Why Video Content Works: The Science Behind

Jan 10, 2018 9:01:11 AM

Trust: The Most Essential Marketing Ingredient.

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is to build trust among their target audience. Most brands can only dream of achieving the level of trust that brands like Apple have achieved. Have you observed that brands like these enjoy blind faith from their customers?


As a marketer do you often feel that your brand is just another entity struggling to get noticed let alone build trust?

Do you often find yourself looking for new ways to build a strong relationship with your audience?

Trust is the foundation of any brand. It is where brand preference is born.

It is that level of emotional association where we don't analyze the benefits that an entity provides to us.

Trust is a feeling which is built over the period of time. Once built, it comes naturally and it’s there, very much like in personal relationships.

Renowned author and speaker, Simon Sinek explain the importance of trust in his book called 'Start With Why’. He says that you should always tell your audience about ‘Why’ you exist.

When they know your larger purpose and how you wish to bring change in their life, is when you will be able to build trust.

We at Broadcast2World believe that ‘Video Is Trust’ & ‘Trust is Human’. We help our clients to build trust by telling stories through handcrafted animation videos that humanize their brand.

When you start relating to a brand as a personality with distinct values and characteristics, you start having faith in it.

I feel that video is the best medium to tell stories and build trust among your target audience.

Video is Trust: Why?

A video I think is the best way to present real-life situations to the target audience. Videos are immersive and make the audience forget about their own life and start relating to the situations presented to them.

Scientific studies have shown that our brain has these magical cells which make us want to imitate the people and situations around us. These cells are called mirror neurons.

If you have ever wondered why you instinctively feel like laughing when your friends are laughing then it’s  because of these cells. Let’s take another example: Do you feel like you are jumping off the cliff when the protagonist in a video is jumping off the cliff? Yes, you do!

Why these cells are important for you as a marketer is because they fire in people watching videos.

The thrill is not in just observing the situation but in actually living it. It’s scientifically proven that you relate to characters and situations presented in a video because the mirror neurons in your brain become active.

Here are the reasons on why I feel the content that works is the video content:

#1. Video content helps you stand out in the crowd where every Tom, Dick, Harry, from a large business to a solopreneur, is creating and publishing shit loads of content. Technically you have the higher probability of ranking in Google with video content.

#2. Video content can help you get there faster. It helps you tell more to your audience in less time, provide them with human experience which builds the trust and motivates them to take action.

And here are my thoughts on how you can use video content to get results for your business:

1. Connect with your people through stories, people remember stories and when they will remember your story, they will remember your BIG IDEA.

2. Don’t get stuck with a one-off video - plan on for creating video content consistently. You must create videos for each of the stages of the buyer’s journey - do tutorials, demos, webinars, testimonials and more.

Build trust with your audience by consistently delivering them valuable content that solves their problems.

Hope you understood how videos help build trust and why video content creation must be a part of your marketing strategy. Do you have questions or suggestions related to video marketing - please share them in the comment section below.


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