How a Public Transit Organization Used Cartoon Videos to Educate


About RTS

Regional Transit Service (RTS), is a public transit organization based in New York. It offers services in eight counties and is responsible for handling buses and informing customers about schedules and fares.


The Problem

The client wanted to teach new and regular customers how to ride the bus easily, comfortably and respectfully.

Since their customers are were from all kinds of backgrounds, RTS wanted to make engaging videos that resonate with everyone. 

The Challenge

Since the message being put across in the video isn’t something entertaining, our biggest challenge was to make it appealing and attractive for all to enjoy.

By using vibrant colors and interesting voice overs, we ensured that the cartoon video was as engaging as possible. To top it off, we used characters to make the video more relevant to the audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Service walkthroughs that involve human interaction become more engaging with cartoon animated videos.

  • 120 seconds should be the maximum length of the educational videos

  • If the content is more than 120 seconds, then it is best to break the videos into episodes and treat it like a series. This creates anticipation and greater engagement among the audience.

  • A campaign should have a minimum of 3 videos to truly gauge the ROI of the marketing efforts.

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