Breg Explains Product With 3D Healthcare Explainer Videos!


About Breg

Breg, is a sports medicine company that specializes in bracing and cold therapy. It helps elevate and simplify orthopedic patient care with high-quality products.


The Problem

Our client wanted to make a feature video for one of their products.

With this 3D animation video, the company aimed to simplify the product and its working.

Medical products are difficult to understand for those not from a medical background.

Hence there was a need to simplify things for commonfolk.

The Challenge

As mentioned earlier, medical products are difficult to understand.

We had to simplify it without losing crucial details.

This posed as quite a challenge for us. Finding the right balance took some time and effort but it paid off.

The 3D healthcare explainer video came out as the client wanted it to be.

The Solution

  • For physical medical products, 3D animation is the way to go.

  • By using 3D models, you can explain the product in-and-out in a simple way.

  • Simplifying products with explainer videos gives them a universal appeal.

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