How a Global Software Company Used SaaS Explainer Videos for Demand Generation!

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About Epicor

Epicor Software, is a global business software company based in Austin, Texas that was founded in 1972. The company designs industry-specific software for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. 


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Helping Generate Brand Awareness

The Problem

Regardless of how big companies are, there's always a need to generate brand awareness. The better brand recall is the more your target audience thinks of you when they face a problem. This makes your offering their goto solution for their problem.

Epicor wanted to build such a recall and they wanted us to help them out with it.

Our Solution

Awareness content is mostly all about education. And when you're educating your audience about technical topics, you need to break it down into simpler bits.

To help Epicor explain concepts in an easily understandable way, we used SaaS explainer videos.

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Helping Increase Conversions

The Problem

Epicor had made landing pages for its products. But the kind of conversions they were able to drive from the landing pages wasn't enough.

They knew that they could drive more conversions and so they wanted to put up videos on those landing pages. This could help them explain their products better and inspire the viewers to take action.

Our Solution

When it comes to landing pages, there is hardly any type of videos that beat explainer videos. And that is what we went for.

But the requirements of the client were diverse.

To meet them properly, we went for different animation styles. As you can see in the videos below, we provided them with a variety of ways to communicate with the audience.


Helping Retain Customers

The Problem

One of the biggest problems companies face is to build trust and retain customers. Epicor needed a way to increase customer retention. And they wanted to do so by talking about the experiences of their customers.

Our Solution

To help Epicor retain their customers better, we made testimonial videos for them. And to make the audience connect with them better we used character animation. This helped us create strong emotional bonds with the audience.


Key Takeaways

  • Animated whiteboard videos are easy to make, consume and retain.

  • Whiteboard videos have a universal appeal and are they are the most commonly used animated video style.

  • They work great to explain complex information and educational concepts.

  • Every B2B company can harness the effectiveness of explainer videos both for internal communication and top and middle of the funnel content.

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