Sponsorium uses landing page videos to help their audience explore new possibilities

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About Sponsorium

SPONSORIUM provides online Sponsorship and Community Investment Management software to brands in more than 50 countries. 


The Challenge

Sponsorium wanted to educate its audience about PerforMind™ through landing page videos.

The target audience consisted of companies with a minimum average annual sponsorship budget of $1 million.

Through the video, Sponsorium intended to portray how PerforMind™ digs deeper into the strategic merits and attributes.

The idea was to empower and give a sense of being organized, the feeling that their job/life is made much easier with PerforMind™.

The challenge was to inspire people to take action as there are already too many platforms and systems that are not being used.

The Solution

The video starts with addressing sponsorships and how important they are.

It then grabs the audience’s attention by asking them if they wish they could do more and solve the challenges they currently face. This hooks them emotionally.

Moving on, we introduce Sponsorium and PerforMind™ as solutions to help the viewer achieve more without any additional cost.

To build trust, we show Sponsorium as a market leader that has been helping brands across the globe do better.

To meet the client’s objectives, B2W:

  • Created a Character Animation Video to deliver the message in a relatable and engaging manner

  • Simplified the offering so that it is easily understandable and digestible

  • Excited the audience with new possibilities enabled by using the product

Key Takeaways

  • Character Animation increases relatability and builds long-lasting connections with the audience

  • Exciting the viewer with new possibilities inspires them and motivates them to take action

  • Stories that acknowledge the pain points of the target audience and educate them are the ones that connect emotionally and build trust.

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