

  • Introduce the Problem: Introduce the problem within the first 30 seconds of the video. Doing this can help you keep the audience hooked.
  • Explore the Problem and Introduce the Solution: After introducing the problem, you need to make the viewers understand how grave the situation at hand is. You need to make the audience understand why it is that they should take your solution.
  • Explore the Solution: It is now time to bring the tension you've built up thus far down. By explaining the solution further and concluding the script with a call to action, you give the audience a sneak peak into the utopia they can live in with your solution.

What are some good examples of Business Explainer Videos?

With conversion rates averaging out at 20 percent, explainer videos provide good ROI for businesses. Here are some good examples of business explainer videos!


Which are the top Animated Explainer Video Companies?

  • Yum Yum Videos
  • Broadcast2World
  • Demo Duck
  • Wyzowl
  • Advids

How to choose between Animated Explainer Video and Live-action Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are the drivers of future. They work for all industries and aren't bound by physical limitations. The usage of live-action explainer videos, on the other hand, is limited by physical limitations. Moreover, live-action explainer videos require actors, a proper set, specialized equipment and an array of other expenses, which is something you don't need in explainer videos. This makes animated explainer videos work for all budgets and industries, making it an obvious choice for most companies.


What are some good examples of App Explainer Videos?

Have an app? Try explainer videos to promote your app! Here are some good examples of app explainer videos!

Why Choose Explainer Videos?

Measuring Success

They're Short

One of the main reasons why these explainer videos are an absolute success is that they're short which makes them interesting to watch.

Cost & Duration

They're Informative

These animated explainer videos are packed with information, which makes them interesting for the viewers and beneficial for the companies.


They're Easy-to-Consume

With the use of engaging transitions and stunning visuals, these explainer videos services become highly easy to consume.

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