20 Best Whiteboard Animation Software: The Ultimate Guide

Mar 19, 2024 6:30:00 AM

This blog is all about the softwares you should be using for a whiteboard animation video.

Here are some amazing whiteboard animation software that can convert your mundane textual content into enthralling whiteboard animation videos. 

  1. 20 Best Whiteboard Animation Video Software
    1. PowToons
    2. Camtasia
    3. Vyond
    4. Animaker
    5. RawShorts
    6. Renderforest
    7. Moovly
    8. Explaindio
    9. Biteable
    10. EasySketchPro
    11. TruScribe
    12. MySimpleShow
    13. Adobe Animate
    14. Doodly
    15. VideoScribe
    16. Animatron
    17. Mango Animate
    18. Animiz
    19. TTS Sketch Maker
    20. Filmora Pro

20 Best Whiteboard Animation Video Software

1. PowToons (For Free Videos)

One of the first cloud-based DIY online whiteboard animation maker - PowToons is surely one of the most, if not the most, widely used whiteboard animation software with a huge library of resources and explainer video templates to choose from.

This video whiteboard software has a free version that allows 5 minutes of non-HD explainer videos to be exported along with PowToons branding.

Pricing of Powtoons:

Removing that branding from the videos and upgrading to Full HD on the online whiteboard animation maker would cost you about $16 per month for the starter plan, all the way up till $99 per month for the agency plan.

Here’s a sample created using the whiteboard video maker:


Although this video looks professional it does not take care of details like character emotions or real human movements.

The online whiteboard animation maker's interface, however, is quite straightforward and user-friendly.

A little quality time spent playing around the interface of the animation video maker will get you easily familiarised with all the tricks PowToons has up its sleeve.

Pros of PowToons:

  • Easy-to-use interface, making editing a breeze.
  • Variety of whiteboard templates and customization options.
  • Ability to add voice-over and royalty-free music library.

Cons of PowToons:

  • Limited design options.
  • No support for mobile devices.
  • Costly compared to other animation video software.

2. Camtasia (For Working Offline)

Camtasia offers a comprehensive suite of features for video editing and whiteboard animation creation.

With access to a vast library of stock resources and customizable templates, users can produce professional-looking content.

However, the premium pricing and high system requirements may pose challenges for some users.

camtasia whiteboard animation software

Features of Camtasia:

  • Access to over 500k stock photos, images, and videos with a TechSmith subscription. 
  • Customizable video templates including intros, outros, etc. 
  • In-built functionalities like audio effects, annotations, screen recorders, and transitions. 
  • Screen recording feature ideal for creating tutorials. 
  • Comprehensive video editing suite for trimming, cropping, and editing videos. 
  • Audio editing features including sound effects, music, and voiceover. 
  • Annotations and callouts for highlighting specific parts of videos.

Pros of Camtasia:

  • Tools for creating themes for efficient organization. 
  • Smooth preview playback. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Camtasia:

  • Learning curve can be challenging for some users. 
  • Premium pricing may not be affordable for individuals or small businesses. 
  • High system requirements may necessitate a powerful computer.

Pricing: Paid version priced at US$79.72.

3. Vyond (For More Customization)

First appearing with a tie-in with YouTube - Vyond is an online whiteboard animation maker that offers an extensive set of features that range from character customization, to VO recorder and modifier with basic lip sync to make your whiteboard videos even more appealing to the regular viewer.

Pricing for Vyond:

A video from this whiteboard video maker for your business would require a commitment of about $89/month for the premium plan and $159/ month for the professional animation software plan.

While on the pricier side, this whiteboard animation maker has distinguished itself as a more comfortable, faster and more user-friendly interface as compared to its competitors.

Take a look at this sample video from the whiteboard video maker:


Pros of using Vyond:

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Ability to add voice-over and soundtracks.
  • Advanced animation features like lip-syncing.

Cons of using Vyond:

  • Expensive compared to other animation software.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Does not have AI-powered scene transitions or text-to-speech.

4. Animaker (For Starting Out)

With an interface extremely similar to PowToons, Animaker offers its users a variety of similar animation tools and assets as any whiteboard video maker from above would - with a unique inclusion of a notepad to turn your meeting notes into a kickass presentation.

Pricing for Animaker:

This whiteboard video maker allows up to 100 videos of 30m each to be exported for about $35/month.

It also provides you with a free trial and lets you produce 5 whiteboard videos of 2 minutes each.

One unique benefit of this online whiteboard animation maker is that the whiteboard videos made with this Internet-based tool are mobile optimized.

Here is a sample video created using the whiteboard video maker:


Pros of using Animaker:

  • Customizable character designs.
  • Advanced animated effects and visualizations.
  • Ability to add voice-overs, soundtracks, subtitles, and other audio options.

Cons of using Animaker:

  • Limited design choices for characters and backgrounds.
  • Lack of AI-powered scene transitions or text-to-speech options.
  • The subscription-based model is not cost-effective.

5. RawShorts (For Fluid Animation)

RawShorts is essentially the same whiteboard video maker as PowToons or Animaker - but with its own set of graphics and software tweaks to distinguish it.

In it’s latest update, the online whiteboard animation maker offers a more fluidic animation of all whiteboard elements.

Pricing for RawShorts:

The online whiteboard animation maker comes with a three-layered pricing model: Free trial, Essential and Business.

The free trial plan of the animation video maker lets you have 5 non-premium exports in total in the standard video format.

The essential plan comes at $49/month and lets you have 25 premium exports per month, which include 10 licensed video clips a month.

Finally, the business plan comes at $89/month and lets you have 50 premium exports per month, which include 20 licensed video clips per month.

Take a look at this example video made using this whiteboard video maker:


Pros of using RawShorts:

  • AI-powered text-to-speech voiceover capabilities.
  • Drag and drop interface for easy editing.
  • Templates and a library of scenes to make creating animation easier.

Cons of using RawShorts:

  • Limited customization options for characters and backgrounds.
  • Advanced animations like lip-syncing are not available
  • Unable to add own soundtracks or voiceover audio.

6. Renderforest (For Long Videos)

Renderforest gives you more than 450 interactive scenes, animated characters and a huge stock of high-quality music tracks that can be assimilated into brilliant storytelling whiteboard animations.

The biggest perk of this animation video maker is that it gives you flexibility in terms of the duration that you want to have for your video.

The online whiteboard animation maker starts from a free trial that you can switch among four plans: Amateur, Pro, Popular and Agency. The 'Popular' plan costs around $36/month.

The 'Agency' plan of the whiteboard video maker, on the other hand, costs around $50/month.

Let's look at a whiteboard video made using Renderforest:


Pros of using Renderforest:

  • Wide variety of design themes and templates to choose from.
  • Lip-syncing and advanced animations are available.
  • Ability to add music, sound effects, and voiceovers.

Cons of Renderforest:

  • Confusing navigation system.
  • High cost due to membership-based model.
  • Limited customization options for characters and backgrounds.

7. Moovly (For Doodle Videos)

According to Moovly, whiteboard animation videos are an essential tool for marketers trying to communicate complex concepts in a compelling way.

The online whiteboard animation maker helps utilize the power of doodle videos and hand-drawn animation.

As for the pricing, the animation video maker also comes with a free trial, giving you a maximum bandwidth of 20 personal media uploads.

Then, there's the 'Pro Monthly' plan of the animation video maker that comes at $49/month with unlimited personal media uploads and a whole lot of other features.

Here's a YouTube whiteboard animation video made using the whiteboard video maker:


Need custom whiteboard videos? Check out the best whiteboard explainer videos and how we can help you create them!

Pros of using Moovly:

  • Wide range of templates and animations to choose from.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for easy editing.
  • Ability to add music, sound effects, and voiceovers.

Cons of Moovly:

  • Limited customization options for characters and backgrounds.
  • High cost due to membership-based model.
  • AI-powered text-to-speech capabilities are not available.

8. Explaindio

Explaindio is a top-tier whiteboard animation software known for its user-friendly interface and rich feature set.

Offering a wide range of assets and export options, it caters to both beginners and experienced animators.

Though its interface can be crowded, its affordability and one-time payment model make it an attractive choice for individuals and small businesses seeking professional animation tools.

Features of Explaindio:

  • Easy-to-use interface suitable for users with no prior animation experience. 
  • Wide range of export options including MP4, GIF, and HTML5. 
  • Full-motion video feature for bringing animations to life. 
  • Whiteboard canvas for adding images, text, and shapes. 
  • Animation effects such as entrance/exit animations, transitions, and sound effects. 
  • Voiceover recording directly in the software or importing pre-recorded voiceovers. 
  • Integration with Pixabay for efficient workflow.

Pros of Explaindio:

  • Not cloud-based, allowing offline work. 
  • Eye-catching custom transitions and on-screen effects. 
  • Unique video creation fitting branding and messaging. 
  • One-time payment structure, making it affordable for small businesses and individuals.

Cons of Explaindio:

  • Limited tutorials and FAQ resources. 
  • Potential delays in email support. 
  • Crowded and layered interface, posing usability challenges.


  • Annual Plan: $147 per year
  • Monthly Plan: $57 per month
  • One-time Payment: $697

9. Biteable

Biteable emerges as a comprehensive solution for creating animated marketing videos effortlessly.

Its intuitive interface, vast template library, and customization options cater to both beginners and seasoned users.

While its collaboration features make it ideal for team projects, the limited animation options and higher pricing might not suit everyone's needs.

Nonetheless, Biteable remains a powerful tool for businesses, websites, and social media profiles looking to elevate their video marketing strategies.

biteable whiteboard animation software

Features of Biteable:

  • Choose video style from templates. 
  • Add text, images, and colors. 
  • Select audio tracks for videos. 
  • Share finished products easily.

Pros of Biteable:

  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners. 
  • Extensive library of templates, images, and audio tracks. 
  • Customizable animations, including font and color options. 
  • Collaboration features for team projects.

Cons of Biteable:

  • Limited animation options for complex projects. 
  • Higher pricing compared to some free or low-cost alternatives.


  • Pro Plan (1 member): $49/month or $588/year. 
  • Team Plan (3 team members): $99/month or $1,188/year.

10. EasySketchPro

Easy Sketch Pro stands out as a versatile whiteboard animation software, offering a user-friendly interface and advanced design tools suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

With its wide range of features including premade templates, illustrations, sound effects, and export options, Easy Sketch Pro empowers users to create interactive whiteboard animations effortlessly.

While occasional hanging during transitions may pose a challenge, its overall ease of use and extensive customization options make it a valuable tool for marketers, businesses, and enterprises looking to enhance their video marketing strategies.

easysketchpro whiteboard animation software

Features of EasySketchPro:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Option to create from scratch or use premade graphics.
  • Incorporate thumbnails, voice-overs, text, and other elements.
  • Wide range of templates, illustrations, and sound effects.
  • Export options for MP4, GIF, and HTML5 formats.
  • Advanced design tools including drawing time settings and royalty-free images.

Pros of EasySketchPro:

  • Easy to use, suitable for beginners.
  • Extensive library of templates and illustrations.
  • Allows customization of animations and illustrations.
  • Quick creation of attractive videos.
  • Wide range of export options.

Cons of EasySketchPro:

  • Occasional hanging during transitions. 
  • Mandatory purchase required.

Pricing: Starts from $ 37 USD

11. TruScribe

TruScribe stands out as a versatile whiteboard animation tool, offering a unique hand-drawn style and professional illustrators for custom graphics.

Its collaborative features and basic video editing capabilities make it suitable for various projects.

However, users may encounter limitations with the template library and graphics, and there have been concerns regarding customer service response times.

Nonetheless, its free availability and Squigl tool for text-to-video translation make it a valuable asset for businesses and creative projects alike.


Features of TruScribe:

  • Unique hand-drawn whiteboard animation style. 
  • Professional illustrators available for custom graphics and illustrations. 
  • Collaborative feature for multiple users to work on a single project. 
  • Basic video editing capabilities including trimming, cropping, and editing. 
  • Recording voiceovers directly within the software. 
  • Digital graphic recording and artist's hand insert features. 
  • Background images and editing tools.

Pros of TruScribe:

  • Support team available for assistance. 
  • Ideal for small and medium businesses. 
  • Squigl tool translates text into videos for various purposes.

Cons of TruScribe:

  • Limited template library and graphics/icons. 
  • Customer service response time could be improved. 
  • Pixelation issues with imported images.

Pricing: It’s free to use.

12. MySimpleShow

MySimpleShow offers a user-friendly platform for creating engaging whiteboard animations effortlessly.

With an array of customizable templates and an extensive library of images and icons, users can craft unique videos tailored to their needs.

The platform's AI text-to-video technology streamlines the creation process, though limitations such as the lack of audio uploading in the trial version and subscription-based pricing may pose challenges for some users.

Nonetheless, MySimpleShow remains a valuable tool for corporate presentations, educational videos, and personal projects, providing an accessible solution for video creation.


Features of MySimpleShow

  • Easy-to-use platform with many story templates. 
  • Takes care of technical details, making it hassle-free. 
  • Option to add audio to presentations. 
  • Utilizes AI text-to-video technology for converting scripts into engaging whiteboard animations. 
  • Customizable templates and extensive library of images and icons. 
  • Ability to record voiceovers directly or import pre-recorded ones.

Pros of MySimpleShow:

  • User-friendly interface, suitable for beginners. 
  • Automated video creation with AI text-to-video technology. 
  • Customizable templates for branding and messaging.

Cons of MySimpleShow: 

  • Trial version lacks audio uploading option. 
  • Limited library of audio effects. 
  • Subscription-based pricing may be costly for individuals or small businesses.


  • Free version available. 
  • Business Plan: $129/month. 
  • Pro Plan: $499/month.

13. Adobe Animate 

Adobe Animate stands as a premier whiteboard animation software, offering a rich set of features and powerful tools tailored for animators and designers alike.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of brushes, effects, and transitions, Adobe Animate empowers users to create captivating animations with precision and ease.

Although newcomers may face initial challenges, the active user community and professional-level tools make it a top choice for both beginners and experienced animators.

Despite some performance considerations and optimization needs for mobile exports, Adobe Animate remains a versatile and indispensable tool for creating high-quality whiteboard animations.


Features of Adobe Animate:

  • Large library of brushes, effects, and transitions. 
  • User-friendly interface with powerful timeline for precise control. 
  • Export options including HTML5, Flash, WebGL, and various video formats. Compatibility with Adobe products. 
  • Advanced features within Pro Version for professional-quality animations. 

Pros of Adobe Animate: 

  • Active user community aids in learning. 
  • Collaboration with other Adobe products streamlines workflow. 
  • Easy lip synchronization with characters. 
  • Professional-level tools suitable for beginners.

Cons of Adobe Animate:

  • Initial learning curve for newcomers to animation. 
  • Performance may depend on system configuration. 
  • Optimization needed for mobile device exports.


  • 7-day free trial available. 
  • Monthly Subscription: $30.48. 
  • Annual Subscription: $20.31/month or $232.23/year.

14. Doodly

Doodly is a user-friendly whiteboard animation software perfect for beginners. Its intuitive interface and personalized effects streamline the creation of professional animated videos without requiring advanced technical skills.

With features like hand-drawn animation and text-to-speech technology, users can quickly produce engaging content.

Although occasional rendering delays and minor feature concerns exist, Doodly offers a robust platform with active community support and training options, making it an excellent choice for content creators seeking to enhance engagement with animated videos.

Features of Doodly:

  • Intuitive tools for creating professional animated whiteboard explainer videos quickly. 
  • Personalized effects and templates for attractive animations. 
  • Hand-drawn animation feature for unique and engaging videos. 
  • Text-to-speech technology for easy addition of voiceovers. 
  • Basic video editing capabilities including trimming and cropping.

Pros of Doodly:

  • Active community support and free software updates. 
  • Pro-level whiteboard doodles suitable for beginners. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and training options available.

Cons of Doodly:

  • Occasional delays in rendering process. 
  • Some users find the rainbow add-on's coloring feature unprofessional.


  • Standard Plan: $39/month. 
  • Enterprise Plan: $69/month.

15. VideoScribe

VideoScribe provides a user-friendly platform for creating captivating whiteboard animations effortlessly.

With its intuitive interface and vast library of images and music, users can develop engaging videos with ease.

Features like background textures, hand styles, and image customization options enhance the animation creation process.

Despite limitations such as the lack of MP4 support and some audio range constraints, VideoScribe remains a valuable tool for businesses and creators seeking professional-quality animated videos at an affordable price.


Features of VideoScribe:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy animation creation. 
  • Extensive library of over 5,000 images and music.
  •  Ability to incorporate voice-over recordings. 
  • Options to export MOV and WMV video files. 
  • Import presets to start animation projects. 
  • 9 background textures, 13 hand styles, and over 6,000 images in various categories. 
  • Image customization features and integrated voice-over recording. High-definition video export capabilities.

Pros of VideoScribe:

  • 24/7 support team available for assistance. 
  • Suitable for small and medium businesses. 
  • Includes around 300 copyright-free audio tracks.

Cons of VideoScribe:

  • MP4 file format not supported. 
  • Limited audio range may be unsatisfactory for some users.


  • 7-day free trial available. 
  • Monthly Plan: $17/month. 
  • Quarterly Plan: $35 for 3 months. 
  • Yearly Plan: $96/year.

16. Animatron

Animatron stands out as a versatile web-based whiteboard animation software, offering a wide range of features and ease of use for creating explainer videos, promotional videos, and animated presentations.

With its intuitive interface and collaborative capabilities, Animatron facilitates seamless teamwork and quick video production.

Despite limitations such as limited character movements and the need for assistance with advanced features, Animatron remains a premium product suitable for various video projects, making it a valuable asset for content creators and businesses alike.

animatron whiteboard animation software

Features of Animatron:

  • Wide selection of pre-animated sets and templates for quick project start-up. 
  • Easy import of fonts, images, audio, and videos in various formats. 
  • Collaborative features for team projects. 
  • Option to import personal voiceovers for online videos. 
  • Intuitive interface and fast video creation process. 
  • Capable of creating whiteboard animations to HTML5 banners.

Pros of Animatron:

  • User-friendly interface promotes ease of use. 
  • Quick video creation saves time for users. 
  • Versatility in creating various types of videos, from whiteboard animations to HTML5 banners.

Cons of Animatron:

  • Limited character movements may restrict animation possibilities.
  • Some users may require assistance with advanced features.


  • Free version available. 
  • Pro Plan: $15/month. 
  • Business Plan: $30/month.

17. Mango Animate

Mango Animate is a beginner-friendly whiteboard animation software that offers a wide range of features for creating professional-level animated videos without coding knowledge.

With its drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and extensive library of characters and effects, users can easily create engaging content.

Although limited to Windows operating systems, Mango Animate's affordability and comprehensive customization options make it a valuable tool for businesses and creators alike.

Features of Mango Animate:

  • Beginner-friendly drag-and-drop tool for creating whiteboard videos, promos, training videos, and GIFs. 
  • Free library with transition effects, templates, captions, effects, and characters.
  • Unique 3D characters with customizable hand types. 
  • Text-to-speech converter, sound effects, and background music options. 
  • Option to upload videos to Mango WM cloud or share via social media in 6 formats. 
  • Library of customizable templates, hand types, action skeleton structures, motion templates, clothing, skin colors, facial expressions, and accessories. 
  • Support for PNG and PSD import, audio, and video imports, and Inverse Kinematic control (IK).

Pros of Mango Animate:

  • Free version available. 
  • Pre-made character templates and text-to-speech converter. 
  • Easy-to-use tools for adding voiceovers. 
  • Comprehensive customization options for characters and animations.

Cons of Mango Animate: Limited to Windows operating system.

Pricing: Pro Version: $59 (one-time payment).

18. Animiz

Animiz offers both free and premium plans for creating professional whiteboard animation content.

With features like scene transitions, background music, and hand-drawn animation, users can easily develop engaging videos.

While the free plan provides ample cloud storage and unlimited video creation, videos are exported with watermarks.

Upgrading to the premium plan removes these limitations, offering enhanced features and the ability to export watermark-free videos.

Overall, Animiz is a valuable option for creating high-quality animation content.

animiz whiteboard animation software

Features of Animiz:

  • Scene transition effects, background music, and hand-drawn animation. 
  • Options for voiceover, vector images, and bar charts. 
  • Built-in roles, voice change, and audio merge capabilities. 
  • Animation effects panel and sound/role editing features. 
  • Free plan includes GIFs, vector images, templates, and charts. 

Pros of Animiz: 

  • Easy to learn with tutorial support. 
  • Sound editing and other features available in the free version. 
  • Free plan offers 10 GB of cloud storage and unlimited video creation.

Cons of Animiz:

  • Does not support Hindi font. 
  • Free version exports videos in standard definition with watermarks.


  • Free Plan with limited features. 
  • Premium plans start at $29 per month.

19. TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker simplifies whiteboard animation with text-to-speech technology and customizable characters.

It offers diverse voiceover options and supports multiple languages, available for both Windows and Mac.

While easy to use, limitations in customization and support may impact user experience.


Features of TTS Sketch Maker:

  • Utilizes text-to-speech technology for generating voiceovers. 
  • Customizable characters and extensive library of images/icons for video graphics. 
  • Offers 25+ voices for both male and female characters. 
  • Supports multiple languages for creating videos in different languages. 
  • Available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Pros of TTS Sketch Maker:

  • Easy-to-use interface for quick video creation, suitable for beginners. 
  • Demo available for better understanding of tool usage. 
  • Supports multiple languages and offers diverse voiceover options. 
  • Simplified interface enhances user experience.

Cons of TTS Sketch Maker:

  • Limited control over animation and motion graphics may restrict customization. 
  • Text-to-speech voiceovers may sound robotic, affecting video quality. 
  • Limited customization options may not meet specific user needs. 
  • Limited support options for user assistance.

Pricing of TTS Sketch Maker: Full Version: Regular price US$97 (One-off payment – US$37).

20. Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro offers advanced editing tools and additional features like automatic stabilization and preset transitions.

Users can enhance audio quality and add effects easily.

However, some transitions may appear too animated, and there may be disruptions when switching between online and local software modes.

filmora pro whiteboard animation software

Features of Filmora Pro:

  • Advanced editing tools for precise video/animation development. 
  • Additional features include automatic stabilization, inbuilt screen recorder, and preset transitions. 
  • Options for enhancing audio quality, adding text and titles, lights and flares, and warp and distort effects. 
  • Features like audio compressor, motion tracking, pan and zoom, ease in/ease out options, and masking available.

Pros of Filmora Pro:

  • Offers several preset options for easy editing.
  • Simplified process for uploading audio and media files.
  • Fast video trimming and editing capabilities.

Cons of Filmora Pro:

  • Some transitions may appear overly animated. 
  • Users may experience disruptions when switching between online and local software modes.


  • Free trial available for a limited time. 
  • Annual subscription priced at $ 49.99 USD.
  • Cross Platform Annual Subscription priced at $ 59.99 USD
  • Lifetime subscription $ 79.99 USD


So there you have it.

The top 20 user-friendly tools to make your own DIY whiteboard animation videos.

You can now pick your favorite online whiteboard maker and get those creative juices flowing!

I'd recommend you try all of them and find which whiteboard video maker works best for you!

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