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How a contact lens manufacturer differentiated their offering and used the power of video marketing?


About CooperVision

Our client, CooperVision, is a leader in the soft contact lens manufacturing industry. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, the company has been in the industry for over four decades now.

Client brief

As animated videos are a growing market, Coopervision wanted to use them in its video marketing strategy.

For this, we helped them with a bunch of videos, including animated product explainer videos, animated commercials and a series of gifs.

The challenge: The contact lens market being so competitive, Coopervision wanted to differentiate its offering and stand out. Introducing new products can be complex because it can be hard to explain in a simple manner without losing out on details. And also because it can be difficult to win trust if you’re a new player in the market filled with so many competitors.

Target Audience: People with weak eyesight. It can be anyone from an adolescent to an office-goer to an old man.

An added challenge was to target all of their audience at once and still be relevant to each of them.

Storytelling principles used

A lot of storytelling techniques and principles were used in Coopervision’s video marketing strategy.

Each video had a different theme and use case and therefore had a different approach.

For commercial videos, the key is to make them short, crisp, and memorable. And that is exactly how the cartoon ad for Clariti Lens came out to be. To make it more relatable, we went for cartoon animation. Characters in videos always help bring in emotions and a strong connect.

When we were working on the video we made for Coopervision ActivControl, our goal was different. This was meant to be a product explainer video. So we went the infographic animation route and cut the complexity. This helped us keep the video simple and easy to follow.

In the brand video for Coopervison, we dug deep into the emotional aspects of wearing contact lenses and how it changes the lives of users.

Commercial Video

For this cartoon commercial for Coopervision, the objective was to educate its audience about Clariti Lens and get them interested.


Product Video

In this product explainer video, we used infographic animation and a lot of visuals to cut the complexity and explain the product in an easy and fun manner.


Brand Awareness Video

The brand video for Coopervison explored the impact of wearing contact lenses and used a mix of infographics and cartoon animation.

Rather than taking a conventional approach to explaining how good the product is, we dug deep into the emotional approach of why people wear contact lenses and how it changes their life.


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