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All you need to know about the 7 best whiteboard video softwares!

Jul 1, 2019 5:44:42 AM

This blog is all about the softwares you should be using for a whiteboard animation.

Here are some amazing whiteboard video makers that can convert your mundane textual content into enthralling whiteboard animation videos. 

1. PowToons
2. VideoScribe
3. Vyond
4. Animaker
5. RawShorts
6. Renderforest
7. Moovly

7 Best Whiteboard Animation Video Softwares

1. PowToons (For Free Videos)

One of the first cloud-based DIY online whiteboard animation maker - PowToons is surely one of the most, if not the most, widely used whiteboard animation software with a huge library of resources and explainer video templates to choose from.

This video maker has a free version that allows 5 minutes of non-HD explainer videos to be exported along with PowToons branding.

Pricing: Removing that branding from the videos and upgrading to Full HD on the online whiteboard animation maker would cost you about $16 per month for the starter plan, all the way up till $99 per month for the agency plan.

Here’s a sample created using the whiteboard video maker:


Although this video looks professional it does not take care of details like character emotions or real human movements.

The online whiteboard animation maker's interface, however, is quite straightforward and user-friendly.

A little quality time spent playing around the interface of the animation video maker will get you easily familiarised with all the tricks PowToons has up its sleeve.

2. VideoScribe (For Working Offline)

VideoScribe is another community favorite DIY online whiteboard animation maker that’s grown and loved by more and more businesses and individuals alike.

This whiteboard video maker allows you to create your own whiteboard animation videos if you prefer working offline.

Pricing for VideoScribe:

The whiteboard animation software has three pricing plans-

  1. Monthly plan: USD 17.50 per month, recurring payment per single user
  2. Yearly plan: USD 8 per month, recurring payment per single user
  3. Quarterly plan: USD 35, 3 monthly payments per single user.

Here’s an example of a video made using the online whiteboard animation maker:



3. Vyond (For More Customization)

First appearing with a tie-in with YouTube - Vyond is an online whiteboard animation maker that offers an extensive set of features that range from character customization, to VO recorder and modifier with basic lip sync to make your whiteboard videos even more appealing to the regular viewer.

Pricing for Vyond:

A video from this whiteboard video maker for your business would require a commitment of about $89/month for the premium plan and $159/ month for the professional plan.

While on the pricier side, this whiteboard animation maker has distinguished itself as a more comfortable, faster and more user-friendly interface as compared to its competitors.

Take a look at this sample video from the whiteboard video maker:


4. Animaker (For Starting Out)

With an interface extremely similar to PowToons, Animaker offers its users a variety of similar animation tools and assets as any whiteboard video maker from above would - with a unique inclusion of a notepad to turn your meeting notes into a kickass presentation.

Pricing for Animaker:

This whiteboard video maker allows up to 100 videos of 30m each to be exported for about $35/month.

It also provides you with a free trial and lets you produce 5 whiteboard videos of 2 minutes each.

One unique benefit of this online whiteboard animation maker is that the whiteboard videos made with this Internet-based tool are mobile optimized.

Here is a sample video created using the whiteboard video maker:


5. RawShorts (For Fluid Animation)

RawShorts is essentially the same whiteboard video maker as PowToons or Animaker - but with its own set of graphics and software tweaks to distinguish it.

In it’s latest update, the online whiteboard animation maker offers a more fluidic animation of all whiteboard elements.

Pricing for RawShorts:

The online whiteboard animation maker comes with a three-layered pricing model: Free trial, Essential and Business.

The free trial plan of the animation video maker lets you have 5 non-premium exports in total in the standard video format.

The essential plan comes at $49/month and lets you have 25 premium exports per month, which include 10 licensed video clips a month.

Finally, the business plan comes at $89/month and lets you have 50 premium exports per month, which include 20 licensed video clips per month.

Take a look at this example video made using this whiteboard video maker:


6. Renderforest (For Long Videos)

Renderforest gives you more than 450 interactive scenes, animated characters and a huge stock of high-quality music tracks that can be assimilated into brilliant storytelling whiteboard animations.

The biggest perk of this animation video maker is that it gives you flexibility in terms of the duration that you want to have for your video.

The online whiteboard animation maker starts from a free trial that you can switch among four plans: Amateur, Pro, Popular and Agency. T

he 'Popular' plan costs around $36/month.

The 'Agency' plan of the whiteboard video maker, on the other hand, costs around $50/month.

Let's look at a whiteboard video made using Renderforest:


7. Moovly (For Doodle Videos)

According to Moovly, whiteboard animation videos are an essential tool for marketers trying to communicate complex concepts in a compelling way.

The online whiteboard animation maker helps utilize the power of doodle videos and hand-drawn animation.

As for the pricing, the animation video maker also comes with a free trial, giving you a maximum bandwidth of 20 personal media uploads.

Then, there's the 'Pro Monthly' plan of the animation video maker that comes at $49/month with unlimited personal media uploads and a whole lot of other features.

Here's a YouTube whiteboard animation video made using the whiteboard video maker:



Need custom whiteboard videos? Check out the best whiteboard explainer videos and how we can help you create them!


So there you have it.

The top 7 user-friendly tools to make your own DIY whiteboard animation videos.

You can now pick your favorite online whiteboard maker and get those creative juices flowing!

I'd recommend you try all of them and find which whiteboard video maker works best for you!


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