21 Best Company Culture Videos To Inspire Your Employee Communications

Dec 30, 2022 2:35:04 AM

In a hurry? Watch our compilation of the best animated company culture videos

It’s a bit tricky explaining what a “culture” is.

But any group of people, small or large, will develop their own distinct “personality” so to speak, as a group.

Their own style and way of doing things.

And companies are far from exempt from this!

The world’s leading brands actively embrace and emphasize their culture, their values, and their own unique way of doing whatever it is they do. 

And video marketing is a powerful tool that will help you communicate your values and vision in a fun and engaging way to your audience.

Speaking of audience, it isn’t limited to just your customer base, but internally to your own employees and teammates, too.

It drives excitement, team spirit, and a sense of loyalty.

Communicating your company culture effectively will help your people view themselves as part of a greater whole, that they’re working towards something bigger than themselves.

This also helps in recruitment.

If your culture is communicated clearly and effectively, it supercharges your recruitment and hiring to attract the best and brightest talent in your industry.

So, let’s check out a small collection of excellent corporate culture videos, and figure out what makes them work so well, and how you can use these to boost team spirit and get people fired up!

Examples of Best Company Culture Videos

  1. Studio River: MANIFESTO
  2. Blind
  3. Harrison Metal
  4. LifePlus
  5. Aspire
  6. Fox Entertainment
  7. Resia
  8. Magnus
  9. Delta: The Experience of Air Travel
  10. Orange Hello
  11. ClubMed
  12. Syracuse University
  13. Qualcomm
  14. REI Co-op
  15. Urban Farmers
  16. Slack
  17. The "Just Culture" from Enaire
  18. The "Mission Video" from Godi
  19. The "1% Human" Video from Panda
  20. From Manner With Love
  21. Optiver Core Values

1. Studio River: MANIFESTO

Kicking off our list is this unapologetically loud and proud corporate communication video from Studio River in France.

It’s dazzling, it’s crazy, it’s funny. And most importantly, it showcases the studio’s uninhibited creativity and spirit, embracing their own weird and wonderful culture and style and screaming it to the world. 

2. Blind

Sometimes, less is more. And that’s true in art, storytelling– and animation for business, too.

Here’s a wonderfully minimalistic video by Greg Hunn with deceptively simple-looking graphics and forms, painting a complex picture with its script.

Blind shares its ten core values that have been the key to its success, and in doing so, gives the viewer a clear idea of what this company is really all about.

There’s no hype or buzzwords or cliches, just powerful truths and values that impress and inspire. 

This lovely animated video is just more proof that you don’t need to break the bank or go full Hollywood to make an impact on your audience!

3. Harrison Metal

Animation has the unique ability to inject a sense of dynamism and life into just about any script.

This video for Harrison Metal, created by Eddie Song, talks about some pretty dense psychological terms where business leadership is involved.

But it’s the clever graphics and transitions that bring life to these abstract words, attracting our interest and holding our attention.

4. LifePlus

The art of animation is so diverse, it’s difficult to overstate.

Here’s an example of a beautifully animated company culture video by Jack Morton Moving Image that makes use of a watercolor painted style to tell its story.

Abstract ideas and dreamy ideals take on physical forms and shapes thanks to clever animation and delightful transitions, working in step with the script.

It’s more than just “script plus visual animated things”, because the two work together, reinforcing each other.

When done right, the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.

5. Aspire

How does a recruiting company recruit for itself? Turns out, really well!

This gorgeous and fun animated workplace culture video for Aspire by A+C Studios takes us on a joyous journey with goofy characters as they live, grow and work together– and how these ideas are Aspire’s bread and butter.

You almost forget that this is a recruitment video, because it paints such a vivid picture of Aspire’s corporate culture. 

6. Fox Entertainment

Fox needs no introduction.

It’s a veritable juggernaut of the entertainment industry, with groundbreaking shows in every genre, watched worldwide. 

But how did they get here? Several years ago, they went for an ambitious and dramatic overhaul of their style, culture, and vision.

We forget what a big deal it was today, because it was so wildly successful and happened so smoothly. 

New York’s Trollbäck+Company went all-out with a full brand and logo redesign as the icing on the cake of this transformation.

This incredible video takes us through the highlights, quite suitably starting with an old-fashioned CRT television set showing The Simpsons in standard definition, like in our parents’ time.

And then it takes us on a wild ride through the Fox rebrand and its impact on its viewers and even the world. 

7. Resia

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions one makes in life.

But it’s arguably just as big a deal the other way round: How do housing developers attract exactly the right tenants for their projects?

It goes far beyond the basic initial factors like location and budget. 

That’s why Aleix Abellanet took to animated storytelling for this project for Resia, taking the viewer on a beautiful tour of their residences.

Notice how the video emphasizes the emotional impact and works to excite and inspire the viewer’s imagination, rather than reciting a long list of numbers and figures. 

8. Magnus

This delightful animation for Magnus Group by Mummu may seem straightforward and fun enough.

But believe us, this video is a masterclass of animated storytelling for business.

It might not seem like it but this video uses the best secrets to powerful storytelling, and to fantastic effect.

It starts with the rule of one: even if you’re telling a big story about a huge team with lots of moving parts, focus on one main central character to really engage with the viewer.

In this case, a friendly big rig tractor-trailer (or lorry, for the Brits).

He explains to us how Magnus is all about dedicated teamwork, with each member doing a key part without which nothing else would work.

Nobody is more important or critical than anyone else. 

Ordinarily, telling a story like this runs the risk of being boring.

After all, what casual viewer would be actively interested in learning about how a shipping company works, much less find it endearing and entertaining? 

But with the power of animation, and masterful storytelling, this becomes possible, regardless of what story you’re telling.

And this video for one is hard proof of that!

9. Delta: The Experience of Air Travel

Architecture. Much like your WiFi, you don’t notice it or think about it unless it’s not working for you. 

This perfect company culture video for Delta by Dress Code took a different approach to explaining their brand and culture, by teaching us about the challenges of airport architecture.

It’s just one of those things you don’t spare a thought about, unless it’s done poorly.

And it’s about far, far more than just how you lay out a huge building like an airport: it’s all about the people and how they can move smoothly and comfortably through a busy space. 

The power and beauty of animation is that you can get swept up in just about any topic or story, if that story is told well.

And this is one of those stunning examples, keeping us hooked throughout.

And in the process of learning something new and interesting, we’re also given a keen insight into Delta’s people-centric, innovative corporate culture.

10. Orange Hello

How much can you really say with one line and one single color? Turns out, a lot!

In this minimalistic but fun animated corporate video for Orange by Jelly, their brand culture and style are described in a way that’s visually interesting and draws you in with its simplicity and honesty. 

It all looks simple and easy, but it’s anything but.

This is the power of animated storytelling at work for business.

11. ClubMed

They say, “work hard, play hard.”

But what if you could do both at once and get paid for it?

Sounds like a pipe dream, but not if you’re in the hospitality industry, argue Club Med

Created by Cyril Calgaro, this recruitment video feels more like a tourism brochure come to life.

It highlights the many advantages to working at Club Med, like the opportunity to travel to desirable vacation spots as part of your job.

The really clever thing about this beautifully animated workplace video is that it paints a picture of what a career with Club Med would be like, while also showcasing Club Med as a global leader in the hospitality industry because of its unique culture.

Sign us up!

12. Syracuse University

Syracuse University chose to go beyond the cliché of “smiling-kids-sitting-next-to-trees” in their latest welcome video, which features a unique collage of student testimonial voices and mixed media visuals. 

Dress Code decided to go a different route with their video for Syracuse University.

They opted for eclectic and quirky motion graphic animation, making sure to throw in plenty of cultural references to orange, both the color and the fruit, to seal in the SU identity.

Rather than the usual welcome script that’s far too common in these kinds of videos, the script was a mix of narration and testimonials from multiple speakers, making it refreshingly friendly and personal to the viewer.

This is just another example of how diverse and creative animated videos can be when you experiment even a little!

13. Qualcomm 

5G is a pretty big deal, a seismic shift in wireless that will affect many aspects of our lives.

Who better to explain what 5G is and how Qualcomm played a defining role in its launch, than their lead engineers? 

Buck created this series of animated employee testimonial videos with two of Qualcomm's best, who dig deep into the nitty gritty of the network and how it's going to make our lives better.

It brings a human, personal side to a highly technical line of work– and with it, personalizes the

brand and demonstrates its people-centric culture, too.

14. REI Co-op

What is a Co-op, exactly? How does it work and what do they do?

Like many other excellent animated videos for business, this one for REI remembers the key rule: no matter what your offering or industry, it’s always ultimately about people.

So that’s what they focused on here, building on a story of friendships and a shared love of nature.

When your story’s foundation is people and relationships, your brand becomes personable, with a human touch that’s compelling and appealing.

And really, all the biggest brands already do this, focusing on relationships and trust rather than listing products and features. 

When you lock in on that human touch, that’s when your brand really comes to life and resonates with your customers.

And there are few ways to do this better than through the art of animated storytelling.

15. Urban Farmers

Sometimes it seems like the world has gone crazy.

We’re all doing our part to do things right, and help not make things worse.

And while that’s commendable, many of these popular trendy efforts to make the world a better place, are often rather surface level and fall prone to crassly commercial marketing gimmicks to be “green.”

That’s why we love this video for Urban Farmers by Florian Baumann, where it gets right into dissecting this with a healthy dose of humor, without being too cynical or mean-spirited. And that what make it one of the best company culture videos.

The animation is on point, beautifully enhancing the script and amplifying the message while also holding the audience’s interest and attention.

It’s not just informative, it’s enjoyable and entertaining to boot!

16. Slack

We simply can’t get enough of this beautiful and deeply entertaining video for Slack, created by The Sequence Group.

Reminiscent of Despicable Me’s minions, we’re transported to a dreamy cartoony world of delightful characters who work together to solve their problems of traffic jams in the sky.

As the story progresses, our bizarre heroes network and communicate smoothly and efficiently throughout the design and engineering processes.

We can’t help but cheer when their new flying car finally gets off the ground, a testament to their genius but also to their excellent communication and collaboration throughout. 

This not only delights and entertains as good as any Pixar movie, but it also subtly showcases Slack’s corporate culture and personality in a way that’s far better than any stereotypical corporate video. 

And once again, that’s the power of animated storytelling for business at work!

17. The “Just Culture” from Enaire

Aviation is an industry that tolerates no mistakes.

But like everything else in our world, it’s run by people, and people aren’t perfect.

Therefore, aviation safety is about constantly improving systems by learning from our mistakes, not punishing them.

So Enaire commissioned this brilliant video by St-Coppel.

It’s just the right mix of personable and technical, playful and serious at once.

The animation reflects this with its minimalistic but beautiful whiteboard styled art.

Even the colors reflect both the company and the industry they’re in.

18. The “Mission Video” from Godi

Another excellent example of an employee engagement video is the “Mission Video” from Godi produced by Carbon. 

As a part of an overall brand refresh, Silver created a mission video to help Godi communicate their mission statement and brand values in a captivating way.

Deceptively simple text animation with inspiring music and some light animation come together to create a powerful visual impact on the viewer.

19. The “1% Human” Video from Panda

This animated company culture video brilliantly illustrates the concept of "1% Human" by Panda.

The world is speeding head-first into increasingly mind-boggling high-tech stuff like generative AI, 3D printing, virtual reality, and whatnot.

But Panda enthusiastically insists that nothing has really changed about being a start-up, because at the core of this whirlwind of tech, is still the human mind.

And understanding that makes all the difference. 

This internal communications video was produced by Maambo using a mix of photoreal 3D, stock footage and of course, real-life shots of actual Panda employees.

20. From Manner with Love

Manner, an Austrian confectionery dating back to the 1800s that makes the world-famous Neapolitan wafers. 

A delightful stop-motion video with playful colors and sweet style, this video won our hearts right away.

It was produced by LWZ on the theme of “Welcome to the world of Manner”.

The video is an invitation to dive into the history and values of the company, and learn why the pink cult brand is so loved by its customers and employees for over 125 years.

21. Optiver Core Values

Kingdom of Something teamed up with designer Louis Wesolowsky to make this gorgeous animation showcasing the core values of Dutch trading company Optiver

This organizational culture video is a great example of taking the employee testimonial approach for building trust.

This brings a distinctly personable, human touch to everything being talked about.

The testimonial style prevents your video from being a series of vague corporate buzzwords and cliches, and really brings your team’s identity to life.

There’s a reason why testimonials are so popular, after all!

Still not sure why use internal communications videos? Let us help!


So, if you want to strengthen your employee branding and recruitment campaigns, consider animated company culture videos.

Want to learn more and supercharge your video marketing growth? Contact us below!

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