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Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos to Watch in 2022

Mar 21, 2022 1:36:04 AM

When it comes to marketing, there’s been an unmistakable shift to video in almost every sector, especially since COVID-19.

A Wyzowl study reveals that 69% of people prefer short product videos, with 84% of consumers saying they bought a product because the video convinced them. Another Biteable study showed that videos increased awareness, engagement and brand trust by 50%!

There’s no denying the appeal of video marketing in today’s economy. Everyone’s using video. And therein lies the problem: how do you stand out? Potential customers won’t stay interested beyond just three seconds, and are naturally skeptical with any sales pitch. So how do you stay memorable more than your competitors?

This is where animated explainer videos come in. Specifically, whiteboard explainer videos.

What are Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Whiteboard animation is a type of animated explainer video that aims to win the viewer’s trust by explaining the product or service in an engaging way.

With this type of animation specifically, the aesthetic chosen is of time-lapsed hand-drawn images on a whiteboard. The visuals can range from being a fully fleshed out story or anecdote, or a fact-driven visual representation of the points and features you need the viewer to know. The voiceover is synergized with the animation to drive the point home and keep the whiteboard video engaging.

The video uses animated cartoon characters, symbols, icons, and so on to simplify complex concepts.

Why Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Before you can plan the storyboard or even the central idea of your whiteboard explainer video, you need to decide on an art style that represents you the best. If your aim is to make a video that is not only informative, but engaging and stands out instantly, there is no reason why you would overlook whiteboard animated videos.

Here are all the reasons why animation is the best choice for you:

  • Whiteboard Animation is eye-catching. A good color palette is often all you need to make a whiteboard video engaging. Being an audio-visual experience, the viewer is instantly hooked into watching for more than five seconds, which is where attention usually drops. This has the added advantage of being memorable even after the video is over.

    The high contrast of mostly black and whites with cartoon drawings draws in attention almost instantly and holds it as long as needed.

  • Animated Whiteboard Videos makes it easier to help the viewer visualize. Instead of using simple text and hoping that the viewer has an accurate mental image, you get to show exactly how urgent and pressing the matters you care about are. Your whiteboard explainer video is not constrained by the limitations of reality. The freedom to use metaphors and dynamic text animation as you see fit is unparalleled when you use animation.

    Instead of on-site filming or monotonous run-down of features, you can use a story to address a pain point directly. Alternatively, simply addressing the pain point reassures the audience that you understand exactly what they are going through, and thus will have the perfect solution.

  • Whiteboard Animation carries a great emotional impact. Everyone loves stories. Even a 90-second whiteboard video can be memorable enough to leave a powerful emotional impact on the viewer.

    The story you choose to tell needs to evoke emotions. An emotional connection you form leads to them trusting you better.

  • Humans are naturally visual learners. Symbols, icons, animated segments, and other visual cues all help the viewer remember concepts far easier and better than text. In fact, even text itself can be made interesting to read if creative transitions are applied!

    Words are often open to misinterpretation, misremembering and just being forgotten. Visual cues ensure your audience can remember your product or service for far longer, by understanding it first.

Top 5 Animated Whiteboard Explainer Videos

#5 Choice

This whiteboard animation video by RSA may be ten-minutes long, but it manages to capture the gist of the socio-political and economic influencers when it comes to something as simple as choice. Although talking about the philosophy of Renata Salecl might go on for hours, this whiteboard explainer video educates the audience with ease.

Each frame of this animation has art worthy of being your next desktop wallpaper. The use of animation to enliven the time-lapsed drawings works in tandem with the narration of complex sociopolitical theories.

The ability to simplify such complex concepts like these through the use of art and animation, proves what whiteboard video animation can really do.

#4 EY - Discover the Emerging Markets Center

This whiteboard video takes animated brand videos to the next level. We love the novel idea of using hand-drawn images to simulate animation, like a flipbook!

Despite the creative direction and limited color palette, this whiteboard animation video manages to educate the viewer about a list of facts and features of their company to successfully monetize the rapid growth markets.

The transitions, narration, and attention to design and art style make this video a treat– and it’s one you don’t get bored of re-watching.

#3 AFEX - Risk Management

AFEX uses a short 30-second video in a way most brands don’t even consider.

Despite being a whiteboard explainer video, their video about Risk Management contains live-action props like a car and road markings. The narration is not only great as it synergizes well with the stop motion animation, but also explains the nature of AFEX and how they can do the hard work for you.

#2 Ford

Taking the concept of making the whiteboard video short to the next level, Ford uses 15 seconds to do everything from making a joke, explaining their APR policy, and helping build trust by explaining exactly what it does.

This isn’t to say the whiteboard animation video is poorly made! In fact even the quips have dynamic animations, detailed character design and imaginative transitions.

#1 Interoperability

If your first reaction to this video was “when’s the whiteboard going to show up?” then you’re not alone. It’s this convention-breaking artstyle that sets this video apart from the rest. Cleverly combining live-action 3D with 2D style cartoon drawings, the whiteboard animation video by the European Commission to promote Interoperability drives the point of working in harmony further.

Using metaphors, this whiteboard explainer video addresses pain points by showing the disharmony between two violin players. When everything comes together, and you hear what Ode to Joy is actually meant to sound like, you realize what Interoperability aims to do.

All this without a single mention of their features!

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If you’ve been wondering how you can educate and engage viewers at the same time about your product or service, the answer could be whiteboard explainer videos. By understanding your audience and winning their trust, you get closer to fulfilling their dreams– right alongside yours!


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