Fujitsu uses a series of Infographics explainer videos to simplify their product offerings!


About Fujitsu

Our client, Fujitsu Network Communications, is a subsidiary of Fujitsu, the Japanese multinational information and communications technology (ICT) company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


The Challenges

Fujitsu wanted to use animated videos in their marketing strategy.

The videos had different use cases and styles.

Fujitsu wanted to use a simple language that could be understood by their stakeholders but without watering down important details.

As most Telecom and IT videos are boring, the videos had to be kept engaging and attention-grabbing.

The Solution

We made a series of animated infographics videos for Fujitsu.

The videos covered different concepts and topics but the brand identity was kept the same with clever use of brand colors.

The videos were kept short so that the viewer doesn't lose attention and the video can truly resonate with them.

To achieve the client's objectives B2W:- 

  • Made animated infographics explainer videos for their video marketing strategy

  • Helped the client stand out from their competition with animated videos

  • Built trust with the audience by including the brand throughout the videos

Key Takeaways

  • Animated Videos help make the message memorable and connect with the viewer

  • Including animated videos in the marketing strategy help shoot up engagement and trust

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