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HUB International, is the world’s 6th largest insurance brokerage company providing an array of property, casualty, risk management, life and health, employee benefits, investment, and wealth management products and services across North America.


The Problem

The client wanted to inform its audience about the various laws/hazards that can put businesses in trouble.

The problem at hand was that it isn’t all that fun to get to know about these things.

So they wanted us to make engaging monthly videos that would help them get the audience interested in what they’re talking about.

And they wanted them real quick because the videos were supposed to be released with blogs which they rolled out monthly.

The Challenge

Developing financial services marketing videos as quickly as they needed was quite challenging.

They provided us with the script for the videos which reduced some of our efforts.

Still, we had to find a way to further reduce the time it took for us to churn the videos out.

Therefore, we created an overarching art style that could be replicated for all the monthly videos.

We also had to think about simple graphics and animations so that the videos looked similar but not the same. This ensured consistency without monotony.

The Solution

  • When you need to educate people about complex information, then motion infographics are very useful.

  • While people can read news from other sources, with your take on a piece of news, you could come off as a thought leader in the industry. This content works well for attracting new leads.

  • Educating your audience in an entertaining manner increases engagement and quality of leads.

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