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5 Best Animated Company Culture Video Examples for Your Business

Dec 30, 2022 2:35:04 AM

It’s a bit tricky explaining what a “culture” is.

But any group of people, small or large, will develop their own distinct “personality” so to speak, as a group.

Their own style and way of doing things.

And companies are far from exempt from this!

The world’s leading brands actively embrace and emphasize their culture, their values, their own unique way of doing whatever it is they do. 

And video, especially animated video, is a powerful tool that will help you communicate your values and vision in a fun and engaging way to your audience.

Speaking of audience, it isn’t limited to just your customer base, but internally to your own employees and teammates, too.

It drives excitement, team spirit, and a sense of loyalty.

Communicating your company culture effectively will help your people view themselves as part of a greater whole, that they’re working towards something bigger than themselves.

This also helps in recruitment.

If your culture is communicated clearly and effectively, it supercharges your recruitment and hiring to attract the best and brightest talent in your industry.

So, let’s check out a small collection of five excellent company culture videos, and figure out what makes them work so well, and how you can use these to boost team spirit and get people fired up!

#5 The “Just Culture” from Enaire

#4 The “Mission Video” Video from Godi

#3 The “1% Human” Video from Panda

#2 The “From Manner with Love” Video

#1 The “Optiver Core Values” Video

#5 The “Just Culture” from Enaire

Aviation is an industry that tolerates no mistakes.

But like everything else in our world, it’s run by people, and people aren’t perfect.

Therefore, aviation safety is about constantly improving systems by learning from our mistakes, not punishing them.

So Enaire commissioned this brilliant video by St-Coppel.

It’s just the right mix of personable and technical, playful and serious at once.

The animation reflects this with its minimalistic but beautiful whiteboard styled art.

Even the colors reflect both the company and the industry they’re in.

#4 The “Mission Video” from Godi

Another excellent example of an employee engagement video is the “Mission Video” from Godi produced by Carbon. 

As a part of an overall brand refresh, Silver created a mission video to help Godi communicate their mission statement and brand values in a captivating way.

Deceptively simple text animation with inspiring music and some light animation come together to create a powerful visual impact on the viewer.

#3 The “1% Human” Video from Panda

This animated company culture video brilliantly illustrates the concept of "1% Human" by Panda.

The world is speeding head-first into increasingly mind-boggling high-tech stuff like AI, 3D printing, virtual reality, and whatnot.

But Panda enthusiastically insists that nothing has really changed about being a start-up, because at the core of this whirlwind of tech, is still the human mind.

And understanding that makes all the difference. 

This internal communications video was produced by Maambo using a mix of photoreal 3D, stock footage and of course, real-life shots of actual Panda employees.

#2 The “From Manner with Love” Video

Manner, an Austrian confectionery dating back to the 1800s that makes the world-famous Neapolitan wafers. 

A delightful stop-motion video with playful colors and sweet style, this video won our hearts right away.

It was produced by LWZ on the theme of “Welcome to the world of Manner”.

The video is an invitation to dive into the history and values of the company, and learn why the pink cult brand is so loved by its customers and employees for over 125 years.

#1 The “Optiver Core Values” Video

Kingdom of Something teamed up with designer Louis Wesolowsky to make this gorgeous animation showcasing the core values of Dutch trading company Optiver

This organizational culture video is a great example of taking the employee testimonial approach for building trust.

This brings a distinctly personable, human touch to everything being talked about.

The testimonial style prevents your video from being a series of vague corporate buzzwords and cliches, and really brings your team’s identity to life.

There’s a reason why testimonials are so popular, after all!

Still not sure why use internal communications videos? Let us help!


So if you’re looking to strengthen your employee branding and recruitment campaigns, consider animated company culture videos.

Want to learn more and supercharge your video marketing growth? Contact us below!



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