5 Best Employee Engagement Video Production To Boost Communication

Nov 30, 2022 11:27:17 PM

Employee engagement videos are a fantastic way to really connect with your team members.

These videos can talk about company culture, training programs, new products, and other topics to motivate and excite employees, raise morale and lead to improved performance.


So how do they work? Let’s look at five examples of the best employee engagement videos to strengthen your internal communication strategy.

1. Employee Branding Videos

2. Employee Testimonial Videos

3. Employee Sales Training Videos

4. CSR Videos

5. Company Culture Videos

1. Employee Branding Videos

Employee branding videos are a great way to engage with your employees and make them feel valued and appreciated.

This type of video helps employees understand their importance to the team by recognizing how their work contributes to the organization's success.

Here’s an example from TCB's whiteboard employee branding video that showcases how their work helps build a better world where everyone has access to quality homes.

The great thing about animated videos is their boundless creativity.

Cartoonish styles can be serious, and simple graphics can communicate as much as complex detailed visuals.

It’s more art than science.

That’s always been our open secret with our videos, and this is no exception.

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2. Employee Testimonial Videos

Are you looking to build brand awareness, showcase your company culture and attract more talent?

Then harness the power of storytelling with employee testimonial videos. 

Collect inspiring stories from your employees and convert them into videos for your recruitment campaigns.

Let’s look at this great example from Shapiro & Duncan, who were struggling to attract fresh talent to the construction industry.

They decided to launch the campaign “Build the lifestyle you deserve” using this animated video.



Recruiting skilled talent is not that different from attracting new customers, and equally important, too. 

So we went the route of storytelling to really give this video a human touch, to speak to the viewer’s heart as well as minds. 

By sparking their imagination and connecting it with their ambitions in life, this animated video makes a powerful and lasting impact on the viewer.

3. Employee Sales Training Videos

Employee Sales training videos are great tools for teaching your team members new skills and improving their performance.

They can be used to inform people about company policies, procedures, and processes.

And they’re equally good at training employees to sell products and services to customers.

Clif Bar wanted to train their brand ambassadors on the product story, attributes, and key messages using a series of animated sales training videos.

There’s no better way to explain a complex topic simply– and with enough detail– than through animation. 

For this video for Clif Bar, we used whiteboard-style animation to highlight key elements and reinforce the script for a one-two punch, while keeping things visually appealing and interesting from start to finish. 

Note how the video goes into quite a lot of detail, but it holds your attention and interest throughout.

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4. CSR Videos

In addition to highlighting your company’s commitment to ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility, a well-made CSR video can also serve as a powerful recruiting tool.

Companies often use these videos to highlight their commitment to community service and environmental sustainability.

BentallGreenOak wanted to create an animated video to drive awareness for their initiative and ensure their people knew they appreciate them.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply tell your team that they’re valued. 

It’s important to back it up with something tangible and meaningful. 

So BGO came up with this fascinating program to encourage sustainability and environmentalism in a way that’s also personal and meaningful. 

We paired their idea with some lush, visually appealing animation and told a simple but powerful story, and this was the end result.


5. Company Culture Videos

In addition to helping employees understand their roles within the company, a good company culture video will show employees what makes your organization unique.

This helps them feel more connected to the company and its mission.

Octopus Group made this delightful, live-text video to highlight their company values.

Using minimalistic but beautiful animation and a crisp, neat script with just the right touch of humor, the message is communicated as clearly as their values. 

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So if you are looking to strengthen your corporate communication and employer branding, include these employee engagement video productions in your marketing campaigns.

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