20 Best Animated Explainer Video Production Companies to look out for

Apr 5, 2024 9:00:00 AM

Did you know? The very first explainer video ever made was a total game-changer!

More than 10 million folks caught a glimpse of it.

But here's the catch- nobody had even come up with the term "explainer video" yet!

That didn't happen until a year and a half later.

With just six years since its inception, the evolution from PowerPoint presentations to YouTube's concise, engaging format marked a pivotal shift in communication.

Pioneered by Common Craft, these visual narratives found their breakthrough with a Twitter explainer, garnering millions of views and igniting a marketing revolution. In 2009, Common Craft's collaboration with Dropbox propelled the startup to unprecedented success, cementing the indispensability of explainer videos in business strategy.

Now, only a mere 12 percent of online businesses forego this invaluable asset.

And If you find yourself among this minority, you might be underselling your brand. So let’s look at the 20 best animated explainer video production companies that can help your brand.

  1. Best Animated Explainer Video Production Companies
    1. Epipheo
    2. Demoduck
    3. BluBlu Studios
    4. Giant Ant
    5. Ordinary Folks
    6. Explainify
    7. Vidico
    8. Broadcast2World
    9. Grumo Media
    10. Pigeon Studio
    11. Yum Yum Videos
    12. Thinkmojo
    13. Wyzowl
    14. Switch Video
    15. Illo.tv
    16. Content Beta
    17. Sandwich Video
    18. Animal Logic
    19. Explain Ninja
    20. Dinos & Teacups

20 Best Animated Explainer Video Production Companies

When I look at this list of animated video production companies, I see their journey from good to great, and I don’t hesitate to recommend them for your explainer video project.

You can make your selection based on your budget, style of work, delivery timelines, and location if applicable for your project.

1. Epipheo

Epipheo is a full-service animation production company crafting content for B2B, Consumer, and Thought Leadership brands.

Established in 2009 in Ohio, they have created over 5,000 explainer videos and counting.

They specialize in both live-action and animated explainer videos.

While their pricing starts from USD 10,000, their rates average around USD 25,000 per project.

They take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to deliver your project, depending upon availability.

Their pre-production work is in-house primarily with a team of 35, with the production work outsourced to several excellent freelancers.

Their strength lies in crafting the right story for your product or brand by focusing on things that differentiate you from your competitors.

Here’s some of their best work:


They say that a key rule in storytelling is “show, don’t tell.”

The lush, quirky animation and inviting colors draw the viewer in while saying very little.



2. Demoduck

Demoduck describes themselves as the ducks and a crew of kind, thoughtful creatives who got their start focused on explainer video production in 2011.

Based out of Chicago, they specialize in both live-action and animated explainer videos.

They are a team of 17 people that do all the pre-production in-house and outsource production to some of the best freelancers on the market.

Their strength lies in getting the balance just right between marketing strategy and raw creativity.

On average, they take around 8-10 weeks for animation and 10-12 weeks for live-action explainer videos.

Their pricing lies between the ​​$20,000–$25,000 range for animation and the $35,000-50,000+ range for live action.

Here are a couple of examples of their amazing work:


Streaming video: we all love it, no exceptions. But have you ever thought about how it all works?

Neither have we!

That’s the challenge Demoduck faced for their client, IBM Watson Video Services.

But thanks to their masterful skills in visual storytelling and beautiful, lush character animation, they brought it to life.

Their video takes you on a journey through IBM’s services and explains how it all works– all without overwhelming the viewer with too much information.


There’s much more to animated video than just pairing a script with colors, shapes, and sounds.

And Demoduck’s video for BitDefender is an excellent example of how good animated explainer videos can be!

Their friendly, natural script is narrated over clever, visually pleasing elements that reinforce the points while keeping things interesting.

The viewer can follow along quickly, and the message remains memorable long after they’ve watched it even once.


3. BluBlu Studios

Based out of Poland, BluBlu Studios is an award-winning team focused on animation production.

Founded in 2014, they have an in-house production team of 28 people.

Their strength lies in paying close attention to detailed design, well-profiled characters, and smooth narrations.

These are key to the most engaging productions.

Their average pricing lies between $10,000 to $49,999.

So you have the story they are one of the best teams to produce them.

Here’s a quick look at some videos of theirs:


It’s tough enough running a small business.

It’s almost as tough to scale it up into something bigger.

Resources are always tight, margins too thin– it’s like walking a tightrope.

Miinto had a brilliant idea that can help small businesses get the same advantages that big juggernauts have while staying nimble and agile and solving a lot of common problems.

But sometimes a brilliant solution is hard to explain.

That’s why Miinto worked together with Demoduck and used the power of animated explainer videos to present their plan.

It does so in enough generous detail that it impresses the viewer, but doesn’t overwhelm the viewer with too much information, either.

This is the kind of thing that only animated video can really pull off so easily and effectively, every time.


Demoduck’s video for Skirmish is an example of what we mean when we talk about their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Rather than drone on a list of features of the Skirmish platform and network, Demoduck went the route of making the video itself a dramatic adventure with plenty of references and nods to video game culture.

And that is apt since the platform is all about helping video game developers find the right people for their needs. This is “show, don’t tell” done right!


4. Giant Ant

Giant Ant describes itself as a creative studio, a design shop, and an animation house. 

With a diverse and tight-knit team from all over the globe, they’ve been around for 12 years.

They specialize in animation production for explainer videos and branded content.

Based out of Canada, they have a highly skilled team of 28 creatives in-house.

They’re selective about the projects they pick. They have to believe in your story before they produce it. 

And here are some examples of what happens when they say yes:


They say “less is more”. You don’t get much simpler or any more minimal than this!

And yet, because of GiantAnt’s skill and talent, we’re treated to a beautiful abstract world of playful little balls rolling around, helping narrate the script.

It’s simple, but it’s powerfully effective and really makes a lasting impact.


We can’t get enough of GiantAnt’s video for Google G Suite.

Minimalistic but clever animation paired with a smart, adorably rhyming script, this video is poetry in more ways than one.

There are so many ways they could have gone with this video, but there’s no denying that this specific style really stands out and is truly memorable.


5. Ordinary Folk

Ordinary Folk is a motion design and animation studio based in Vancouver. 

They take joy in working together with amazing artists, creating meaningful pieces that feel, move, look and sound amazing.

They are a family-oriented studio that seeks to keep the important things important and focuses on putting care into every small deed.

They take around 6-8 weeks for an explainer video production and specialize in motion design.

Here’s a quick look at their stunning work:


Ordinary Folks’ video for Webflow is another brilliant example of the power of animation.

It’s serious and businesslike; but also thoughtful, reflective and artistic at the same time.

It quickly covers real-world problems and concepts and injects some heart and life into these ideas.

In our other blogs, we’ve talked a lot about how the best explainer videos connect with the viewers’ minds and hearts simultaneously to pack a powerful “gut feeling” punch.

This video is an excellent example of what we mean by that.


When done right, an animated explainer video can bring just about any topic or concept to life, no matter how abstract, complex, or difficult to explain.

And it can do so while also packing an emotional “gut feeling” kind of impact.

Ordinary Folks’ video for SAP is a beautiful example of this.

At no point does it get confusing or dull, and your attention is held throughout the video easily and remains memorable long after you’ve watched it.

That’s the power of storytelling!

Also, how long does it take to make an explainer video?

6. Explainify


Meet Explainify, the animated explainer video company hailing from Arkansas since 2011.

They've got a knack for simplifying complex ideas into engaging animated stories.

From serving Banking and SaaS giants to Science and Health Care innovators, Explainify's clientele spans various industries. 

Their process? Seamless. Just fill out a quick form, review the details, and bam! They'll send over a proposal with estimated timelines and budgets.

With a dedicated team of specialists, they've crafted over 1,000 videos for 350+ clients.

Whether it's boosting brand awareness or aiding sales teams with effective communication tools, Explainify delivers.

So, if you're looking to impress your audience and tell your story in style, look no further than Explainify!


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Average Pricing:  $10,000 (Quote available upon request)

7. Vidico


Vidico, the go-to animated explainer video company, simplifies complex ideas into engaging video content.

They manage everything from concept to creation, offering a hassle-free experience for clients.

With a focus on driving business growth, Vidico crafts various video types tailored to different marketing needs.

Their track record speaks volumes, boasting over 1.4 billion views and collaborations across diverse industries.

From SaaS startups to dynamic brand storytelling, Vidico's high-quality productions captivate audiences and boost conversions, making them a top choice for animated explainer videos.


Industry Experience: 5 Years+


Pricing: Starts at $5000

8. Broadcast2World


Founded in 2009, Broadcast2world, also known as B2W, is all about storytelling.

They believe in using narratives to bring brands and products to life in a captivating way.

Transforming business videos into cinematic experiences, they engage audiences with compelling tales in all formats from whiteboard to 3D animations.

Renowned for their emotional animated video stories, B2W earns trust by striking the right emotional chords.

After all, it's emotions that often lead to purchasing decisions, and B2W excels at tugging at those heartstrings.


Industry Experience: 15+ years


Pricing: Flexible Pricing. Quote available upon request. 

9. Grumo Media


Grumo Media, a standout animated explainer video company, masters the art of simplifying complex concepts with visually captivating videos.

Their diverse portfolio features impressive projects like animated videos for "Save The Children" and "Disqus", demonstrating their ability to engage audiences effectively.

With endorsements from notable figures like Alexis Ohanian and Ashton Kutcher, Grumo Media shines as a go-to choice for startups seeking engaging promotional content.

Their creative flair and client-focused approach make them a top pick for businesses aiming to make a memorable impact.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Quote available upon request. Quote inquiries let you select budget options of <$10K, $10K - $15K, $15K - $20K, and $20K+

10. Pigeon Studio


Studio Pigeon, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Poland, is a top-notch animated explainer video company.

Specializing in creating compelling stories and heartwarming characters, they've served clients from over 50 countries.

Their services range from motion design to character design, covering a wide spectrum of video needs such as commercials, cartoons, and educational content.

The production process involves three steps: initial analysis and brainstorming, script and storyboard development, and remote video production with meticulous attention to detail.

With a knack for bringing brands and ideas to life through captivating motion graphics and animation, Studio Pigeon is your go-to for memorable marketing and educational videos.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Starts at $5000 (Quote available upon request)

11. Yum Yum Videos


YumYum Videos, a company established in 2011, is all about creating animated explainer videos.

They've partnered with countless brands worldwide, ranging from startups to big names like Fortune 500 companies.

Their aim? Crafting unique videos that help brands explain ideas, educate customers, and achieve their business goals.

From tutorials to commercials, they've got it covered.

Their design style stands out, and the process is smooth—typically taking about 2.5 months from start to finish.

Yum Yum Videos is your go-to for transforming complex brand messages into engaging content.

They excel at making brands stand out by simplifying ideas into visually understandable content.

Whether you need to communicate intricate messages or simply want to shine in the market, they've got the skills to tell your story in a compelling way.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Starts at $3000 (Quote available upon request)

12. Thinkmojo


Thinkmojo, a San Francisco-based animated explainer video company established in 2012, specializes in crafting engaging videos that guide customers through the entire B2B journey, from lead generation to customer advocacy.

With a portfolio boasting collaborations with top global brands, they excel in creating not just explainer videos, but also educational commercials and personalized content. 

Their team of skilled writers, artists, designers, and editors simplifies complex ideas using compelling storytelling and captivating characters.

Whether it's an onboarding tutorial, user retention strategy, product launch, or event coverage, Thinkmojo delivers exceptional results.

With their knack for making intricate concepts relatable and inspiring, they're the go-to choice for businesses seeking creative yet strategic video production solutions.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Quote available upon request.

13. Wyzowl


Wyzowl, a seasoned player in the video production scene since 2011, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Based in the UK, they've collaborated with over 1500 companies worldwide, delivering more than 3000 captivating videos.

Specializing in various animation styles, from 2D and 3D animations to sketch animations and live-action videos, Wyzowl adapts seamlessly to suit each brand's unique style and needs.

With a knack for simplifying complex ideas and a comprehensive range of services covering everything from scriptwriting to sound design, they ensure top-notch animated explainer video productions that leave a lasting impact on viewers.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Starts at $1500. Quote available upon request.

14. Switch Video


Switch Video, a Canadian animation studio, stands out for its expertise in 2D animations, whiteboards, and motion graphics.

Renowned for creating thousands of compelling marketing videos, they excel in crafting clear, concise content with a unique style.

Whether it's live-action or animation, Switch Video unlocks the full potential of every business they work with.

With personalized service, script consultation, and translation offerings, they cater to various sectors, emphasizing clear and engaging communication.

If you seek a collaborative partner to bring your vision to life, Switch Video could be the perfect choice.


Industry Experience: Over 18 years


Pricing: Starts at $7500. Quote available upon request.

15. Illo.tv


Illo.tv, a design studio hailing from Turin, Italy, is renowned for its distinctive style and captivating artwork.

With a focus on motion design, illustration, and art direction, Illo's colorful aesthetics and clear storytelling set them apart.

Their portfolio showcases a range of projects, from animated explainer videos to motion series, for clients like Liv, Found Health, Walliance, and Nature.org.

Whether it's their unique style or the quality of their work, Illo's creations are truly a feast for the eyes.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Quote available upon request.

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16. Content Beta


Content Beta, a burgeoning SaaS-focused video production agency since 2020, has swiftly established itself as a go-to for over 100 B2B SaaS brands.

Specializing in crafting studio-quality hybrid product demos and training videos, they shine in creating captivating UI animation and dynamic motion graphics. 

What sets them apart is their full-service approach, covering everything from scripting to final video, all at fixed and transparent pricing.

With low-touch interactions and rapid delivery within 8-10 business days, they make the process seamless for clients.

While they don't delve into 3D-character animation, Content Beta stands out for its commitment to updating product videos to align with evolving features, ensuring ongoing relevance for their clients' offerings.


Industry Experience: 4 years+


Pricing: Starts at $500. Quote available upon request.

17. Sandwich Video

Sandwich, a renowned explainer video company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Los Angeles, stands out for its innovative blend of animation and live-action storytelling. 

Their unique approach to storytelling has earned them a reputation for creating quirky and professionally produced short films.

From explainer videos to testimonials, Sandwich caters to a wide range of creative needs, showcasing their expertise through over 700 videos for 300 clients.

Whether you're in social media, apps, or SaaS, Sandwich delivers high-quality videos that captivate audiences and elevate brands.

Industry Experience: 15 years+


Pricing: Starts at $2500. Quote available upon request.

18. Animal Logic


Alright, let's talk about Animal Logic.

These guys are all about animated explainer videos and animation movies.

They've been at it for a while, and let me tell you, they're pros at mixing smart ideas with creative vibes. 

Their team of video pros knows how to cook up some seriously engaging content, especially for SaaS brands.

They've got a killer portfolio filled with animations and VFX that'll make your jaw drop.

Basically, Animal Logic is all about shaking things up with innovation, embracing diversity, and diving headfirst into the world of filmmaking and tech. If that sounds like your cup of tea, give their website a visit.


Industry Experience: 30 years+


Pricing: Quote available upon request.

19. Explain Ninja


Explain Ninja, a powerhouse in the explainer video industry since 2013, boasts an impressive repertoire of animation styles, from whiteboard to 3D and 2D animations.

Renowned for their creativity and marketing prowess, they've collaborated with big names like Google, Atlassian, and MyTaxi.

Their videos are not just visually stunning but also strategically crafted to maximize engagement and ROI.

With a streamlined creative process encompassing briefing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and more, Explain Ninja delivers original, premium-quality content that effectively showcases product benefits and boosts brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Starts at $5000. Quote available upon request.

20. Dinos & Teacups


Dinos & Teacups is a unique illustration and animation studio run by a single artist.

Specializing in animated video services, they offer a range of creative solutions including storyboarding, illustration, animation, and sound design.

Their portfolio showcases a vibrant style, featuring colorful and bold characters.

From static illustrations for magazines and websites to animated explainer videos and commercials, they've demonstrated their versatility and creativity in various projects.

Notable works include animations for E-Butler, Vmarkt, and The Vegan Society.


Industry Experience: Over a decade


Pricing: Quote available upon request.


Animated explainer videos have become essential for modern businesses to effectively communicate and engage with their audience.

With a diverse range of top-tier production companies like Explainify, Bradcast2World, and Studio Pigeon, brands have access to high-quality storytelling and creative solutions tailored to their needs and budget.

Elevate your brand's message and achieve your business goals with the power of animated explainer videos.

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