Winsupply Drives Traffic To Website With Cartoon Explainer Videos!


About Winsupply

Winsupply, is a one-stop-shop for the remodeling, new construction, and decorating needs of a wide range of customers. The company provides customers with all types of lighting products, decorative plumbing, home accessories and more.


The Problem

The client had launched a new website and wanted to let the audience know that they can now buy Winsupply’s products online.

Their problem lay in the fact that most of the customers preferred to see and feel the physical products before buying them.

So they wanted something that could put their message across and compel even the most traditional customers to make purchases on their website.

The Challenge

We didn’t have much problem with the script since the client already had something in mind.

The client even had even thought of the mascot, so we just had to develop the character they described.

Our challenge lay in making the cartoon explainer video in such a way that it would put the message across in an entertaining yet educating manner so that it appeals to even the traditional customers.

We brainstormed and made the video just how the client wanted it to be.

The Solution

Since the video was to revolve around the mascot, the art style we chose was cartoon explainer videos.

It was apt given the requirements of the clients and the message that was to be put forth using the video.

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