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How did a medical instrument provider educate its audience through animated videos?

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About Takara Bio

Takara Bio provides kits, reagents, instruments, and services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function.


The Challenge

The objective was to create awareness and explain how the client’s product can be used to dig deeper into data.

Their customers could identify the cells in their population but wanted to learn more to truly understand their sample.

That was the problem the client wanted to solve.

Target Audience: Scientists, medicine graduates, core labs, and lab managers in North America.

Most healthcare and medical videos are complex and long.

So, the videos had to be simplified and engaging so that we don’t lose attention and at the same time convey the message.

The Solution

We made a series of animated medical explainer videos for Takara bio using different styles of animation for different use-cases.

The videos were kept short and visually appealing to keep the audience engaged.

We also kept a balance between the technical terms for the videos to remain simple without losing out on important details.

To meet the client’s video objectives, B2W:

  • Excited the audience with new possibilities enabled by the product

  • Simplified the message to make it easily digestible and understandable for the viewer

Key Takeaways

  • Animation helps simplify the message for healthcare providers and connect to the viewer better.

  • Exciting the viewer with new possibilities inspires them and motivates them to take action.

  • Stories that acknowledge the pain points of the target audience and educate them are the ones that connect emotionally and build trust.

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