Best Animated Explainer Videos to Learn Brand Storytelling

Jul 30, 2019 3:11:54 PM

You’ve heard the phrase, “necessity is the mother of all creation”.

So, if there’s a problem, someone would come up with a solution for it.

Once you have a solution, all you have to do is explain it to the people so that they can use it.

Simple, right?

Not quite.

What if your solution itself is complex?

Even the simplest problems can pose challenges that call for complex solutions.

If you were to explain such a solution to someone, how would you do that?

And what if your audience is completely online, and what if you have a lot of competition,

How would you explain so your audience listen and connects with you?

How would you explain so you stand out and touch hearts?

Amongst the various solution lies the best online marketing tool:

The Mighty Animated Explainer Videos.

But it takes the experience of years to know the right recipe for making the best animated videos that explain what you do.

To know what works and what doesn’t.

To make a video that connects to your people and touch hearts.

And you have only a few minutes to make it work.

Simply put, knowing the benefits of using explainer videos is not going to work.

You need a way to bring those benefits to light as well.

So for starters, you need to know what makes a video worth watching.

Is it the visual, or the script?

Or how you approach the audience?

And how do you really know a video will make the impact you’re hoping for? 

But before we talk more about those ingredients and walk you through some of the best animated explainer videos for inspiration, here's a quick rundown of everything we have for you in this blog:

  1. Magical Ingredients To Make Best Animated Explainer Videos!
  2. Best Videos Across Different Styles
    1. Cartoon Animation
    2. Infographic Videos
    3. Mixed Media
    4. Whiteboard Animation
    5. 3D Animation
  3. Best Animated Explainer Videos Across Different Use Cases
    1. Product Commercial
    2. Corporate Explainer Videos
    3. Product Explainer Videos
  4. Best Animated Explainer Videos Across Different Industries
    1. Cyber Security
    2. Information Technology
    3. Consumer Goods
    4. Insurance & Financial Services
    5. Healthcare
    6. Telecommunication
    7. Non-Profit
    8. Internet

Magical ingredients to make the best animated explainer videos!

As you would imagine, achieving greatness is not a child’s play.

It requires a great deal of expertise and careful craftsmanship.

Even with that, you might end up having a not-so-great video.

So how do you make the animated video of your dreams?

A little bit of imagination and a whole lot of storytelling usually does the trick.

But there's more to it—a touch of magic.

With the help of a few magical ingredients, you can breathe life into your videos.

Here are the ingredients that make up the best explainer videos:

1. Great stories engage & inspire!

You can imagine the script to be the flesh and bones of a video.

From grabbing attention to getting them to answer your call to action, everything is set up here.

It needs to have a structure so that it tells a story with a lasting effect on the viewers.

But structuring your script the right way can be hard to pull off.

Fret not, we have a four-step framework that helps storify your explainer video script.

Once you have the perfect script ready, it's time to focus on visual storytelling aspect of your animated video.

2. Breathtaking visuals attract attention!

Imagine this to be the skin of your video.

You can influence how people perceive your brand with the kind of visuals that you use.

For example, we've seen many healthcare companies choose whiteboard animation for their videos.

Whiteboard videos are famous for evoking emotions like protection, safety, and support.

With the right visual storytelling, you can make the audience feel exactly what you want them to feel.

But when you have so many options to choose from, how do you ensure that your visual storytelling is on point?

Don't worry, we've got it covered.

To find the right style, you need to listen to what your story demands.

3. Great transitions keep the audience hooked!

A body that doesn't move doesn't seem alive, does it?

Bring life to your video with the help of amazing animations!

With engaging animation and transitions, you can hold the interest of the viewers and keep them engaged. 

Even with a good story with good visuals, there is nothing worse than unrealistic movements in elements that don’t match what people anticipate.

Grasping the natural movements and replicating it on screen is nothing short of god-like work.

Good animation is important to make connections and have maximum impact on your audience.

4. Good music & voiceover evoke emotions!

You've brought life to your video by adding the previous ingredient.

But your video still lacks personality.

This is where music and voiceover come in.

Most people don't stress much upon music and voiceover.

But trust me, they have the power to make or break your video.

If not done right, your video won't have the required effect on the audience.

For example, if you want your video to be energetic, you would use vivid colors and peppy animation.

Would you couple that with sad music and a dull voiceover?

You wouldn't because it brings the energy down and you don't want that to happen.

Studies show bad music adds to the noise and it can have a negative impact on the mind of your viewers.

Also, it's important that background music and SFX should not interfere with the voiceover.

An engaging story with just the right voice acting and supporting background music can help you elevate emotions, touch hearts, and inspire your audience in a whole new way.

As a small exercise, you could think about the best explainer videos you've seen like the one below.

Notice how every single of these elements is present in it?


Erie Insurance - Golden Stories from Yeah Haus on Vimeo.

Best animated explainer videos across different styles

Every video is made to tell a unique story, and only right style can empower the story to create the required impact.

Right visual style helps you to grab attention and deliver your message powerfully.

Videos that tell great stories, clarify your message and touch hearts.

Animated videos can be roughly categorized into five styles as explained below.

Let's see how you can go about choosing your animation style.

1. Best cartoon explainer videos

Cartoon animation video revolves around the experiences of a central character.

And with that, it explains the product, service, or concept.

This animation style is great for educating and entertaining the audience.

You'd think that this would make it good for product videos only.

But its use goes far beyond that.

Many companies, both B2B and B2C, go for cartoon commercials.

It humanizes the brand, making it more approachable.

A lot of companies are using cartoon videos for corporate communication.

This brings clarity in the way they communicate and helps them connect better with their audience.

Don't believe me?

Check these awesome animated videos for inspiration:

A. Time2Match - Mobile App 

Production Studio: Alexander Tumanov
Engagement Rate: 4.0%


Time2Match is a service that helps organize competitions for non-pro players.

Amongst its many features are ranks, statistics, and schedule.

What makes this video a good example of the power of cartoon animation videos?

I'd say the way it tells a story.

It starts with, "Tennis, anyone?" It got me there, but it isn't the entire hook. It then says, "It's a beautiful day to swing that racket but Mike's far too busy organizing a competition"

It gets me because along with the script-based storytelling, there's visual storytelling here.

Notice how all visuals suggest that it is a beautiful day?

Moving on, you can see Mike's problems represented well with cluttered visuals.

It portrays the intensity of the problems.

This takes us to another interesting part of the video—the switch.

If you notice, the music and voiceover sound dull when talking about Mike's problems.

But when the narrator starts talking about the features of the app, the mood changes.

Everything becomes upbeat and the app becomes desirable.

It then paints a picture of how things would become after using the app.

The benefits to organizers and players are quite visible which helps build trust.

Finally, we get to the CTA which is "Why not join today to find out why?" referring to the benefits of the app.

Further reinforcing the need of the app, it says, "The only thing you've got to lose is yesterday's stress"

Tell A Story Like This!

B. G Suite - B2B SaaS Product 

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 4.8


What's amazing about this animated video is how it forces us to think.

It starts with the thought, "If this was how it could be" followed by many possibilities.

This way, Google was able to talk about G Suite's apps without explaining them in detail.

It was effective because it managed to paint a picture of more efficient workspaces.

And it established that it was possible only with the aid of G Suite's apps.

The best part about the video is that the only colors appearing are those of Google's logo.

This goes a long way in branding.

So much that you instinctively know that it's about Google.

That is the level of visual storytelling done in this video.

When the video concludes with " runs better when your apps begin with a 'G'".

On the visual front, we see the logos of different Google productivity apps.

These logos combine to make G Suite's logo which reinforces how much you get in the bundle.


C. Dupont - Chemicals Company 

Production Studio: Epipheo
Engagement Rate: NA


DuPont™ Tyvek® is a versatile material that is both durable and comfortable.

It provides an excellent barrier against dangerous fine particles and chemicals.

What's great about this animated video is the fact that it tells a story without a voiceover.

There's a song going on in the background but that's it.

You'd expect that they would use a lot of text to cover up, but they didn't.

All they relied on was visual storytelling.

The story begins with construction workers arriving at the construction site.

Once the construction starts you see them use the product as a protective base layer.

That's a great way to market the product.

Later in the video, there's rain, after which the workers resume construction.

This demonstrates the water-resistant property of the product.

But that isn't all there is to the product. It can withstand almost all weather extremities.

They showcase this with construction done in different seasons.

As you can see, there's a complete story in this animated video that explains the product pretty well.

Tell A Story Like This!

2. Best infographic explainer videos

Infographic animation is all about facts and figures.

Unlike cartoon animation, there are no characters here.

What you would see instead is an abstract representation of data and concepts.

This animation style is perfect for the times when you need to explain complex concepts.

Being data-driven, most IT companies go for this style.

It works great for most types of business communication.

From commercials to product and corporate explainers, these animated videos drive engagement.

Enough talking, time to start watching some infographic animated videos:

A. StackPath - Cloud Platform

Production Studio: Epipheo
Engagement Rate: NA


Many companies, both traditional and new, use the internet for a lot of things.

From sales and marketing to production and delivery, everything happens online.

So when the video starts with "the internet is where the world does business", you know you're hooked.

Your involvement is a direct result of this being relatable.

The video then talks about securing the network and you relate to that as well.

Let's face it, we've all thought about the vulnerabilities of our networks.

We've all thought about how we could secure them so when the narrator talks about it, you relate to it.

Now when the narrator gives a solution, you're more likely to buy it.

Why so? Because the previous section took care of building trust.

You buy things when you trust them and the video was successful in building them.

Ending with the CTA, "The path to internet security is here, build with us on StackPath", the video ensured the sale.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. SAP - Business Intelligence Tools

Production Studio: Ordinary Folk
Engagement Rate: 7.6


SAP is a German multinational software company that makes enterprise softwares for managing customer relations and business operations.

It is popular for its ERP software.

The hook of this animated video clearly defines the target audience, the existing SAP customers.

And by voicing statements like "Helping our customers move mountains, change the world and redefine what's possible" with great transition the storyteller deepens the interest of the audience.

Another magical movement happens when the voiceover says "and we'll make it available whenever and wherever our customers' need it" which makes the solution more desirable!

The way SAP defines innovation "or unlocking hidden value and supply chains by eliminating waste in time and excess energy" and the way it is conceptualized is very smartly done.

And it ends with a bang addressing the philosophical need of its users by voicing "because our customers' deserve nothing short of the impossible.

We are here to deliver it!"

The beautiful compositions and the intelligent transitions make this one of the best infographic videos!

Tell A Story Like This!

C. Hootsuite - Social Media Management Platform

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 8.6


In this digital age, we do almost everything on the internet, especially communication.

So when the video starts with "everyone's on social media these days", you know you're hooked.

And that is so because you can relate to it.

When the narrator says, "as a business, social can feel like a party you're not invited to", you relate to it.

A lot of businesses struggle with social media but when you know what to do, you can win.

This animated video uses snappy visuals paired with an enthusiastic voiceover to hold the interest of viewers.

In this video, the visual storytelling is at par with literal storytelling.

Tell A Story Like This!

3. Best mixed media explainer videos 

Attention is everything for digital content.

Fail to grab attention and you'll see diminishing returns on your marketing efforts.

Fret not, because attention is what stop-motion animation commands.

Being a blend of live-action footage and animation, these videos stand out on social media.

But first impressions aren't the only thing they're good at.

Mixed-media animation (as we call it) holds the attention of the audience until the very end of the video.

When you're used to watching only live-action or animation, these provide a good break.

And that is what drives engagement for these videos.

From B2B to B2C, brands have tried it and have seen great results from it.

Take a look at these animated videos to understand why it worked:

A. Medium - Online Publishing Platform

Production Studio: Eddy Nieto
Engagement Rate: 4.6


This video is a masterpiece.

Starting with, "Dear Internet... Remember Us?" it has the attention of the audience which does not waiver until the end.

By listing the kind of users the internet has, it makes the video relatable for everyone watching it.

Then, by reminiscing more about the internet, it engulfs the viewers further.

Now when the narrator talks about the problems that came up later, you're invested.

You want to know how to fix this.

So when the narrator talks about fixing it, you feel motivated to bring about the change.

After all, the internet was a world where words mattered.

Finally when the narrator ends with, "Medium, where words matter" you want to use the platform.

It now holds a nostalgic value that is strong.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. IBM - Information Technology & Services

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 4.7


This video is a great example of what mixed-media animation is all about.

Without any voice-over, this video takes us through a visual journey.

It brings many different animation styles together.

All without making it look like a bad potpourri of those styles.

And in that, it acts as a teaser to testimonials about IBM's Cognitive platforms.

This video doesn't rely a lot on live-action footage.

And that makes it different from most of the mixed media videos out there.

Big companies often play safe (and even boring).

But IBM took quite a rewarding risk.

Tell A Story Like This!

C. Blood Donors - Non-Profit Organization

Production Studio: Studio Pigeon
Engagement Rate: NA


What makes this animated video one of the best mixed-media videos out there is its amazing balance of text and images.

At no point throughout the video does it feel like we have too much text.

Likewise, it isn't heavy on live-action footage.

It tells the story through both visuals and the voiceover.

It starts with, "India has a population of 1.3 billion, yet thousands among us lose their lives for the want of blood".

This grabs the attention of the audience because everyone has been in need of blood at some time in life.

If not, everyone knows someone who was.

It isn't difficult to imagine how bad it would be if you couldn't get blood in times of need.

So when the narrator says, "Imagine if you were that person tomorrow", you want to know what the narrator has to say.

Now when the narrator gives a solution, you're interested in it.

You would want to contribute to it.

And that makes the video great.

Every visual used in the video is well-thought-of and irreplaceable.

Tell A Story Like This!

4. Best whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard animation videos make use of simplicity to explain products, services, and complex concepts.

You've seen how powerful whiteboards are in the field of education.

For decades, they've dominated the industry with their efficiency.

And now they've found their way into the world of animated videos.

With visuals explained as they appear by the voiceover, the videos are easy to understand.

You'd see them used in different types of explainer videos.

Now, you might think whiteboard videos are old-school and not relevant anymore.

Here are a few examples that tell a different story:

A. Ford - Automotive Company

Production Studio: Bellzon
Engagement Rate: 4.6


Most people expect whiteboard videos to be static shots supported by voiceover.

This video is here to set higher expectations.

With a lot of colors and animated objects, this video is very engaging.

It has live-action shots along with whiteboard animation.

And that makes it different from the stereotypical whiteboard videos.

The best part of this video is how it covers everything and leaves you wanting more in 15 seconds.

This campaign was designed around the message of "IT'S EASY TO GET INTO A FORD" and it does justice to the message.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. USA Football - Non-Profit Organisation

Production Studio: Broadcast2World
Engagement Rate: NA


USA Football is the national governing body for amateur American football in the United States.

If you're a coach, you can relate to every word spoken in the video.

You relate to it when the narrator says, "As a coach, you impact what happens on the field".

You relate further when the narrator continues, "but you also have great influence over what your players do away from practice".

Now that the video has your attention, it talks about how you can help in keeping the players fit.

Being a coach, you're very likely to keep the said measures in mind.

After all, you want to keep the players fit for the best performance.

What makes it great is how the voiceover explains the visuals.

Not a single visual element is without purpose.

Tell A Story Like This!

C. AFEX Direct - Financial Services Company

Production Studio: Picturesmith
Engagement Rate: 3.7


AFEX is a global payment and risk management solutions specialist.

With a heritage that dates back to 1979, it is one of the premier companies in the industry.

If you've made global payments, you know how difficult it gets.

So when the narrator says, "Managing global payments can be complex and time-consuming", you're hooked.

Now when the narrator says, "and a solution is AFEX Direct", you want to know what it is.

As the video goes on, you get to know the product better. So when the video ends, you want to go to their website and check them out.

What we particularly liked about the video was the use of the stop motion animation technique.

It wasn't a typical whiteboard video, it had a lot more intelligent hand animations than normal videos do. 

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5. Best 3D Explainer Videos

When your story needs an extra dimension, you go for 3D animation videos.

It helps deliver life-like visuals that are more relatable.

These visuals are great for explaining products and services.

Putting in an extra dimension makes the video more engaging as well.

It can make almost everything look better and help you to stand out.

After all, we live in a 3D world.

It works great for physical products but it doesn't stop there.

As you'll see in the examples below, it worked out great for software products as well.

Let's look at some examples of 3D animated videos:

A. Sherwin Williams - Paint Manufacturing Company

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 3.7


Sherwin-Williams Company is an American Fortune 500 company.

It functions in the general building materials industry.

The company provides innovative paint solutions that ensure your success.

In this video, the company takes us through a colorful story.

It is fascinating to watch how it brings out the vastness of colors nature has to offer.

From flora and fauna to the waves in the ocean, this video covers everything beautifully and inspires you.

The video leaves you with a question: "Where will color take you?"

Even though it looks random, it has a direction.

And that makes it one of the best videos in this category.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. Slack -  Business Communication Platform

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 13.1


If you've worked in a team where most people communicate over emails, you know it's tough.

It's tougher when you've recently joined the team.

So when the narrator says, "imagine if your email lets you see the project's entire history", you can relate to it.

And that is what gets you hooked.

You want to know how this can happen.

After all, it would make things so much easier for you.

Now when the video talks about the features of Slack, you're interested in it.

The visuals build up your interest further.

The way the balls move tells a great visual story—all in 3D.

When the video ends with, "choose a better way to work", you get inspired.

All because the video educated you about how Slack makes it possible.

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C. Abengoa - Innovative Technology Solutions

Production Studio: Dress Code
Engagement Rate: 6.5


Abengoa is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability.

It functions in the infrastructure, energy, and water sectors.

What makes this video one of the best explainer videos?

Well, a lot of things.

But the wow 3D to 2D transitions are definitely amongst the biggest reasons.

In this animated video, the brand talks about what it currently does and how that's shaping the future.

And the best part of this is that it's easy to follow through.

captured (35)

While the video does get technical at certain points, the visuals make it easy to understand.

The visuals not only added clarity but also brought life to the video.

And that is what 3D animation can do to your video.

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Best animated videos across different use cases

Best explainer videos can be used to nurture your prospective customers across their journey and enable sales team.

Sales funnel is divided majorly into three stages namely top of the funnel (tofu), middle of the funnel (mofu) and bottom of the funnel (bofu).

Product commercial videos are used top of the funnel to attract target audience and divert traffic to respective landing pages.

Product explainer videos are used middle of the funnel to convert qualified traffic to potential leads for the sales team.

Corporate explainer videos are used to nurture potential leads and help sales team to convert them to loyal customers.

Let's look at some of the best examples for all the three types for inspiration and more clarity.

1. 30 Sec Animated Explainer Videos

When you have 10-30 seconds to woo the audience and take them to the next step, you go for animated commercials.

These animated videos are quick, snappy, and energetic.

They hook you right from the beginning and increase your interest over the length of the video.

When your interest is at its peak, it ends with a call to action.

When it comes to commercials, you don't have to explain everything.

All you need to do is generate interest and lead them somewhere.

Here are some examples:

A. Bankwest Bernadette - Banking Services

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 2.2


Overseas holidays are fun while they last.

Once they end, that is when the worries kick in.

Now you see the premium you have to pay for all those transactions.

With Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard, you get to skip the overseas transaction fee.

What could be a better way to show it than a character returning from an overseas holiday?

While the character is still left with some worries, they have one less thing to worry about.

With vivid graphics and good humor, the company puts the message across pretty well.

So the next time you think of going on an overseas holiday, you will remember this ad.

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B. AMEX Gold - Financial Services

Production Studio: Colin Hesterly
Engagement Rate: 11.45


You've worked hard to earn that holiday.

Why not lie in the lap of luxury when you're out there?

With AMEX Gold, now you can.

When the commercial starts with, "Unpack the joy of travel", you know you want it.

As it starts listing the various features of the card, your interest in it grows further.

So when the commercial video ends, you're left wanting more.

And that leads you to their website where you finally sign up for the Amex card.

With jazzy background music and visuals that exhibit luxury, the commercial captivates you.

It sets the right tone and gets you in the mood for some well-deserved luxury.

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C. Oreo - Food Brand

Production Studio: Brut
Engagement Rate: 10.13


A lot of brands prefer going for jingles.

But when you hear Owl City perform a jingle for a brand, you know they mean business.

The commercial takes you through a journey covering various childhood stories.

Since Oreo has nostalgic value for a lot of people, the narrative is befitting.

This commercial wins hearts with beautiful visuals and mesmerizing transitions.

It leaves you thinking, which other stories would be different if you gave an Oreo.

So the next you're buying an Oreo, think about who you would remember this video.

Tell A Story Like This!

2. Best animated explainer videos for corporate communication and engagement

Corporate communication has a lot of potentials to be interesting.

So why not make it interesting with animated videos?

From telling the story of your brand to that of your customer's experience with you, these videos do it all.

In fact, you can use these videos to make internal training interesting as well.

The best part of these videos is that no matter what your company's way of communicating is, these videos can do it.

You can customize them according to your company's rules.

Look at how these companies used these videos to tell their stories:

A. Erie - Insurance Company

Production Studio: Yeah Haus
Engagement Rate: 5.8


Social proof is still great for building trust.

When someone you know tells you a brand is good, you believe in them.

Your trust in them passes on to the brand and you're more likely to buy a product.

A testimonial acts as great social proof.

By talking about the experiences others had with your brand, you make the viewers trust you.

Erie Insurance talked about the experiences of its customers with the help of clean visuals and great transitions.

It used sound effects when needed to enhance the experience of watching the video.

With all the stories told, the video generates a strong trust in the company.

All because of experiences that aren't even yours.

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B. Chipotle - Restaurant Company

Production Studio: Johnny Kelly
Engagement Rate: 10.12


The food industry has seen a lot of changes over the years.

There's pollution, GMOs, chemical-laden food articles, and a lot more.

This video urges us to back to the start, back when everything was organic.

Since Chipotle only organic products, the video reflects the restaurant chain's values.

With stop-motion animation and a great cover of the famous Coldplay song, the video wins hearts.

A strong message needs great delivery, and Chipotle managed to deliver it the best way.

The next time you walk into a Chipotle, you would remember this.

And that is the power of corporate explainer videos!

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C. Apple - Technology Company

Production Studio: Apple
Engagement Rate: NA


You know how serious Apple is about designing products down to perfection.

So when the tech giant talks about it in a video, you're bound to watch and remember.

The way the company has played with dots and lines is marvelous.

But that's not all there is to the video.

It does a great job of emphasizing certain words to make them stand out

And let's not forget about the amazing transitions in the video.

The movements are fluid and pleasing to the eye.

They say that the devil is in the details.

And this video is full of them.

You can see the focus shift in certain shots, the illusion of depth, and a handful of other minute details here.

Put together with a slow piano score, this is a video you'd definitely remember.

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3. Best animated product explainer videos

When you have a great product, you want everyone to know everything about it.

But it's difficult to grab the attention of viewers now, let alone explaining your product to them.

So what do you do?

You go for these videos which are great for explaining your product.

They can help build hype, explain functionalities, and even reproduce customer testimonials.

Let's take a look at how these animated videos:

A. Google Assistant - Product Technology Company

Production Studio: Google
Engagement Rate: 1.7


We've all used Google Assistant for various tasks throughout the day.

It has helped us stay on schedule, navigate roads, and has made our lives easier.

So when Google planned to launch Assistant on smart devices, it built a hype through this video.

As you look at the various ways in which it made life easier, you realize how important it is for your smart device.

The video wins hearts with peppy music and Google's signature colors.

It establishes Google Assistant's role in our lives and generates a desire to use it on smart devices.

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B. Beam Wallet - Fintech Company

Production Studio: Antimatter
Engagement Rate: 6.9


Ever gone out shopping and observed how inefficient the payment system is?

BeamWallet is here to change that—and more!

The video gets you hooked the moment it says, "we're already living in the future".

Let's face it, humans from a few decades wouldn't have imagined the advanced technology we have.

To imprint further in our minds the video gives examples of technological advancements.

Now when they talk about the problems with the payment systems, you're interested.

And when they talk about their solution, you're sold.

With the help of vivid visuals and great transitions, this video sure gets the message across!

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4. Best animated social media videos

By the time you finish reading this sentence, your audience would've scrolled through many posts on social media.

One of those posts could've been yours.

Social media videos prevent that from happening.

They are appealing and grab the attention of viewers instantly.

Moreover, they're engaging and thus hold the attention of the audience until the end.

And that is where your CTA is.

So you can expect to see some good conversion rates with these videos.

Let's take a look at some social media videos to get a better understanding of why they're so good:

A. Asana - Web and Mobile Application

Production Studio: oddfellows
Engagement Rate: 5.5

If you're a project manager or have ever managed a team, you know how tough it is.

But don't worry.

Asana is here to make things easy and more streamlined.

The video gets you hooked as it talks about how complex projects can be.

And by extension of that, how difficult it gets for you to handle them.

As a project manager, this problem is something you can relate to.

That makes you stick around for the solution.

Now when the narrator talks about how Asana solves the problem, you're interested in it.

As you can see, the video builds trust along the way and positions its solutions as something you need.

What makes the video engaging is the interplay of the narration and visuals.

And the creators have done a great job at it!

B. Goldi

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 7.5

The process of recruitment is a difficult one.

And it is difficult regardless of whether you're the employer or the candidate.

To make the process easier and more human, there's Goldi.

And that is what this video was all about.

It starts by talking about the problem at hand, recruitment.

As it talks about it, the visuals supporting the narration paint a memorable image.

And that holds your attention.

When the video shifts to talking about the solution, you're sold.

And that is largely due to the fact that you can relate to the problem talked about in the video.

So you feel like Goldi understands you—and you trust them for that.

The clever transitions in the video played an important role in keeping the viewers hooked.

And so did the music and sound effects.

C. Land O'Lakes - Agro Brand

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 3.5

Everyone loves feel-good videos.

But to talk about your brand through it without being obvious about it is quite something.

And the popular agro brand Land O'Lakes has done an amazing job at it.

When you see the words "recipes for good", you'd want to watch it right away.

There's always room for feel-good videos.

So you start watching it.

The visuals in this video stand out.

They are quite unlike what you would come across on the internet and that intrigues you.

It not only grabs your attention but also holds it throughout the video.

The upbeat background music complements the visuals well.

It doesn't make you miss the narration at all.

In fact, it blends in so naturally that you wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Best animated explainer videos across different industries

Explainer videos work great for all industries.

But every industry has its own nuances when it comes to storytelling and animation styles.

Technology companies prefer to use infographic animation and B2C brands prefer using character animation.

Also, every industry has its unique use cases when it comes to animated videos.

Let's go through some of the best explainer videos across different industries. 

1. Best explainer videos for cyber security

A. Virgin Media - Telecommunications Company

Production Studio: HeartShaped
Engagement Rate: 4.1


At some point of time in your life, you have been the victim of a cyber attack.

Or you know someone who has been and you know how devastating it is.

But fret not, Virgin Media Security is here to secure your devices.

This video employs humor to tackle the rather dark topic of cyber-security.

After all, using fear to raise awareness about it only leads to panic.

With great visual storytelling supported with an amazing voiceover, this video is memorable.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. McAfee - Cyber Security Company

Production Studio: Broadcast2World
Engagement Rate: NA


As a business, you have a lot of data on your network.

Much of this data is confidential.

So a security breach would be disastrous.

But with MVision End Point Security you can keep your network sound and secured.

So, what makes this video great?

To start with, it uses minimalist visuals.

This helps simplify the message, making the complex concept easy to understand.

Moreover, sometimes less is more.

So by showing less, the video speaks volumes.

The transitions in this video are on-point and feel very natural and vital to the visual story. 

When it comes to music and voice-over, this animated video has kept it calm and gentle.

This has helped the video be better on the educational side.

Tell A Story Like This!

C. AT&T - Telecommunications Company

Production Studio: VeracityColab
Engagement Rate: 2.4


As a business, you keep adding more network connections as per need.

This presents attackers with various nodes to enter your network.

With AT&T, you can secure your network from such attackers.

There's a lot in this video when it comes to visual storytelling.

You can notice that it gives you an illusion of a vast space behind the screen.

This effect intensifies when the camera zooms in.

The transitions are flawless and so is the combination of the music and voiceover used in this video.

It is commendable how it made the complex concept easy to understand.

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2. Best animated explainer videos for information technology & computer software


Production Studio: Demo Duck
Engagement Rate: 9.2


When you're in the business of videos, you need to work with insights.

You need to make use of the intelligence that tools provide and tweak your animated videos.

And you don't stop till you've nailed it.

That is what IBM is trying to help you do.

This video is one of the best ones out there because of its simplicity.

It uses simple characters and abstract shapes for visual storytelling.

Even the transitions feel very natural and flow with the video.

The gentle music and voiceover add to the experience, making it unforgettable.

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B. Slack

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 12.3


When every employee works in the same direction the company wants to go, everyone grows.

And to help make that happen, you have Slack.

This video is an example of great storytelling—both visual and literal.

It uses visuals to separate aligned workers and those who aren't.

And it is the same visuals that it uses to show the transformation of the latter into aligned workers.

The video is wise to use music for showing emotions like hope and directionlessness.

And the voiceover blends in well with it.

It is a story you'd remember forever.

Tell A Story Like This!

C. Asana

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 4.5


Working in teams comes with a lot of problems.

Keeping everyone on the same page and staying updated about their progress is a hassle.

This is where Asana comes in and saves you.

In this video, Asana uses vibrant colors for storytelling.

With great transitions and an upbeat soundtrack, it ticks every checkbox.

What's worth noting is the fact that it doesn't use any voiceover for telling its story.

While the storytelling is fast-paced, it does give enough pause where necessary.

This makes it fun to watch.

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3. Best animated explainer videos for consumer goods companies

A. Costa Sunglasses

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 5.2


As a consumer goods brand, you can reach out to your customers with a lot of different messages.

You can talk to them about your brand, or your product, or even a cause you support.

Costa Del Mar reached out to its customers to talk about the last one.

Costa is an American manufacturer of polarized sunglasses.

Based in Florida, it supports the restoration of the Everglades.

This animated video is a great example of how storytelling should be.

It starts by talking about how the river used to be in all its glory.

It then moves on to how it came to be after humans started polluting it.

And finally, it emphasizes reclaiming the river and cleaning it up.

The video keeps flowing to the left to show the passage of time.

With the right colors and other visual elements, the video tells an engaging story you would want to be a part of.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. TOMS (Brand Story Video)

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 5.5


Every business wants to connect with its customers.

A great way to do so is with the help of brand story videos.

When you tell your story to the customers, it humanizes your brand.

So, they connect with you better emotionally.

TOMS told its story with the help of amazing visuals and great animation.

It talks about how it all started with a simple idea of "one for one".

It also talks about the concept wasn't limited to shoes alone.

With the help of visual storytelling, the video takes us through the journey that TOMS had been on.

It lets the viewers know how it became the charitable for-profit it is right now.

It lets them be a part of the journey.

Tell A Story Like This!

C. Honda Alphabet - Automotive Company

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 7.1


It isn't rare to see special songs made for advertisement videos nowadays.

But the Alphabet song made by Honda is something you don't see every day.

For Clarity Electric, one of Honda's many cars, this was the route the company took.

With an upbeat song and complementing colorful visuals, the video was easy to consume.

The commercial was two and a half minutes long.

Now, under normal circumstances, that is not recommended.

But it was so engaging that you could watch the complete video in a jiffy.

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4. Best animated explainer videos for insurance & financial services

A. Oscar Health

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 0.7


Insurance has always been a serious matter.

Most insurance commercials focus on how bad things can go without insurance.

It doesn't have to be that way.

This commercial by Oscar Insurance breaks the stereotype.

It employs humor to get the message across.

The trick is to not lose sight of the product.

With humor and visual storytelling, it talks about a feature of insurance.

We fall sick every now and then.

So when the narrator says, "health insurance should be as simple as falling sick" it gets attention.

The visual of the cat jumping is funny and keeps you hooked.

Now when the company talks about its solution, you're sold.

Tell A Story Like This!

B. Digit

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 4.0


Let's face it, saving money is boring.

So when someone talks about saving money, they immediately lose your attention.

This video by Digit talks about saving money without losing your attention!

The video starts employing humor to talk about how you're not saving money.

It talks about how saving money is boring which builds up trust because you relate to it.

Now when this animated video tells you about its solution which makes saving money easier, you're sold.

With minimalist visuals coupled with an entertaining voiceover, the video is engaging.

It is a great example of boring things becoming interesting with great visual storytelling.

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C. Credit Karma

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 10.0


Trust is very important for financial institutions.

Testimonials are a great way to build trust.

And that is what Credit Karma did with the help of Thomas' testimonial.

Starting off with the problems he was facing, the video grabs your attention.

Many people can relate to his story and this helps build trust.

An extra layer of trust builds in the part wherein his boss tells him about Credit Karma.

Now when he talks about how the company helped him become financially stable, you're sold.

Without visual storytelling, his story might not have had the same impact on you.

I mean, let's face it.

You see a puppy, you stick around for more.

Characters help you relate better and that is something quite visible in this video.

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5. Best animated explainer videos for healthcare industry

A. Solea

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 5.4


Solea is a fast and precise all-tissue dental laser.

It gives patients a very unique experience and the dentists, improved outcomes.

This video story-wise follows a very different approach, generally, your hook defines the subject and attracts the relevant audience into the story.

But here the line "It's not every day that you revolutionize an industry..." attracts a wider audience.

Again the interest is sustained by incremental music, beautiful transitions, and using words like "But that's huge, it's exponential...and will forever change to what it means going to the dentist".

The way the solution is introduced and explained is magical.

The line "It's the perfect drill because it's not a drill" and the supporting transition makes the solution desirable.

The next big movement and nail in the coffin come around 59 seconds with the line "It's virtually seamless, painless, sensationless" when the music goes off and picks up again.

And I really like the end "Solea makes going to the dentist, not a big deal and that's the biggest deal of all".

Expressive music and voiceover adds a lot of depth and makes this a great infographic video for inspiration.

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B. Summa

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 5.6


It is very rare for healthy people to think about visiting the hospital.

Most people avoid it because of some bad memories associated with hospitals.

So how do healthcare organizations communicate with their customers?

This video is exactly how such companies can appear more welcoming.

With calm colors and a soothing voiceover, the video gives a new perspective to viewers.

These changes make the video less intimidating.

When this animated video starts with "does your physician see the whole you?" it gets you thinking.

It intrigues you about what would come later in the video.

It helps build trust as well because you can relate to the problem.

Now when it talks about the solution enabling communication between all the specialists treating you, you're sold.

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C. BlueCross

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 5.4


As a healthcare service provider, you care for customers and you want to protect them.

In your explainer video, you need to let your customers know about it.

You need to make them feel cared for right from the beginning.

This video by BlueCross checks all the boxes for how a healthcare explainer video should be.

As a corporate video talking about the brand, this video did a great job.

With amazing visuals and transitions, this is one video you would remember the next time you think about healthcare.

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6. Best animated explainer videos for the telecommunication industry

A. Qualcomm

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 6.5


BUCK made quite a lot of videos for Qualcomm. This video is a supercut of those videos.

One of the things that make this video amazing is the transitions.

They're very fluid and are pleasing to watch.

The colors too are great in this video.

Colors with texture don't work for all situations but the company used them well.

Even though these are different videos put together as one, they flow naturally into each other.

This makes it a great watch!

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B. Verizon

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 5.4


When one of the biggest telecom companies talks about networks, you expect it to be a bit complex.

Verizon did the exact opposite.

It broke the concept down with the help of a simple analogy—doors.

The video explains networks with the help of a visual story that you're quite unlikely to forget.

Humor coupled with 3D character animation makes the video quite engaging.

What helped enhance the experience were music, sound effects, and voiceover.

All of them were on point and blended well to give the masterpiece.

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C. T-Mobile

Production Studio: max menat
Engagement Rate: 4.4


Let's face it.

At some point of time in life, your network has disappointed you.

Be it through low internet speeds or through expensive data packs that didn't last a day.

T-Mobile takes care of the latter with unlimited nationwide 4G data.

This is what it talks about in this video.

When the video starts with how your fast mobile needs unlimited fast internet, you're in.

You want to know more about it.

When it finally starts talking about its unlimited 4G plan, you're sold.

While the offer itself is great, the visual storytelling did justice to its delivery.

By animating most of what the narrator said, the video ensured viewers' attention.

It made sure that viewers stuck around till the very end of the video.

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7. Best explainer videos for Non-Profit

A. Humane Society

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 6.3


Who doesn't love puppies? Puppy Mills.

When you buy a puppy, you support these mills.

That's why they say, "adopt, don't shop".

This video is all about these mills and why they're bad.

The video starts with kids telling where puppies come from according to them.

It then transitions into where they actually come from—puppy mills.

The video then talks about why these mills are inhumane in their treatment towards dogs.

It ends with a call to action: change the story for more dogs.

The impact, as you'd expect is enormous.

It hits you hard. Not only because of the subject. But also because of the visual representation.

The vibrant colors at the start gave a very happy feel, but the mood dropped later when it talks about puppy mills.

This painted an impactful story in the minds of the viewers.

The impact was such that in the end, you would want to contribute to the cause.

Tell A Story Like This!


Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 6.3


Alone, our voices aren't much, regardless of how loud they are.

But together, loud voices are heard.

And that is what this video revolves around.

When it talks about the issues the non-profit stood up against, you're hooked.

You're hooked because you care about the environment.

Now when it talks about how NRDC fought against these issues, you feel good.

You want to support them.

Finally when you're given a simple CTA, "you can join us, that's what you can do", you're in!

The video shows us different voices of dissent through visual storytelling.

With apt colors and interesting transitions, the video holds the attention of viewers.

The voiceover too was powerful and induced a will to take action.

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C. Lumos

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 8.6


J.K. Rowling started Lumos to end the institutionalization of children worldwide.

This video talks about the mission of the NGO and why it had to exist.

Made for the NGO's relaunch, this video is captivating and demands action.

It talks about the problems children face with social services.

Going through those problems, you feel a sense of responsibility towards the children.

You want to help them out.

Now when it talks about how you can help, you're more likely to take action.

Visual storytelling played a major role in delivering the required impact.

The interplay between colors and illustrations keeps the audience hooked.

The transitions and voiceover keep the impact high.

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8. Best animated explainer videos for Internet Ventures

A. Google BigQuery

Production Studio: Coat of Arms
Engagement Rate: 4.9


What makes this Google Animated Video tell a great story?

Every story is about somebody trying to solve a problem, so when we identify our customers' problems, they recognize us as a brand that understands them.

But the higher the stakes, the more interest they have in our brand.

Here Google first talks about the need to spend a lot on the hardware...and then ratchets up the engagement by saying even after all that headache you still might make mistakes that can be costly.

Also, great stories talk about the transformation that your customers desire! Here Google ends the video with "So you can readily load, process and make interactive visualizations of your data"

Which is like a cherry on the cake!

The all is lost moment before the solution is introduced and the transformation piece before the call for action part makes this a top infographic video.

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B. Spotify App

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 7.5


This commercial by Spotify is one of my favorite cartoon commercials.

And I say that for a lot of reasons apart from the fact that I love the platform.

To start with, it is clear about the audience it intends to target with the video.

Who needs premium zen after a busy day? A hard-working employee.

This hooks a lot of viewers.

But it is when the video says "There's Zen. Then there's Premium Zen" that you're sold.

The visual storytelling in this video is perfect.

It shows the character getting comfortable through a lot of relaxing things.

The color and the music add to the whole "zen" feeling.

And with this feeling, the character finds itself in a beautiful, relaxing landscape.

You know you're sold because you want to be in that blissful place.

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C. Dropbox

Production Studio: BUCK
Engagement Rate: 4.7


Have you ever lost data stored on your device due to hardware failure?

As you see in the video, Dropbox is here to save you from that.

When the video starts with, "Dropbox is the place for all your stuff" you're intrigued.

You want to know why.

Now when it starts listing its features, you find value in it.

Finally, when the video ends with a link to the website, you are sure to check it out.

The visual storytelling in this video makes it easy to consume.

It simplifies the message with simple graphics corresponding to the voiceover.

The music adds to the feeling of simplicity as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an animated explainer video?

An animated video that’s aimed at explaining a certain product, offering, story, or even pain point to a defined target audience qualifies as an animated explainer video.

Traditionally, these videos are short in span.

They focus on simplifying a complex idea or solution and explain it to the consumers in a more appealing and memorable way.

2. Are explainer videos effective?

Animated explainer videos are known to be highly effective in achieving their objectives.

Why do you think some of the world’s leading brands are now investing big in this video format?!

These animated videos can help you convey your message in a clearer way, thus driving the desired action from the consumers.

3. How animated explainer videos can help my business?

Animated explainer videos do more than just “explain”.

They are marketing-oriented, which packs plenty of benefits.

Like, attracting attention, initiating meaningful engagement, generating leads, driving sales, and building a brand.

So, irrespective of your digital goals, these custom videos can fit at any stage of your marketing funnel and help you attain your goals.

So, if done right, there are innumerable ways how animated explainer videos can help your business.

4. What type of animated video should I go for?

This depends on so many different factors, like your business type, industry, the kind of product you’re offering, target audience, your goals, and more.

Consult an animation video-making company and find out what type of animated video would work best for you.

5. How much will it cost to produce animated explainer video cost?

Different companies or agencies charge differently.

The cost of one animated explainer video depends on factors like the type/style of animation, length of the video, and more.

Reach out to an animated video company, talk about your exact requirement, and get a quote.

I hope you have a better knowledge of animated explainer videos now.

If there's anything else that you want to know, drop a comment.

We'll keep revising the list as we keep exploring the new ones.

Have a great visual storytelling journey!

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