How Tricolor used animated videos to grab attention and excite their audience with new possibilities?


About Tricolor

Tricolor is the only U.S. auto finance lender to issue an investment-grade bond with loans underwritten and originated to credit-invisible borrowers.


The Challenge

Tricolor has been a technology innovator for more than a decade, distancing themselves from competitors by leveraging their strength in data and analytics.

The company wanted to convey this message through its video.

The target audience was investors, lenders, and strategic partners in North America who were looking for highly analytical, data-driven solutions.

Financial Services being a competitive market, Tricolor wanted to differentiate their offering and engage their viewers.

The Solution

We made an Infographics Animation Video for Tricolor.

The video showcased how Tricolor understands the problems users face currently and how Tricolor can solve them with their unique offering.

It also showed new possibilities that are enabled to the user after using Tricolor’s services.

We also used Tricolor’s brand color to give the video its own identity and help engage the user better.

To meet the client’s video objectives, B2W:


  • Created an Infographics Animation Video to present the offering

  • Excited the audience with new possibilities enabled by using the product

  • Simplified the message to make it easily digestible and understandable for the viewer

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