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How a Global Software Company Used Videos for Demand Generation!

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About Epicor

Our client, Epicor Software, is a global business software company based in Austin, Texas that was founded in 1972. The company designs industry-specific software for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. Its software helps simplify business complexities and helps businesses become more efficient.



Epicor is a big brand and small businesses sometimes refrained from using their software as they were unaware of Epicor’s offerings. So the company wanted to explain their products and services to a universal audience. Getting such small businesses on board was one of the challenges the company was facing. Epicor wanted us to make engaging videos for all of its software platforms and target industries. 

The Challenge

Being a global company, the client had an extensive style guide which was quite a challenge for the team starting out. The bigger challenge was to extend the Whiteboard style which has a universal appeal to a more Epicor-centric style that was more complex than what Whiteboards typically are. We also had to think about the continuity of these whiteboard videos to different use cases in the future so we had to come up with elements that could be extended to multiple use cases. At that time, not many competitors were thinking about animation to stand out from the crowd. Since then, we have created more than 50 videos together. Epicor’s communication has changed from a text-heavy to a video-first approach and we are proud to have partnered with them on this journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Animated whiteboard videos are easy to make, consume and retain.
  • Whiteboard videos have a universal appeal and are they are the most commonly used animated video style.
  • They work great to explain complex information and educational concepts.
  • Every B2B company can harness the effectiveness of explainer videos both for internal communication and top and middle of the funnel content.

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