How did FHC build trust and earn recognition through finance explainer videos?


About FH CANN Associates

FH Cann & Associates is a woman-owned business established to provide account receivable management solutions to the credit and collections industry.


The Challenge

The objective of the video was to explain FHC’s solutions, service offerings, markets served, the advantage of services, differentiators, and why their solution is best in class.

Through the video, they wanted to convey how their customers can rely on them to achieve their revenue goal with limited oversight.

Also, how FHC brings changes in their business by decreasing client staff involvement so that focus can be shifted to increase internal productivity.

The target audience was CXO executives across public and private entities in North America.

The Solution

Financial explainer videos can sometimes be boring, and it can be hard to keep the user’s attention while explaining the company’s offering and achievements.

Also, the collections industry is not viewed favorably by the public, although it is a necessary one. FH Cann wanted to change that image.

They also wanted to address how FHC is a well-respected brand but is not well recognized.

Focusing over the past five (5) years on a large federal contract with the Department of Education, FHC wanted to grow its footprint in other vertical markets. 

To achieve the client's objectives, B2W:-

  • Chose bright colors and transitions to keep the video interesting and not lose attention.

  • Wanted to build trust & brand reputation among its audience through videos.

  • Showed how over the years FHC is best in class and has been helping businesses achieve results.

  • Briefed the company's history, values, vision, and goals, to help their audience connect & relate with its brand

Key Takeaways

    • 1. Character animation helps the story stay relevant and relatable to the audience.

    • 2. Building trust is key to inspiring the viewer to take action.

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