5 Best 3D Software Marketing Videos That Will Make You Love Them

Nov 17, 2022 4:32:57 AM

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Software marketers are constantly challenged to stand out from the crowd, and the solution is to amp up your creativity. 

These stunning 3D software marketing videos will inspire you with new ideas on how to give your business an edge over others in the market. 

They are eye-catching and engaging and will make your customers love your product. 

There are many ways to use 3D marketing videos, so we created this list of the best examples. 

From product demonstrations to SaaS Video Ads, here are the 5 best software advertising videos for your inspiration:-

Best 3D Software Marketing Videos

  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. IBM Supply Chain
  3. Slack
  4. SAP Lumira
  5. Google Password Manager

1. Microsoft Teams


To introduce the latest installment of Microsoft Teams, media.monk created a 60-second animation based around the platform’s collaborative user interface.

Normally, an interface animation would be a 2D animation. 

But in this case, they gave Microsoft Teams another dimension by adding a 3D touch. 

They played around with the product’s textures, shading and lighting to give the video a deeper yet playful look.

Everything comes together to make real-time collaboration look as fun and functional as it is. 

Creatively, the whole of this 3D animated software video is greater than the sum of all its ingredients!

2. IBM Supply Chain


Molistudio created a 3D software product video to showcase IBM Industry’s AI-powered supply chain solutions in a fun and friendly way. 

The video takes you on a tour of the fictional IBM Lab where each room represents a different supply chain scenario. 

From synopsis to script to storyboard to soundtrack, they nursed this fledgling idea into a full-fledged CG animation. 

The animation was translated into 10 languages, priming it to reach a global audience.

3. Slack

Giant Ant wrote and created an intro video for their Frontiers conference. 

Armed with a color palette and the phrase “Frontiers of Possible,” they got to work on a 3D journey about teamwork and the value in solving complex problems together.

4. SAP Lumira


SAP’s Lumira tool highlights the advantages of using data visualization to aid in representing the complex and often overwhelming amounts of data available to us these days. 

Linetest’s challenge here was to create a story that emphasizes how important visual storytelling is, from the beginning of humanity, to our present day.

They used a very illustrative 2D style mixed with some 3D animation to create the two worlds showcased in this piece. 

The origin scenes use colors to help highlight the time, whereas the present-day scenes are described through bright and chaotic imagery.

5. Google Password Manager

Oddfellows created this myth-busting animation highlighting common misconceptions surrounding Google Password Manager.

Most people think their passwords are stronger than they really are. 

But the truth is, people often use common themes and patterns to create passwords. Chances are, you’re guilty of this, too!

We all use tricks to make our passwords easy to remember - but they’re equally easy for hackers to guess, too. 

Google Password Manager is a safer way to protect all your accounts online.

They went for a clean and sophisticated 3D approach around shape-based visuals and simplified UI moments. 

The singular goal was to positively shift viewer perception about the password management product, while increasing awareness and usage.


Are you a software marketer looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience? 

Then 3D software marketing videos are an excellent option. 

Great brands like Google and Microsoft are already using the power of 3D animation to tell powerful visual stories for their software products. 

And it’s time you use them too.

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