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Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Best Motion Graphic Videos

Feb 2, 2023 2:52:08 AM

Feel free to read the entire blog on the best motion graphics videos but if you're running low on time, watch our video compilation here:-


What are Motion Graphic Videos?


Motion graphics allow you to communicate with your audience easily and give your message that extra edge. 

They can explain ideas amazingly well when combined with a soundtrack and great writing. 

We already use them in everything from advertising, and movie title sequences to online videos and social media. 

A lot of videos today make use of motion graphics to help explain their message.

Best Motion Graphics Video Examples

#5 Credit Karma

Don’t know how credit scores work? Confused about which is the right credit card for you? Trying to fix bad credit? 

All of these things can be pretty difficult to understand. 

But you can communicate your ideas and specialties to the audience by using motion graphic videos, like Credit Karma did. 

An American multinational finance company founded in 2017, they chose to use motion graphic videos

They were a hit and boosted their company’s score and brand recognition.

#4 Facebook Community Standards


The internet can be a pretty ugly place sometimes.

Social media platforms work hard to keep things civil and safe.

And there’s a need to assure users that there are working measures in place.

So Facebook community standards opted to use this video to explain and reassure its users of their commitment to online safety.

Motion graphics and simple but clever animation helps tell the story while keeping things light, fresh, and interesting.

It also brings a personal, subtly emotional touch to an otherwise confusing and even uncomfortable topic that needs to be addressed. 

Ultimately, the video builds a strong sense of trust and safety that works at a “gut” level with the viewer.

#3 HootSuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. 

Social media can be quite exciting and rewarding, but handling the stats can be tedious at times and you can miss the things that need to be put in the spotlight.

Motion graphic videos to the rescue!

This delightful video grabs the attention of the audience and helps them focus easily on all the aspects and information being covered. 

Best of all, it’s a fun and entertaining watch!

#2 Sendgrid


Sendgrid- Next Era is a customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email. 

Email marketing can get quite monotonous and technical. 

One mistake that can happen is you missing out on your recipient’s inbox. 

Using motion graphic videos can make this interesting and Sendgrid’s video perfectly depicted the idea and the real concept of their video. 

#1 Slack


Slack took the complex challenge of workflow and team communication and simplified the entire world. 

But explaining how it works can, ironically, also be quite complex!

Slack is a business communication platform offering many IRC-style features including persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. 

Fortunately, this cleverly-made motion graphic video explains everything easily to the audience! 

It’s quite fitting for such a clever suite that makes the complex easy and simple.

In these ever-evolving times, no one wants to be left behind. 

Being relevant and innovative is the norm today. 

And motion graphic videos are being used by just about any business structure or marketing enterprise.

But how can you make it work for you? Let’s find out together.

Why should you be using motion graphic videos for business?


When done right, motion graphics can entertain, thrill and inspire your audience to take action. 

The best thing about motion graphics is their ability to instantly express your brand’s story in a way that creates a strong bond with your audience.

Motion graphics videos are wildly versatile, providing nearly infinite ways to express your story through sound and music, making them great for keynote presentations or marketing campaigns. 

They can also be made to perform without any sound at all. It’s all up to the skills of your animation team. 

Even topics that are difficult to understand can be made fun and interesting through a well-made motion graphics video.


Are you still weighing the pros and cons of using motion graphics videos? 

Well, there’s really not much of a downside. 

Animated video works by displaying complicated images, thoughts, concepts, and a large amount of data in a short, simple, aesthetically attractive film. 

As a bonus, it aids in conveying a message in the shortest amount of time, while effortlessly capturing and holding the viewer's attention. 

When done right, it can even be fun and entertaining!

Excited and ready to make your own? Don’t wait! Get started today.


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