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Best Animated Explainer Videos to Learn the Art of Great Storytelling!

Jul 30, 2019 3:11:54 PM

Animated explainer videos have built up popularity during the last few years and rightfully so. This occurred mainly due to the fact that new and unimaginable products came into play, which needed more than words to be expressed powerfully.

Thus, they became the go-to tool for explaining complex business ideas within minutes. This ‘teaching’ quality of animated videos makes them versatile and all businesses, from MNCs to startups, have begun using this tool to communicate with their prospects. Before we get into the list of best animated explainer videos, here's a quick rundown of everything we have in this blog for you:

  1. What are explainer videos?
  2. What are the different types of explainer videos?
  3. Which are the different styles of animated explainer videos?
  4. How are animated explainer videos priced?
  5. How to make the best animated explainer videos?
  6. Is your business ready for explainer videos?
  7. Best animated explainer video examples to inspire you!

What are Explainer Videos?

Simply put, explainer videos are bite-sized animated marketing videos which are used to explain about the complex products, services or topics.

They started out as animated marketing videos when tech giants decided to use these videos for talking about their products and services on landing pages. While live-action explainer videos have made it into the market, most explainer videos on the internet are animated explainer videos.

Animated videos work great for businesses. Rypple, the Salesforce-owned social performance management platform, saw an increase of 20% in the conversion rates on its homepage.

Most explanation videos that you'll come across have some variation of the popular hook-problem-solution-CTA structure. Fret not if you haven't noticed it yet. We have a lot of great animated videos waiting for you later in the blog! Before that, you need to know everything about animated explainer videos. Let's start with the different types of marketing videos!

What are the types of Animated Explainer Videos?

  • Animated Brand Videos: When it comes to improving brand awareness without directly referring to the brand, nothing beats brand videos. They educate and entertain the audience which empowers them and increases engagement. This in turn increase the quality of traffic as well as conversions. Moreover, since these videos are so entertaining, people tend to share them a lot, owing to which, they have the highest probability of going viral.
  • Animated Commercial Videos: For creating brand recall on social media platforms, these type of animated videos work great. They are popularly known as 30-second explainer videos and are used by brands for driving referral traffic to landing pages.
  • Animated Product Videos: For explaining products on landing pages and increasing conversion rates, these type of animated videos work great. These videos are commonly known as 90-second explainer videos due their length which tends to be on the higher end when compared to commercial videos. 
  • Animated Corporate Videos: When it comes to telling existing (or future) employees and prospective customers the story behind the company, these type of animated explainer videos work great. It communicates with the audience the authentic way—by educating, entertaining, and inspiring. These stories help companies to build an emotional connection with the audience by talking about their story, vision and mission, policies and even events.
  • Animated Testimonial Videos: Establishing social proof helps your audience to trust you more. These type of animated explainer videos work best for increasing the chances of your audience making a purchase compared to your competitors.
  • Animated Demo & Training VideosWhen it comes to getting customers up and running with the products and services you offer, demo videos are precisely what you need. Training videos, on the other hand, are great for increasing the efficiency and retention of employees.
  • Internal Communication Videos: Internal communication ranges from recruitment to updating shareholders with latest numbers. These type of animated explainer videos help you increase transparency by removing the fluff from your communication.

What are the styles of Animated Explainer Videos?

  • Whiteboard Animation Videos: Owing to the fact that whiteboards were historically used for education, whiteboard videos are very effective in educating audiences. These videos are used mainly for brand awareness, training employees, and internal communication. Whiteboard animation is one of the most affordable style for animated videos.Over the last decade, we have developed a unique formula for designing affordable custom animated whiteboard videos.
  • Cartoon Animation VideosWe all love cartoons! They're mesmerising since they are relatable yet are capable of transcending human boundaries. These type of animated explainer videos work best when you need a human touch while explaining your products and services. We specialize in all types of cartoon animation services—2d animated videos, isometric animated videos, and 3d animated videos.
  • Infographic Animation Videos: When it comes to representing business ideas, factual data and abstract concepts, this is the style of animated explainer videos you should go for. These videos are mostly used for explaining complex products in a simple yet engaging manner due to their minimalist nature. We use 2d, 2.5d and 3d animation techniques for producing innovative animated videos.
  • Mixed Media Animation: Sometimes it is difficult to stand out from the clutter. For those times, you need something that is striking yet relatable—which is where this style of animated explainer videos comes in. This art style calls for live-action images to be composited with motion graphics animation. This style works best for product animation videos. However, it can be used across all stages of your customer's life cycle. Wondering which industry works best for this style? In our decade-long sprint as a marketing video company, we've seen the healthcare and real-estate industry make the best out of this style.

How are Animated Explainer Videos priced?

There is no absolute cost of getting an animated video made. While a 2d animated video would cost you anywhere from $3000 to $9000, the cost of a 3d animated video would shoot up to $8000 to $25,000.

A lot of factors come into play for determining the cost for animated explainer videos. Some of the pressing ones are:

  • Animation Technique: One of the decisive factors is the animation technique used. Prices go up from 2d to 2.5d and 3d animated videos since the efforts rise with added dimensions—adding up the man hours.
  • Video Duration: While the cost isn't directly proportional to the length of the video, it increases as the video duration increases. Some of the assets are utilised again for better efficiency keeping the cost in check.
  • Feedback Time: We can work on revisions only when you tell us what the revisions are. The quicker you do that, the quicker we get back to you with revisions. We've seen clients from big companies take incredible amount of time owing to the decision making hierarchy. This makes our process inefficient and the cost of the project shoots up by almost 30%.
  • Delivery Time: For making 60-second animated videos, we take an average of 4-6 weeks. Quicker delivery requires more resources to be pulled in. This can raise costs by 50-100%.
  • Video Topic: When the topics are complex, we need to spend more time researching, which increases the ground work time pre-production takes up. Since the pre-production resources including creative directors are more expensive, the cost of such animated videos goes up.

How to make the best Animated Explainer Videos?

Before we get to the complex process of making custom animated videos, let's talk about the various methods of making these videos.

You can choose between making your videos using an animated video maker software, template, or hiring an animated video production company.

The first option—using an animated video maker software—is great because of the ease of use which it provides. These tools give you the option to drag and drop characters and then animate them in a few simple clicks. Sometimes you can also export the videos you make on these softwares for free! However, these softwares can get a bit handful to use. You might find yourself stuck while trying to reproducing your ideas precisely into videos. Moreover, while you can create videos for free on these softwares, downloading them in good quality without watermarks can be quite expensive. On the positive side, you get to save some time and be done with a video in about $500.

Moving on to the next available option, you can use templates for making animated explainer videos. This is more expensive than using softwares but the videos you get are of higher quality. Talking about the expenses, an average video template costs upwards of $50. Adding to that expense is the cost of hiring a video animator to edit the After Effects template. A decent animator would cost you $50/hr and the total time (s)he should take for your minute-long video is 20-30 hours. The final cost adding to your expenses is the cost of getting a voice-over done which is $50-$300. This brings your total cost up to $500-$1500.

Finally, the last option you have—which is the most expensive one—is to get an animated video company to make the video for you. This would cost you upwards of $3500 for a minute-long video should you go for a good company. The main benefit of going for these companies is that you can customise the videos to your precise needs. Moreover, you get high quality videos. The only drawback is that these companies tend to be more expensive than the other options available to you.

Now that you know the various methods of making animated explainer videos, here’s a quick rundown of all the tasks involved in the animated video production process:

  • Writing a Script: It is difficult to make graphics and animate when you don't have a story to do all of that around. So the first thing you need for your animated video production is an awesome script. It helps give the entire process a direction. It can be intimidating for you to write a script if it's your first time doing it. Fret not, you can learn how to write the perfect script for your animated explainer video on our blog! In our team, this task is done by the scriptwriter who is overseen by the creative director.
  • Making the Storyboard: Once the video script is ready, you need to work on the storyboard. It is a blueprint of the video which represents what the video would entail. The storyboard is made of black and white sketches which are organized in the same sequence as the scenes would appear in the video. This step is the responsibility of the creative director.
  • Creating the Graphics: With the scenes finalized conceptually, it is time to create the graphics for it. Colors, fonts, and focus elements, amongst many other elements of the video, are decided in this step by the art director. To ensure that everything is going according to the concept, the creative director works closely with the art director in this step.
  • Animating Everything: Now that the visuals have been taken care of, you can work on animating the video down to perfection. In this step, the animation director works with the creative director to bring life to the video with the help of animation, voice-over, and background music as per the requirements of the video.

Is your business ready for Animated Explainer Videos?

These videos are meant to be used as a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tool. This means that you need to have enough traffic coming to your landing pages for the videos to optimise it. Likewise, if you're planning to use them on social media, you need to have enough followers for it to make sense for you to use.

For example, it would make more sense for you to go for animated explainer videos if you rank in the top ten results on search engines for some of your keywords. That is when putting a video on your landing page will affect your conversion rates. Once you're sure about that, you would need to ensure that you have enough funds set aside for hiring a great animated explainer video company. On an average, landing page videos are up to 2 minutes long, the rough cost of which ranges between $5400 and $10,000. So you need to make sure that it fits within your budget.

Getting animated videos made for social media is an entirely different ballgame. To start with, you need to consider whether you've run campaigns on social media before or not. If you have, you need to check how these campaigns have performed. It is only when you're sure that they've performed well and you're regularly posting on social media that you should get an animated video made for social media. The idea is to get higher CTR and engagement with the help of videos. It is absolutely crucial that the engagement is high for you to drive maximum ROI from the video.

Once you're sure about all of that, you need to check whether it fits your budget or not. An average social media video is up to 60 seconds long and costs upwards of $3000. If you have enough funds to get at least 12 videos made per year, go for it. Consistency is the key, so a minimum of 1 video per month is necessary. Once you've got everything covered, reach out to an explainer video company.

Best Animated Explainer Videos to inspire you!

If you are in the middle of your animated video project or if you are planning one soon, you are in luck. The B2W team has put together a list of unforgettably best animated explainer videos, for you to learn from and draw some inspiration. These videos have been done by some of the best explainer video companies across the world listed below. For your convenience we have structured the videos across different use cases and industries here:

1. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Product Overview

Wacom Intuos Vlogger: A thirty-second animated short with a simple color palette and creative use of hand-drawn animation, techno music, and SFX really bring out a modern vibe and charm for the Wacom Intuos. Here's Radio's work for Wacom



Casper Great Sleep: The integration of live-action footage with a minimal design results into a surrealistic dream-like world. Perfectly captures the subtlety of the brand. Here's marvel of a mixed media animation, made by Oddfellows for Casper. 


Works With Nest: Oddfellows has nailed it again with this amazing animation video for Nest! This is an example of a wonderful animation production with a minimalistic graphic design, which seems like a mix of cell animation (hand animation) and the usage of software like Harmony or Flash. The camera movements look realistic and gives the whole 2D environment a three-dimensional feel to it.


2. Best Animated Explainer Videos for App Overview

Spotify Explanation Video: Giant Ant took its plunge and collaborated with 72andSunny to design this great video using classical cartoon animation. Here's this very cool 30-seconder short with a mix of cel animation, and a pinch of avant-garde art style.


Slack Video: No voice over, just a brilliant concept which takes us through a cluster of visuals with complex and busy work life in the beginning to a solution and simplicity at the end.  When all of the work stuff could be overwhelming, the good thing is that there's Slack. Giant Ant did it again!



Airbnb Video: A very simple and straight-ahead, yet effective design & motion language is what makes this animated video for Airbnb really charming. Nothing over the top. Made by Henau Sebastien, this basic infographic video has just the right amount of precision and minimalism needed for an app promo!


3. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Brand Stories

Adobe: Conceptually creative, beautifully executed and straight-ahead informative. This animated video is a masterclass in minimalist design. The voice-over is simple yet effective and the motion is sleek and realistic! This is VeracityColab for Adobe, telling you what magic lines and shapes can create!


DuPont: Commendable work by Josh Parker for DuPont! In this animated video, we can again witness the phenomenal flawless elegance that shapes and lines can exhibit when used with the right color palette! DuPont brand colors were used to depict its vision for 2020.


Lyft Corporate Video: Lyft is revolutionizing the way people travel, but it all started with two kids thinking about cars, roads, and... Betty White. Directed at Buck, this movie for Lyft, explores every nook and corner of seamless fluidic motion. This great animated video is a good example of 2.5d motion graphics.


4. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Customer Testimonials

M&M Financial Consulting: This testimonial video shows how M&M Financials go out of their way to make sure their clients feel secure. Their clients have been through some tough times and M&M has made them feel a sense of trust like no one else. The video here flows well and the stories intertwine to highlight the problems faced and then the way M&M turned lives around. Here's our video for M&M.


Erie Insurance: Golden Stories: The raw voice-over, dynamic transitions, expressions and the overall look & the feel of the video speak about the emotions and the attachment one has with inanimate personal belongings. This is Makeout’s work that showcases real people candidly sharing their stories of loss, and how Erie Insurance helped restore the situations.


5. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Commercial Ads

Google: G Suite: An elegant blend of a poetic script, lovely music, and impeccable hand-drawn illustrations and animation. Curated and created for Google’s G Suite by Giant Ant.


A Coke is a Coke: The color design and characters somehow breathe a retro vibe to the whole film. The hand-drawn animation and all the transitions are breathtaking and intricately done. This is Coca Cola celebrating how a bottle of Coke can bring people together and tie them in an invisible bond of compassion. This animated video is a classic example of how the choice of right colors in an animated advert can trigger a great brand recall among the viewers. Kudos to Psyop for putting out this artistic marvel.


Dock 86: Quick, Snappy and completely hand-drawn cartoon animation by us for Dock 86.


6. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Internal Communications

USF Service Portal: “All representatives are currently busy”! That was then! Here’s our collaboration with The University of San Francisco, showcasing how simplified ITS interactions can be with the help of a proactive service portal. 


Wipro: A company’s logo is by all means its lifeline. Here’s our collaboration with Wipro, on the mandates they intend to have while its employees are making use of the company’s logo! 


Use-case based roundup of best explainer videos is all good! But, it is definitely a great idea to see how diverse industries are exploring and encashing the idea of 'great explainer videos'! Let us look at some industries:

7. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Healthcare Industry

Summa Health: Beautiful Graphic Design with life-like characters is what makes this video a visual treat. Here’s Buck’s work for Summa Health


NIHRIO: Newcastle University: Very modern, sleek animation and great use of abstract shapes by Arcus Animation Studios to represent ideas for NIHR. This video is based purely on form and movement, rather than using any sort of characters.


Bridgespan - Narrowing the Crowd: There are a lot of healthcare insurance options out there, and finding the right one can feel a little overwhelming. In this marvel of a video by Buck again, BridgeSpan has managed to hit the right chord by bringing in the concept of accountability and assimilation in health networks. Snappy cuts, modern & compact visual design with really cool colors all of which somehow reminds of the whole cubist style of art. This is an instant classic.


8. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Technology Industry

Monetha: Back in the day, before the online shopping, trading had been a physical experience. It was based on relations and trust. This trust had been weakened when more and more unfair sellers started to use the Internet to scam buyers. But thanks to the blockchain technology this problem can soon be dealt with. That’s because it evaluates the participants’ transactions and previous activities related to buying and selling. That’s the power of the blockchain technology right in your fingertips, brought to you by Monetha in collaboration with BluBlu Animation Studios.


Incessant Technology: This is a simple and straight animated video which has a continuous flow of motion. The visual design and motion complement the Incessant’s “Continuous Delivery Solution”.


9. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Non-Profit Industry

Costa Sunglasses // Kick Plastic: Brilliant art, powerful messaging and most importantly meaningful and emotive content.
This video made by Giant Ant, for Costa, slays it in communicating an environmentalist message to a right-learning audience. This animated marvel lands on a treatment absent of any emotionally manipulative voice over, and uses a series of facts on the screen to communicate the story. You don’t have to have a superpower to make the world a better place! Well, that’s what Emanuele has said in his collaborative work for The video has a good consistent design. The spacing and timing of the shapes are very fluidic and symmetrical. The right choice of the color palette is like icing on the cake.


10. Best Animated Explainer Videos For Banking and Finance Industry

Fifth Third Bank: Automation: A Very cool minimalistic design and a pleasant color palette used in a breathtaking animation by Epipheo for Fifth Third Bank.


Bank Leumi : This animated video was made for our client Bank Leumi. They wanted to showcase include@leumi their diversity & inclusion initiative to current and incoming new hires to get them excited. Externally, it would also be used for employer branding in social media.


11. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Insurance Industry

Oscar Insurance: Simple yet effective design language with sharp use of sound which supports the message of simpler, smarter and friendlier healthcare. Here’s a classic 15 seconder animation for Oscar by Buck.


Erie Insurance: The raw voice-over, dynamic transitions, expressions, and the overall look and the feel of the video speak about the emotions and the attachment one has with inanimate personal belongings. This is Makeout’s work that showcases real people candidly sharing their stories of loss, and how Erie Insurance helped restore the situations.


12. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Manufacturing Industry

Dupont Tyvek: A beautiful visual journey, the colors, lighting, sound and cinematic style really set your mood right into the environment. Made by Epipheo for DuPont.


AspenTech: This mixed media approach is captivating and very demonstrative. Moreover, the storytelling approach followed in this animated video makes this process video non-salesy and very impactful. Well, that is the exact flavor explainers should have in order to keep the audience's hooked till the end.  Made by us for AspenTech!


13. Best Animated Explainer Videos for Fashion Industry

Trendy Butler: The storytelling is pretty interesting. When the film starts, you don’t know what this film is actually talking about! The journey from being an average guy to a not so average guy has been beautifully established by Vladimir for Trendy Butler.


Hickey Freeman: Just the use of black and white colors and a jazzy background track! The film looks elegant. It is the outset of monsoon in most parts of the world! Hey, that prompts us to ask you if you own a business jacket that is water-resistant and made of eco-friendly fabric using honey? You heard us right! Let’s look at our collaboration with Hickey Freeman and complacently enjoy the mighty and misty rains! 


14. Best Animated Explainer Videos on the Basis of Art Style

Mixed Media Animation Video: Madam President: An exploration of the disparity and the difference that gender, regardless of party, can create. Brilliant art direction with very subtle use of colors by Tom McCarten.


Whiteboard Animation Video: The Truth About Dishonesty: If we track down the origins of hand-drawn animation, the name that clicks in our minds is of RSA Animate! We are astounded by just how viral the RSA Animate films went, using the ‘Whiteboard Video Production’ as a medium. 

Now, here are some questions: Are you more honest than a banker? Under what circumstances would you lie, or cheat, and what effect does your deception have on society at large?  Dan Ariely, one of the world’s leading voices on human motivation and behavior is the latest big thinker to get the RSA Animate treatment. Let’s watch it here:


Cartoon Animation Video: Unipetrol : An exciting and engaging explainer with 3d elements and wonderful character designs.

The main character has a distinctive mustache and his flaunts his beer belly add a bit of ‘Czech’ appearance. The character poses changes in the blink of an eye. In fact, all the scenes are kept at a high pace. Shadows and other textures add to the flat design giving it more depth! Made by Pigeon Animation Studio for Unipetrol.


3D Animation Video: Fifth Third Bank: Automation: A Very cool minimalistic design and a pleasant color palette used in a breathtaking animation by Epipheo for Fifth Third Bank.


Well, that's not all folks! Here are some more animated explainer videos come from across sectors - SaaS companies, FMCG and Entertainment. In the case of ingenuity and creativity, these explainer videos went the extra mile, and then some.

15. So, without any further ado here are "The 15 Best Explainer Videos Across Live Action & Animation"

1. Dropbox: This is a simple animation video which explains the file hosting service, Dropbox. What makes it so great? Simple, it does what it was made to do, i.e., explain the product. A generic brand might use big words and confusing jargons to explain their product but not Dropbox. This video soared high in simplicity and at the end, the viewer has all the information on what he'll get without knowing the complex working of the product, which makes the video great.


2. Pinterest: This animated explanation video is visually beautiful and features a soothing track but what makes it so good is the explanation of the product without the use of voice.


3. Airbnb: This live action explainer video is a great example of a simple script, amazing scenery and a beautiful explorer explaining everything you'll need to know about the Airbnb.


4. TIDAL: What makes this live action explainer video so great? The featuring of musical trailblazers you know and love? Maybe. But the best thing this video shows is that a good explanation video can consist merely of people expressing their ideas. Interesting idea to copy.


5. I can't testify the quality of their blades or condone the language used but one thing is clear, their product went viral due to this 90-second live action explainer video, which resulted in bringing the startup to the view of the customers. It was an overnight success and making the featured CEO famous. Not just the viewers, even Unilever - the FMCG Giant - fell for it. All credit goes to this beautifully planned product video for marketing.


6. Amazon Prime Air: This live action explainer video features British gentlemen showing a hypothetical case study of a family. The great thing about this explainer video is that it showcases an innovative technology of transporting goods via drones, in a humble manner.


7. Spotify Explainer Video: This is an example of the great animated explainer video from Spotify which dominated the music delivery market. They explain what they do and what the user will get, all in less than a minute and that too with a great CTA.


8. Celery - Don't Be A Pitch: Celery is an innovative crowdfunding and pre-ordering platform that presents the current condition of crowdfunding with all its flaws in a hilarious manner. The parody of current crowdfunding techniques and Celery's value proposition in this live action explainer video really helps in generating interest in the product.


9. BriefMe - Just The Cream: BriefMe is a simple news aggregator app. They could have gone with a simple live action explainer video but opted for this hilarious clip of an “important man” explaining the importance of BriefMe. Explainer and exemplary both start with an "e", coincidence or genius.


10. Warby Parker Glasses: Humor plays a major role in content marketing and this live action explainer video acknowledges this fact with its awkward brand of humor. It builds interest in the product while explaining it simultaneously.


11. Google Play Music: Like everything Google does, this great animated explainer video is funky, flashy and full of innovation. It uses some offbeat visuals which look stunning.


12. Foursquare: Foursquare, the local search-and-discovery service mobile app, famously known as the yelp killer explains their various services in this animation video in a quirky and adorable way.


13. SafeDrive: In this great animated explainer video, SafeDrive shows the problems with texting while driving and then explains how their product solves this problem with the use of a 3D styled animation.


14. Text Me Up App: “Text me up” app uses an adorable chameleon in this animation video to help explain their product. If anyone is searching for good explainer videos featuring characters, this could be worth a watch.


15. SkillShare: SkillShare touches the serious issue of student debt with only the use of text. This animation video makes you feel while at the same time produces intrigue into their services


Now that you have a better idea about how what good explainer videos look like, let's talk about finding the right explainer video production company for the task.

Best Explainer Video Production Companies

Here are some of the best explainer video production companies:


No, we're not bragging about ourselves. With over a decade of experience and creatively designed and developed animated explainer videos, we think we're worthy of being in this list. While we have so many videos that we'd love for you to see, here's one that we love a lot:


Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos is amongst the top few companies in the industry right now—for a very good reason. Their videos have a great visual appeal because of the use rather non-mainstream colors. It isn't just their visuals but also the animation and the overall feel of the videos they make that makes them one of the best out there. Here's one of the many videos of theirs that we like:


Demo Duck

Started in 2011 by Andrew Follett, Demo Duck has grown to be loved by everyone because of their awesome and often unconventional videos. They work on a lot of different styles and make both live-action explainer videos as well as animated explainer videos. Here's one of their awesome videos:



Epipheo is one of the first companies to enter the world of explainer videos. With their creative team and big companies like Google connecting with them, they were destined to go big. Here's one of our favorites of theirs:


Pumped? Send us your requirements and let's transform your ideas into animated explainer videos! Before you do that, take a look at the key takeaways from the blog:

  • Different art styles can be used for different needs. Make sure that the art style you've chosen meets your needs.
  • When you're on a limited budget, go for whiteboard explainer videos.
  • To make an animated explainer video, you need to first write a script, then develop a storyboard around it. Based on this storyboard, you would need to design the graphics and animate.
  • These videos are a means for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Go for them if your company really needs them.

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