RTS Talks About Bus Riding Etiquettes With Animated Explainer Videos!


About RTS

Our client, Regional Transit Service (RTS), is a public transit organization based in Monroe. It is responsible for handling buses and informing the audiences about their schedules and fares.


The Problem

The client wanted to educate its audience about the etiquette of traveling on buses. They wanted to let people know about this in an engaging manner using videos instead of infographics.

The Challenge

Since the message being put across in the video isn’t something many people would be interested in, our biggest challenge was to make it entertaining enough for the masses to enjoy. By using vibrant colors and interesting voice over, we ensured that the video was as engaging as possible.

The Solution

Since the video revolved around the etiquette to be followed by the passengers, the video revolved around characters. For this reason, we chose the art style to be motion character. The art style we chose fulfilled the requirements of the client and hence was loved by them.

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