10 Best Startup Explainer Videos: Breaking Down Their Winning Formulas

Jul 14, 2023 1:00:00 AM

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In this digital age, a powerful animated explainer videos for startups can be the make-or-break element that launches your venture into a success story. 

We see so many B2B explainer videos that, more or less, do the same thing.

But startup videos are different as their primary goal is to create an irresistible first impression among their audiences at a reasonable explainer video cost.

In other words, startup explainer videos are meant to target potential customers and make existing customers keep coming for more no matter what startup idea you have.

With an influx of information at every turn, we often find ourselves asking - what are the best startup videos out there?

Today, we're answering that question by exploring the 10 best startup explainer videos that have redefined storytelling and marketing for businesses around the globe.

  1. Klarna
  2. Shopify
  3. Reddit Mobile App
  4. Gobble
  5. GQueues
  6. Airbnb Curated Restaurants
  7. Collaboration Squared
  8. Notion Home Security
  9. Uber Voucher
  10. Mailchimp

10 best startup explainer videos

1. Klarna


This animated startup video is made by the good folks at Nord Nord for Klarna and it’s nothing like we have ever seen.

Simplifying the offering of an e-commerce solutions provider is not an easy task but this video makes it seem effortless.

The use of immersive animations and punchy colors does a great job of keeping viewers (and anyone who watches this video) engaged throughout the video.

2. Shopify


This is a great animated startup video by Alex Mapar for Shopify.

When it comes to an e-commerce leader like Shopify, finding a way to present the offering simply while maintaining reputation and brand values is crucial.

That’s why we love this explainer video as it demystifies B2B storytelling so elegantly.

The use of motion graphics and punchy colors gives the video a life of its own and makes it fun to watch.

Shopify SEO experts, Visibility Gurus, say that leveraging such engaging content not only educates potential customers about the platform's capabilities but also enhances brand recall and customer retention.  

3. Reddit Mobile App


It’s not always that you see an explainer video that emotionally connects with you this well.

We’re talking about this animated startup explainer video by IV for Reddit.

The main highlight of this mobile app explainer video is the use of simple yet elegant colors that make each and every element of the video pop.

Now that’s how you promote your mobile app in the most engaging way possible.

4. Gobble


When it comes to showing off your brand’s personality, this animated explainer video is one of the best B2B marketing videos we have seen yet.

This startup explainer video is made by the cool folks at XPLAI for a meal kit startup called Gobble.

This video has gone above and beyond to make Gobble’s offering more exciting and engaging.

The visuals stay true to the brand’s color scheme, giving it a personal touch of its own and that goes a long way in building an emotional bond with your customers.

5. GQueues


Next on our list is this interesting startup explainer video for GQueues by Studio Pigeon.

When it comes to simply explaining an offering as complex as an external task management solution for Google Workspace, this video is one of the best we have seen yet.

The execution of animation and visuals are simply perfect and when you couple that with the amazing voiceover, you get the complete package.

In our opinion, this is an animated explainer video done right.

6. Airbnb Curated Restaurants


Jonas Mosesson has simplified the offering of a well-known brand like Airbnb so elegantly with this animated startup explainer video.

This is one of the best uses of animated videos for storytelling we have ever seen. 

The visuals and the animations complement each other really well.

The way it engages you from the start (and keeps you engaged till the end) is the hallmark of an effective animated video.

7. Collaboration Squared


Here’s the thing about making corporate videos.

If done properly, they can enable you to communicate your message more effectively and in a way that naturally compels people to listen.

Just like this awesome animated startup explainer video by Yum Yum Videos for Collaboration Squared.

Using amazing visuals to present your offering doesn’t get any better than this.

The clever use of character animations makes it relatable and thus, easy to emotionally connect with.

Not to mention the flawless combination of punchy colors and a voiceover that takes the appeal of the video to new heights.

8. Notion Home Security


For a personal security solutions provider like Notion Home Security, explaining their offering can come with its own set of challenges.

Yet, Bright Media Labs have knocked it out of the park with this animated tech explainer video.

It not only presents the offering simply but also makes it seriously fun to watch and engage with.

The perfectly balanced use of visuals and animation helps the video stand out more the longer you watch it.

9. Uber Voucher


The amazing folks at The Furrow made this animated startup explainer video for Uber and we can’t admire it enough.

Using character animation in a humorous setting does a great job of elevating the appeal of Uber’s offering.

The clever use of dull colors ensures that the viewer remains focused on the core message of the video and we can’t get enough of it.

This is a classic example of a script for explainer video done the right way.

Overall, “perfect” is a gross understatement when it comes to describing this animated explainer video.

10. Mailchimp


We have saved the best for last.

Ghost Robot helped Mailchimp spice up its offering by making this stunning explainer video for them.

For a brand with a whole host of complex software offerings, this video captures the main essence of what Mailchimp does and amplifies it in a really unique way.

The animation complements the core messaging of the video really well.

When coupled with the great visual components and pacing, you get an animated explainer video that grabs the viewer’s attention and genuinely excites viewers to watch it till the end.


As we wrap up our journey through the 10 best startup explainer videos, it’s clear that each of these startups has used this powerful tool to effectively communicate their unique offerings to their audience.

They have embraced the art of video storytelling, creativity, and simplicity to resonate with viewers and potential customers.

They have figured out a robust guide to making an explainer video that gives them results every single time.

Whether you're just beginning your startup journey or looking to revamp your marketing strategy, these explainer videos can provide the inspiration you need.

Keep in mind, the goal isn’t just to make a video, it's to tell your startup's story in the most engaging way possible.

Use these examples as your guiding light, and you might just find your startup's explainer video among the best in the near future.

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