15 Best Company Introduction Videos Making Memorable First Impressions

Jul 28, 2023 12:30:00 AM

In this blog, we're going to delve into 15 company introduction videos that have captivated audiences and successfully communicated the essence of their brands.

These videos offer a captivating journey into the heart of these businesses, showcasing how they use B2B storytelling, creativity, and compelling visuals to introduce themselves to the world.

From small start-ups to multinational corporations, these company introduction videos serve as powerful tools to not only present what the businesses do, but also to reveal their culture, values, and vision.

As we dissect these examples, you will find insights and inspiration that could help you design an effective introduction video for your own B2B brand (or any brand for that matter).

So, get ready for a deep dive into the fascinating world of company introduction storytelling.

  1. Oak Meditation App
  2. GoodHabitz
  3. Solea
  4. Slack
  5. LINE Things
  6. Introduction to Chain
  7. Amazon Studios Technology
  8. Nodal
  9. Chaordix
  10. The Story of GANT
  11. Introducing Notion
  12. Vana
  13. Headspace Meditation App
  14. Pearson English
  15. Meet Asana

15 Best Company Introduction Videos

1. Oak Meditation App

Let’s kick off the list with a good one.

Here’s a very intriguing company introduction video for Oak Meditation made by Dominok Grejc.

Explaining a mobile application can get confusing at times (both for the creators and the consumers).

That's why many app promo videos prefer simplicity and minimalism as that's easier to consume and understand.

But the animations have done a great job of not only simplifying but also making the app interesting and developing curiosity among viewers.

2. GoodHabitz

Next on our list is this animated company introduction video for GoodHabitz made by Wevoke.

When it comes to online learning platforms, clarity of offering greatly benefits consumers.

While the video design certainly helps clarify GoodHabitz’s offering, it goes above and beyond.

It spices up their offering in a way that generates interest and admiration among consumers.

3. Solea

Trying to understand technology can get a bit tricky.

But just a simple explanation isn’t going to cut it if somebody has to truly understand the utility of the technology in question.

Understanding this, Giant Ant Studios made this company introduction video for Solea.

The video doesn’t only do the bare minimum, it extends the ceiling and differentiates itself completely.

The presentation of Solea’s offering is made in a way that sparks interest in viewers and does so while keeping the core message intact (and simple).

4. Slack

The good folks at Giant Ant Studios made this great introduction video for Slack.

The stand-out feature of this video is its exceptional clarity and minimalism.

It doesn’t beat around the bush and instead addresses its message head-on.

This is also a great example of an effective SaaS explainer video.

It explains the important things about Slack in a short yet effective way.

Such a great example of how concise videos can greatly boost engagement on your videos.

5. LINE Things

Here’s a question we get asked all the time.

What is the best way to explain something as complex as IoT?

Our answer to that is this animated company explainer video for LINE Things by Bliink Studio.

This video shows how something like IoT can be made interesting and fun to consume.

And the best part?

The video preserves IoT’s technicalities and simplifies it during presentation at the same time.

6. Introduction to Chain

Let’s have a look at this video that introduces a software company called Chain.

Made by Thornberg & Forester, the video leaves no stone unturned when it comes to core messaging.

Just like software demo videos, it demonstrates the value of Chain and how it can benefit users.

Couple that with a seemingly immersive animation, we get an end-product that not only does its job, it does it well (exceptionally well in our opinion).

7. Amazon Studios Technology

With rapid strides in entertainment technology, more and more companies are jumping into the entertainment industry every year.

Which begs the question.

As an entertainment technology company, how do you create an irresistible first impression?

Let’s learn how by checking out this animated company introduction video for Amazon Studios Technology made by the good folks at Animwood.

The video feels like an immersive experience told as a story.

This a classic example of storytelling using animated videos.

8. Nodal

When it comes to healthcare videos, presenting medically accurate information is necessary.

But for healthcare service providers, it becomes important to also be able to sell the relevance of your services to potential customers.

Want to see this in action?

Have a look at this company introduction video for Nodal made by Vidico.

Animations have drastically improved the appeal of Nodal’s healthcare service offering.

And doing so without introducing unnecessary complexities in the core messaging is absolutely commendable.

9. Chaordix

Let’s have a look at another video from the good folks at Vidico.

This is a company introduction video for Chaordix and it's one of the best we have seen.

The use of animations definitely makes the video more immersive and intuitive.

The stand-out feature of the video is its emphasis on Chaordix’s offering and how simply the video has explained it.

We love videos like this which make an already interesting offer even more interesting and keep the viewer’s interests in mind.

10. The Story of GANT

When it comes to iconic brands, the one thing that separates them from the rest is their brand image.

In other words, their brand image is a direct reflection of what they stand for.

So how do you make your brand stand out from the competition?

Creating solid brand awareness among consumers (and keep them coming for more).

Let’s look at an example to understand better.

This is an animated company introduction video made by GANT.

It goes over the story of how the brand came to be and indirectly (and cleverly) establishes their brand image in the process.

The way the video uses animations to emotionally connect with the viewer is what makes it effective.

11. Introducing Notion

With the advent of productivity software comes an inherent need to make it simpler for people to use.

One such step in the right direction is to convince people that your software offering can actually simplify your problem (maybe even solve it).

That’s the focus of this animated company introduction video for Notion.

Unlike other animated SaaS marketing videos, this one is unique.

The animations are subtle and quite interestingly, that’s the point.

The video’s focus is on the viewers and to make them understand Notion’s offering in the most simplest way possible.

A true embodiment of the saying, “The simplest thing is the most effective”.

12. Vana

Have a look at this animated introduction video for Vana made by What a Story.

What’s the first thing you notice?

If you ask us, it was the animations and video design.

The video just pops when you see it for the first time and keeps you hooked throughout.

And surprisingly, this animated brand video manages to present Vana’s offering in a way that emotionally connects with consumers.

Such implementations go a long way to create genuine interest among consumers.

13. Headspace Meditation App

Here’s an interesting thing we noticed with this company introduction video for Headspace.

The company has very cleverly mixed one of their core brand values into the video.

And once we found out, our perception of the video changed completely.

The brand’s core value is in slowing down, taking a breather once in a while and relaxing.

That is reflected in the pacing of this video too (and in the voiceover).

This relaxed pacing keeps the viewers at ease and helps them focus on Headspace’s offering.

Every other component of the video simply complements this and increases the appeal of the brand’s offering even more.

14. Pearson English

Let’s have a look at this animated introduction video made by Territory Studios for Pearson English.

When it comes to presenting the offering of an education publishing company, it’s very important to think like the company and see things from their perspective.

This video does that and that’s why you can easily notice the personal touch in Pearson’s offering and emphasis on clarity of offering.

A video that focuses on the fundamentals and removes unnecessary fluff is an effective video (and this video is a great example of this).

15. Meet Asana

SaaS companies face challenges when it comes to establishing relevance in a dynamic market full of competitors.

In our experience, the only way to deal with this is to establish a solid brand image (that makes you stand out).

And that’s the entire premise of this animated SaaS explainer video by Asana.

When the primary focus is brand image, the end-product always becomes a reflection of that.

And that is really important as that builds trust with consumers and delivers coherence in your offering.

This video checks all the boxes of a company introduction video made right.


In reviewing these 15 company introduction videos, we've seen the significant impact that effective animated video storytelling can have.

It's clear that a well-executed introduction video not only presents your business but also showcases your values and vision.

Whether you're a burgeoning start-up or a seasoned corporation, an engaging introduction video could be just what you need to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

If you're ready to create a memorable introduction video for your own company, don't hesitate to contact us.

Fill out the form below and let us help you tell your story in a unique and impactful way.

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