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Top Infographic Videos to Learn the Art of Great Storytelling 2020

Feb 17, 2020 5:46:36 AM

When you want to tell great visual stories using your data and knowledge, animated infographic videos are the best fit for your business. These videos help explain facts and figures in an engaging manner. Sometimes companies that shy away from using cartoon animation prefer this style specially for their b2b videos.

So whether you are making an animated corporate video or an explainer video you can effectively use this style to tell great stories. However, as simple as this style looks it is often difficult to conceptualize one. Fret not, we’re here to help with our ever-expanding and most updated list with some of the best infographic videos on the internet!

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Great Infographic Videos to Help your Business Stand Out!

We are living in a digital age where life is being simplified to the click of a button. But with convenience on our fingertips business ideas are becoming incredibly complex. And the same time we are being surrounded with more and more noise, so grabbing attention of our audience and clarifying our message is getting tougher.

If we also keep adding noise with our marketing communications it might shut down our customers completely. Infographics videos give us hope and the most minimalistic way to express our business ideas visually to our target audience. This animation style helps you stand out and clarify your message so your customers listen. It increases the impact of your story to make it great! But without story format in place your video will fail to impress, so let's learn the basics of storytelling through infographic videos.

Storytelling Framework to Make Best Infographic Videos

The best video stories have the perfect recipe of script and visuals where you say a little and show the rest. Think of your viewers as intelligent beings who don’t need to be handheld through the film. 

And to make things easier and give you a headstart, we have a basic structure that can be used to make a story and also it works as a checklist to help make sense of all the information. 

Hook - The golden rule of scriptwriting, hook the audience in the first 5-10 sec. Grab their attention and they will go through the rest of the video, lose them here and you’ve lost them forever. It helps you enter into your customers' story.

Problem - Why do they need you? Increase interest in your brand.

What is the problem you solve? The intensity/tension of the problem area should rise in an upward graph until the viewer feels they absolutely can’t NEED a solution. It should start with a oh shit moment and then end with all is lost moment.

Intro to Company/Brand-  Who are you?

Enter, the Guide. Introduce the brand and its solution and back it up to make your case stronger to make it easier for the viewer to trust you.

Solution Explanation - How do you do it?

Explain the workings of your system and how you solve the problems stated earlier in more detail.

Conclusion/Transformation - What do I get?

Sum up the story by telling the viewer what they can expect if they turn to you for solutions. This is the summary of the entire video and also your last chance to bag the client. By this point, they should WANT the solution.

CTA - What do you want them to do next? Go to your website? Click somewhere. This is where you direct them on the next step.

Now once you have the basic story in place, let's look at how you can increase the impact of your of infographic animation.

Impact of Best Infographic Videos Increases with Production Quality!

Increase in the video production quality has a great positive effect on impact of your story and marketing ROI. But don't get me wrong here infographic videos tend to become more minimalistic and effective of course with increase in the production efforts. You must have heard the saying "Simple is hard to achieve" that is exactly the case here.

We have classified infographic animation into three categories below:

A. 2D Animated Videos

They use basic shapes and icons just enough to educate the audience with simple transitions. These videos work best for educational branded content for social media and internal communication. They keep your video production cost down so that you can use them consistently. Below animated educational series of 12 videos was produced for Hub International at the cost of USD 36,000.

B. 2.5D Animated Videos

These animated videos give you a feel of 3D visually and help you to stand out from the rest. These videos are best suited for product videos, customer testimonials and case study videos. They cost higher comparatively, the below explainer video was done for McAfee at the budget of USD 10,000 for 3 minutes approximately.

C. 3D Animated Videos

These videos are generally a mix of 3D shapes and motion graphics animation. There are certain infographic explainer videos which require product to be designed in 3D. Also sometimes you require to stand out where 3D animation helps you tell the same story differently. The below video was done for Breg at the cost of USD 8995 for 90 sec.

Best Infographic Videos That Inspire

We have critically examined some of the great infographic videos on internet, so that you could get inspired and learn the art of great storytelling. Our team of artists sat down together and discussed every single video, rating them on the script, visuals, animation and music+voiceover. We’ve included averages of those ratings as well reasons behind those ratings.

Here's a consolidated form of our critical examination. You can skip the video and jump to individual breakdowns of each video if you want!

In descending order of engagement rates, here are the videos!

6. Google BigQuery - Infographic Explainer Videos

Production Studio: Coat of Arms
Engagement Rate: 4.9%

What makes this Google Explainer Video tell a great story?

Every story is about somebody trying to solve a problem, so when we identify our customers' problems, they recognize us as a brand that understands them. 

But higher the stakes, the more interest they have in our brand.
Google BigQuery
Here Google first talks about the need to spend a lot on the hardware...and then ratchets up the engagement by saying even after all that headache you still might make mistakes that can be costly.
Also, great stories talk about the transformation that your customers desire!
Here Google ends the video with "So you can readily load, process and make interactive visualizations of your data"
Google BigQuery 2
Which is like a cherry on the cake!
The all is lost moment before the solution is introduced and transformation piece before the call for action part makes this a top infographic video.

Tell A Story Like This!


5. Soleas' Big Deal - Corporate Infographic Videos

Production Studio: Giant Ant
Engagement Rate: 5.4%


Solea is a fast and precise all-tissue dental laser. It gives patients a very unique experience and the dentists, improved outcomes.

This video story wise follows a very different approach, generally your hook defines the subject and attracts the relevant audience into the story. But here the line "It's not every day that you revolutionize an industry..." attracts a wider audience.

captured (1)-2

Again the interest is sustained by incremental music, beautiful transitions and using words like "But that's huge, it's exponential...and will forever change to what it means going to the dentist".

The way the solution is introduced and explained is magical. The line "It's the perfect drill because it's not a drill" and the supporting transition makes the solution desirable.

captured (3)

The next big movement and nail in the coffin comes around 59 seconds with the line "It's virtually seamless, painless, sensationless" when music goes off and picks up again. And I really like the end "Solea makes going to the dentist, not a big deal and that's the biggest deal of all".

captured (2)-2

Expressive music and voiceover adds a lot of depth and make this a great infographic video for inspiration.

Tell A Story Like This!


4. The Power of Like - Motion Graphics Videos

Production Studio: Vucko
Engagement Rate: 6.2%

Vucko is a motion & design practice led by Andrew Vucko. In this video, Vucko talks about how likes influence the posts we make, the aesthetics we create and the content we show.

Here he played with a flat geometric style but sticking to a theme of looking inward he wanted to go for something more colorful and aggressive. 

The small circle with a tail acts as a main character of the story which was rigged by Zack Lovatt who collaborated with Andrew on this project.

The way Andrew describes the journey of a like in the beginning, the feelings attached to it, you as an audience start to relate with it and enter into the story. It's like a perfect hook and the best way to attract your audience.

But when he says "but as our wants evolve affecting how we think...slipping into the noise, somewhere in there we become lost" you say oh shit, that's the way I feel, it deepens your interest. Also, observe how beautifully the character changes, it becomes depressed.

captured (9)

Again when the voiceover says "...needs for connection, for approval, self-worth, to be loved" it feels like all is lost and you don't what to do, music intensifies your feeling of depression

captured (10)

And it ends with a incredible realization "we find value in life far beyond alike, from a like to a love!"

This whole video is like an experience, a journey and that's what makes this one of the best infographic videos.

Tell A Story Like This!


3. Webflow - Corporate Infographic Videos

Production Studio: Ordinary Folk
Engagement Rate: 8.6%

Webflow, Inc. is an American company, based in San Francisco, that provides software as a service for website building and hosting. Their online visual editor platform allows users to design, build, and launch websites.


With all the digitization in the world, we know how the world "runs on code". So when the video begins with those words, you relate to it and you're hooked.


As the video states the fact that only a fraction of us can write codes, you relate to it deeply and want to know how things could be improved on this front. Which is exactly what the video does after that—with beautiful visuals!


Now when the video shows you a glimpse of the future where you could build entire products without writing code, you're sold.

Tell A Story Like This!


2. SAP's Innovations - Corporate Infographic Videos

Production Studio: Ordinary Folk
Engagement Rate: 8.6%

SAP is a German multinational software company which makes enterprise softwares for managing customer relations and business operations. It is popular for its ERP software.

The hook of this video clearly defines the target audience, the existing SAP customers. And by voicing statements like "Helping our customers move mountains, change the world and redefine what's possible" with great transition the storyteller deepens the interest of the audience.

captured (4)

Another magical movement happens when the voiceover says "and we'll make it available whenever and wherever our customers' need it" which makes the solution more desirable!
captured (6)
The way SAP defines innovation "or unlocking hidden value and supply chains by eliminating waste in time and excess energy" and the way it si conceptualized is very smartly done.
captured (7)
And it ends with a bang addressing the philosophical need of its users by voicing "because our customers' deserve nothing short of the impossible. We are here to deliver it!"
captured (8)


The beautiful compositions, and the intelligent transitions make this one of the best infographic videos!

Tell A Story Like This!


1. BNY Mellon's The Moments - Animated Video Series

Production Studio: Dress Code
Engagement Rate: 11.7%

BNY Mellon is a wealth management company which helps its clients manage their finances throughout the investment lifecycle. Bob Shaw, the former CEO of Net Optics, shares his experience with them in this video.

Bob Shaw takes you the era of 90's when internet was growing and large enterprises were struggling to build their network infrastructure and maximise the speed. This necessity gave birth to Netoptics by Bob Shaw.

captured (11)

Then he talks about how he created a compelling culture built on the foundation of love and transparency which led to incremental success.

captured (13)

Finally Bob lays stress on for successful transformation after acquisition its important to use the skills and gifts of the owner to create a real win-win!

captured (14)

The fluidic simple transitions, and the real voice makes this one of the best infographic video series of all times!

Tell A Story Like This!


Frequently asked questions

  • What infographic videos mean?

Infographic videos are bite-size dynamic videos that primarily provide a visual representation of defined data or knowledge. They are aimed at offering high-value information through interactive animation. While static infographic aims to deliver knowledge in a succinct way, infographic videos take that a notch higher to deliver the knowledge in a more succinct and interactive way. 


  • How can infographic videos help my business?

There are many ways infographic videos can help your business. They can fit in any stage of the marketing funnel, accelerating your efforts to achieve the goals. For instance, you can use infographic animated videos in your blog posts to drive higher engagement. You can publish these videos on LinkedIn to build brand identity.

So, again, there are many ways infographic videos can help your business, right from attracting top-of-the-funnel traffic to generating leads to building a brand. It all depends on what you want to achieve and what kind of infographic animation videos you have (their visuals, objectives, and so forth).


  • How much does it cost to create infographic videos?

There’s no defined pricing rule for this. The cost to create an infographic video depends on a host of factors, like what type of animation you want and how long this video should be. For instance, a simple animation will cost you much lower. However, if you want a superior quality infographic animation video that has a big-brand feel, not only will it cost more but also will take longer to create. To have a clear picture of the cost, get in touch with an animation video company and get your quote based on your requirement.


The list doesn't end here, the story continues. Meanwhile please free to add the videos you like for us to consider evaluating or your two cents to the creative analysis. We'll be constantly updating it to bring the best infographic videos to you! Stay tuned! If you are looking for an animated infographic agency please contact us.

[LAST UPDATED: 17th February 2020]

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