5 Best 3D Cartoon Advertisements That Will Bring Joy To Audience

Nov 22, 2022 4:01:06 AM

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3D Cartoon Advertisements are amazing at promoting your business in an exciting and fun way.

These ads are wildly popular because they are such a joy to watch and keep you engaged.

But not all 3D ads are automatic hits.

To do it right, you must have a strong concept and great execution when it comes to production.

And there’s no one single formula for success, because animation and storytelling are more art than science.


Key details like character nuances, voiceover acting, background details, engaging music and more, all play an important role in entertaining your audience. 

So we put together a collection of animated advertisements from some of the best brands in the industry, to hopefully give you some inspiration!


1. Airbnb


Buck helped lift the veil of the unknown with this lighthearted and bespoke animation commercial  for Airbnb India, encouraging a local audience to try them out and experience the company’s unique offerings.

2. Coca Cola


In this 3D cartoon advertisement for Coca-Cola, Yves Geleyn creates a simple yet symbolic story about a father and son, a homecoming, and the new beginnings of the Lunar New Year. 

With Yves’ signature devotion to narrative detail on full nanoscopic yet gigantic display—and artistic inspiration drawn from traditional Chinese folklore, illustration, and sculpture—this modern-day folk tale offers the perfect blend of visual knockout and emotional punch. 

And of course, there’s a humble yet heroic bottle of Coca-Cola as the catalyst of the real and magical family connections.

3. Kroger


Food has an incredible power to ensnare our senses and punch through time, bestowing upon us a remarkable window through which we can experience sharing past meals with loved ones once again. 

This is the enchanting, magical force behind Hornet’s most ambitious cartoon commercial for Kroger, where they reaffirm the campaign’s core message that “Today’s Holiday Moments are Tomorrow’s Memories”.

4. Gusto

Giant Ant did a series of 3D cartoon ads to show how teams of all sizes use Gusto’s support to do incredible things. 

They designed a magical little world inside the Gusto ‘O’, with buttery whizzes and whooshes from one scene to the next.

5. Oreo


The question for Scholar posed was, where in the heck does Oreo keep getting new flavors for their delicious cookies?

Well, it’s all inside the Wonder Vault. 

A magical place was created by 360i and an incredible team of artists, who breathed life into it through their design, skilled CG and clever animation techniques. 

Behind the doors within the Wonder Vault are inviting worlds that are filled to the brim with fantastical landscapes, whimsical characters and an overall sense of bliss.


3D cartoon advertisements are a unique way of supercharging and amplifying the impact of your story on your audience.

Good storytelling hits the mind and heart at once, creating strong brand recall that really lasts.

They take your audience on an emotionally satisfying journey, connecting your brand with their hearts easily and powerfully.



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