Learn how a biotechnology company used 3D healthcare explainer videos  to educate and convince their audience

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About ThermoFisher

Thermo Fisher Human Identification (HID) division offers chemistry instruments to generate DNA profiles from blood swabs for comparison.


The Challenge

Thermo Fisher wanted to build trust with audiences in-person at conferences as well as online (where it’s not possible to physically present their instruments). 

Their target audience was primarily forensic laboratories in emerging markets that have not yet automated their DNA extraction procedures.

They wanted the viewers to get a feel for the instrument and be able to visualize how it works, including operations that were not visible to the naked eye. 

Thermo Fisher wanted to convince the audience that their system is the best of both worlds-- high throughput and ease of use.

The Solution

The objective was to make the audience feel excited over new possibilities and empowered to overcome challenges to growth.

The story was narrated through the eyes of the analyst, and the focus from the start was on addressing pain points to establish an emotional connection with the viewer.

As the story progresses, the analyst is seen automating labor-intensive tasks, therefore being freed to focus on the more important work of data analysis. 

This angle teases the imagination with new possibilities that the audience could explore while using this product.

To meet the client’s objectives, B2W:

  • Used an animation style that combines both 2D animation for character movement and 3D healthcare video animation for the product demo, which actually enhances the story experience for the client's audience.

  • Used multiple camera angles and techniques to keep the audience engaged.

  • Created a story that simplified the product offering and made it engaging without losing the science behind it.

Key Takeaways

  • 3D animation can be highly effective for product explainers, especially in the biotech industry, where the offerings are complex and the product might not always be physically present.

  • 3D and 2D animation can be cleverly mixed to lower production efforts drastically, saving cost and time for the client.

  • Stories that acknowledge the pain points of the target audience and educate them are the ones that emotionally connect and build trust.


"We got a lot of positive feedback for the animation video and we’ll likely be using Broadcast2World’s services again. For that, we’ll set you up as our preferred vendor for all video animation requirements.”

                                                                     -Shanin Barican

Global Market Development Manager

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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