How to simplify your offerings with 3D product animation services?

Mar 7, 2022 8:03:10 AM

Ever wondered why seemingly everyone everywhere just absolutely loves Pixar movies?

For the record, Ratatouille is my personal favorite.

But what is Pixar doing differently from the rest?

The answer lies in emotions. Specifically, in making emotional connections with their viewers. Leaving an emotional impact is essential in making your story memorable.

And this formula can work for your brand, too!

Competing against thousands of other brands, you must find a way to explain your product better, help your audience understand what your vision for the future is, and get them excited about what the future holds for them. You can do all this with the help of 3D product animation services.

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Why Are Brands Struggling to Explain their Offering?

You know that your company has the best solutions to problems that we all face. You believe in your vision for the future.

But you can’t say the same about your customers. And it’s not their fault!

The age of information is a double-edged sword. Your customers are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they need to sift through to make a single decision. This gets worse the more life-changing the decision proves to be.

Thousands of brands claim they are the ones to understand their customers' problems and pain points and thus have the exact solution for them. Your voice can easily get lost in the noise.

Not to mention how cynical your customers can get by the end of this!

This is why your brand needs to stand out and be memorable. If you can create a strong emotional connection, you can show your audience that you understand them and that they can trust you to change their lives for the better.

How to Explain your Offering Better with 3D Product Animation Services?

In today’s oversaturated market, with so many brands promising the same things you do, it’s hard to stand out and remain memorable long enough to attract customers.

This is why you need something a little more than promises.

A 3D product video is your opportunity to help the viewer trust your brand by making them understand how your product or service can help make their lives better. Here is how you can truly harness the power of animated videos for product launch and marketing:

1. Make it comprehensible

Several key factors go into creating successful product animation videos. First, pick a singular art style and animation. Combining two mediums can seem like a good idea, but in the end, you might be left with a video that is hard to follow.

Stick to the central idea of the video. Bring up various features of your product, but make sure they address the one pain point your video focuses on.

2. Help the viewer visualize

Instead of using simple text and hoping the viewer has an accurate mental image, use 3D animation services to show exactly how your product can act as a solution.

The limitations of reality do not constrain your video. The freedom to use metaphors and dynamic text animation as you see fit is unparalleled when you use animation.

Your animated characters or events can be exaggerated and imaginative or stay realistic. But remember to not get too melodramatic or too bland! The priority of the video is to educate.

3. Leave an emotional impact

Humans inherently connect to stories. Even a 90-second video can be memorable enough to leave a powerful impact on the viewer.

You can communicate the exact tone and content of your message at the fraction of the price of making a live-action video. By ensuring the viewer that you are the one who understands their pain point the best, and thus have the exact solution for it, you not only manage to win trust but also excite the viewer for the future.

4. Have a clear CTA

Being memorable is not the only important thing. You need to guide the viewer with the next few steps. Helping them connect with you easier, ensures they will be more willing to trust you over your competitors.

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How Brands Have Been Using 3D product animation services

Eneco - “Tesla Powerwall”

There is no denying that Tesla and its products always leave you excited for the future.

The video aims to tackle a fairly common question, if we rely on solar energy, how do we get power when the sun isn’t out?

The short 50-second video answers just that. With a clean and minimalistic art style, this video explains the utility of a Tesla Powerwall, teasing us with a future where we no longer need to rely on non-renewable energy.

The animation and transitions are lush and fluid, like a miniature toy set.

Not only does the video draw you in with its pleasing aesthetic, but it also demonstrates how close we really are to being fully self-sufficient when it comes to energy consumption.

ThermoFisher Scientific - “ID Nimbus Presto System”

A lesser thought industry 3D explainer videos are crucial in, is healthcare. When thousands, possibly millions, of lives depend on this industry, trust becomes the most important attribute to win.

ThermoFisher chose us at Broadcast2world to talk about their revolutionary forensic sample processor, called the ID Nimbus Presto System.

The video breaks down each component of this system in detail over a 3-minute video to not only talk about its features but bring up how time-consuming and variable manual extraction of forensic can be.

The video is a 3D animation product explainer with cartoon animation which details the entire process so that the viewers who are aware of how this process works realize that this product would be a blessing for them.

By showing each step in detail, the video wins trust by understanding the important factors that need to be considered when making a product like this.

Additionally, this functions as a tutorial for operators that may have this system in place already.

Notice how the video visually depicts how the machine actually functions in precise, real-world ways.

On the technical side of things, a dynamic animation style and an effective call-to-action (CTA) means that this encourages more engagement from the viewer.

Slack - “Email vs Slack”

It is not only rare but almost impossible to arrange an entire brand video using elements from the brand logo.

But Slack manages to do just that while explaining the benefits of using Slack’s channels compared to regular email.

Keeping up with the toy-like aesthetic from Eneco’s video, the animation in this 60-second video engages the viewer with eye-catching fluid 3D animations and narration that addresses every pain point to give the solution viewers would want the most.

GE Digital - “The Industrial Internet in the Real World”

If you were wondering what the industrial internet is, and what it even looks like, this 3D animation product video by GE Digital answers just that. The video goes a step beyond to even show how the world functions with this revolutionary technology.

Machines working together to make a better and brighter future is no longer a sci-fi concept.

The video brings together fields of navigation, energy, transportation, and so on, together into the same concept of the industrial internet.

The 3D explainer video is meant to show exactly how this chain of cause and effect reaches the viewer, exciting them for what the future holds.

And it does all this in the span of just 150 seconds! - “International Trade Starts at”

The video perfectly depicts how you might feel after dealing with unsavory vendors and factories: stranded.

This 3D cartoon animation video by ImportGenius shows you exactly why they can be trusted when data is key.

The video uses a vibrant color palette and upbeat music to engage the audience, and metaphors and humorous visuals help the viewer relate to pain points, and in turn, put their trust in ImportGenius.

In a single 60 second video, ImportGenius manages to explain their service and win the trust of their customers.

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It might seem like a daunting task to have your voice be heard by your audience and potential customers.

But you can stay memorable once you win their trust and leave an emotional impact on them. With 3D product  animation videos, you can unlock the true potential of your brand, and help your customers reach their goals faster.



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