Vidyo Talks About Video Integration In Apps With Infographics Explainer Videos!


About Vidyo

Founded as Layered Media, Vidyo is a privately held, venture-funded company headquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey. The company provides software-based collaboration technology and product-based visual communication products.


The Problem

There was an existing notion in the industry that adding realtime video can increase the cost and complexity of applications a lot.

This was the problem our client came to us for. They wanted to eradicate this notion from the industry by letting it know about Vidyo’s services.

The Challenge

The main problem we faced was that there was a lot of information that had to be relayed with the help of the videos.

This posed quite a challenge since the videos had to be kept under a minute long. We approached this challenge by making some of the objects self-explanatory.

Balancing between self-explanatory objects and explicitly explained objects, helped us include more information in the short lengths of infographic explainer videos.

The Solution

Since the video called for characters, we went for motion character to be the preferred art style for the video.

It worked out well in putting the message across efficiently.

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