CooperVision leverages cartoon videos to simplify its advanced lens technology for its audience

About CooperVision

CooperVision is a world-leading manufacturer of soft contact lenses. The company produces a full array of monthly, fortnightly, and daily disposable contact lenses—all featuring advanced materials and optics. With a strong heritage of solving the toughest vision challenges such as astigmatism and presbyopia, they offer the most complete collection of spherical, toric, and multifocal products available.

Coopervision Toric

CooperVision is a world leader in toric contact lenses.

Biofinity toric is the most prescribed toric lens on the market and offers a remarkable balance of comfort, breathability, and excellent visual performance.

They feature a dependably stable fit. And they’re made with CooperVision® Aquaform® Technology which provides 100% of the oxygen your eyes need.

Smooth rounded edges of the lens enhance comfort by minimizing interaction between your contact lenses and your eyelids.

It helps them stay healthy, and gives your eyes premium comfort.


The Challenge

Coopervision was struggling to educate consumers about their toric contact lenses and its benefits.

For that, they wanted to produce an engaging animated video.

Through this video, the company wanted to build greater awareness and encourage people to try out CooperVision toric contact lenses.

The target audience was global consumers with astigmatism. Coopervision wanted to stand out from the crowd and differentiate its offering.


We used cartoon animation to meet the above video objectives. To make the video relatable and engaging, the story revolved around the challenges of the hero, who has astigmatism (blurred distance and near vision).

Rather than boring the audience with technical details about the product, we instead chose an emotional approach to how life can be improved by using toric lenses, and how these lenses are designed for stability, clarity, and comfort.

To build trust, we portrayed Coopervision as a market leader that provides solutions to users’ actual pain points, which in this case was the rotational stability of lenses.

Coopervision Confidence Claims 

Coopervision's Confidence Claim is a report assessing the real impact of contact lens wear on patients. It helps Eye Care Professionals and Doctors recommend lenses to customers.


The Challenge

Coopervision wanted to produce an animated video based on the Confidence Claims Report.

This video was meant to help eye care professionals (ECPs) meet the expectations of their patients better. The company wanted to explore the deeper emotional benefits of contact lenses over and above simple vision correction.

The business objective was to drive more contact lens fittings and eliminate the lost opportunities for contact lens wear.


We used multiple characters in this video animation based on the CooperVision Confidence Claims Report.

Rather than taking the conventional approach of explaining why Coopervision is better than the competition, the video explored the deeper emotional benefits of using contact lenses.

It also presented statistics of how by wearing contact lenses people feel more confident, comfortable, and more like themselves.

To make it relatable, this brand video explores different characters to show how their lives can be improved by using contact lenses.

Coopervision Clariti Lens

Silicone hydrogel (SiHy) contact lenses have become the predominant lens choice of eye care professionals. Over 51% of Americans wear SiHy lenses today.


The Challenge

Coopervision was seeking to increase the prescription of 1 Day SiHy by demonstrating the benefits of wearing contact lenses.

For that, they wanted to make an animated video.

The video had to educate consumers (patients) on how Clariti Lenses can satisfy their demanding lifestyles.

Through the video, Coopervision wanted to compel consumers to switch from hydrogel lenses to silicone hydrogel lenses.

The target audience would be habitual wearers of competitive mainstream FRP contact lenses who are open to migrating but are cautious about the expense.

Also, existing 1 Day hydrogel wearers who want more benefits from their contact lenses for the same price that they’re already paying.


We made this character animation video for Clariti Lens where the key was to keep the story short, crisp, and memorable. So as we started the video, we grabbed the audience’s attention by focusing on the importance of good vision and proper eye care in all our lives.

To build trust and keep the audience interested, the video educates how silicon hydrogel 1-day lenses are better than other traditional hydrogel lenses. The video also talks about how it is more convenient, comfortable, and at the same price, inspiring them to action.


Key Takeaways

  • Animated videos help companies in a competitive market such as contact lenses to differentiate their offering and stand out from the competition.

  • Character animation helps to tell emotional stories that are more relatable and engaging for the target audience.

  • Rather than taking the conventional approach of explaining the product features, using the emotional approach helps in building trust.

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