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Fujitsu used series of explainer videos to simplify their product offerings!


About Fujitsu

Our client, Fujitsu Network Communications, is a subsidiary of Fujitsu, the Japanese multinational information and communications technology (ICT) company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 2018, Fujitsu was the world's fourth-largest IT services provider measured by global IT services revenue.


The Problem

The client wanted to generate awareness and interest in their unique MicroApplications – a new software suite that has the ability to dramatically transform network operations. It was important for Fujitsu to communicate a rather complex concept in simple, understandable terms, while conveying the broad benefits of these automated, precision software solutions.

The Challenge

Given the nature of the requirement of the client, Infographic was the perfect art style for the job. Being a global company, the client had an extensive style guide we had to follow. Since the art style we chose needed multiple elements on the screen, it was quite challenging. The team quickly memorized the style guide and made elements that extended themselves to the Infographic art style.

Key Takeaways

  • Motion Infographic tends to work well for IT companies that wish to explain their products and videos.
  • Communicating factual data with explainer videos works much better than with infographic images.
  • Complex brand style guides are easiest to extend to an infographic art style.

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