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Our Recent 3D Explainer Video Examples


3D Animation Services for Great Storytelling!

We help you communicate your message clearly with our 3D animation videos. With these videos we bring the details to the forefront, so that you can be precise in your messaging and prevent any miscommunication. We believe in creating a lasting impression and enhancing your brand's image with the right story. And the right story calls for the right animation style.

3D Explainer Video Production Services

3D character videos help you win the love of your target audience with storytelling that connects with them emotionally. The audience finds it easier to put themselves in the shoes of the person on the screen. Such is the power of 3D character animation. B2C companies use this animation style frequently for their explainer videos.

3D Animation Services for Product Demo Videos 

These videos are what most companies use for telling their story and connecting with their audience. With these videos, companies can use abstract 3D objects and icons instead of cartoons for storytelling. This helps them stick to their branding style while still grabbing the attention of viewers. In these videos we exploit the power of minimalism in the elements used. We do, however, use powerful transitions to boost engagement.

3D Animation Services for Commercial Videos 

Innovation is the key to standing out from the rest. These videos with animated overlay (or 3d mixed media videos, as we call them) help you innovate using your favorite media. We work with you to figure out the right media for your story and finalise the elements. Then, with 3D mixed media animation, we create videos that help you stand out. With balanced compositions and great transitions, we facilitate impactful storytelling.

Winning 3D Animation Video Formula & Cost

We follow a very easy 4 step streamlined process to keep you involved and tell great stories. 3D motion graphics video pricing majorly depends upon complexity of the animation style and content. Other factors which might affect the pricing are the delivery timelines, duration and the feedback time. Let's explore some case studies for inspiration and understand how our pricing works. 

3D Animation Company for Cartoon Video Trailers

When Reeves Entertainment came to us, they were planning to release a new action movie. They wanted to get a trailer made for the same. To reflect on the energy levels of the action movie, we suggested 3D character animation. With a budget of 25,000 USD, we made this trailer for them.


3D Product Animation for Medical Device Companies

This 3D animation video was handcrafted for Breg, a medical device company. It talks about its product, Quantum OA Knee Braces, and how it helps patients of osteoarthritis. The budget for this 90 seconds product feature video was USD 12,995, so we mixed together 3d product animation with our motion graphics animation. Read Breg's success story to know more!


3D Explainer Videos for Manufacturing Companies 

LSP designs and manufactures innovative plumbing products. When they came to us, they wanted to explain a product with videos. To explain the product in and out, we suggested going for 3D motion graphics animation. With a budget of 10,000 USD, we made this video for them.


3D Animation Company for Virtual Reality Services!

When UN Women came to us, they needed a video for their campaign. The campaign aimed at raising awareness about the issues in Syria due to the latest events. With a budget of 25,000 USD, we made this 3D VR animated video for them. Through this video, the audience can experience what the Syrians faced lately.

3D Animated Explainer Videos for Tech Solutions

When Virtual City came to us, they needed a video for demand generation. They wanted to address the pain-points of their customers and introduce themselves. With a budget of 18,000 USD, we made this 3D motion graphics video to help them. The video takes the audience through an interesting journey facilitated by 3D animation.


3D Animation Services for Company Overview Videos

When we made this video in 2012, we wanted to showcase our services in a unique way so that we stand out from our competition. After much debate, we chose to go for a 3D motion graphics style because no one was doing that. Moreover, this animation style opened up new opportunities for us and helped our audience to stay ahead of the curve. 


Why Choose Our 3D Animation Company? 

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden cost and free humility to top-up your customer experience.
  • Stay in peace with most experienced vertically integrated team of passionate storytellers and a very streamlined collaborative process.
  • We believe that art cannot—and should not—be manufactured. So we ensure that every video is hand-drawn and you own the complete rights.

Our 3 Step 3D Video Success Plan (VSP)

Measuring Success

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Cost & Duration

Customized Proposal

Once our team has gone though your requirements & picked your brain, we give you a customized proposal with 3 pricing options.


Execute The Plan

After the service agreement is signed your dedicated team of artists and strategists execute the plan together with you.


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